Why You Should Consider Getting Into Copywriting

Why You Should Consider Getting Into Copywriting

Why is copywriting important?

Copywriting, or more specifically, well-written copywriting, is important because it increases productivity, earns a return on investment (ROI) and achieves the objectives of your company by convincing your target customer that your product offering can satisfy their needs and give them value.

Each businessman who wants to make it big in this world has to sell it through a written word.

I didn’t believe this at first, that is, until I took a closer look at some of the wealthiest, most successful business legends. Bill Gates… Steve Jobs… Oprah… The power of words was directly responsible for the dominant role of each of these inspiring people (and countless others) in their respective fields.

Well, that was my inspiration.

My emails, video sales messages, and webinars are now continuously experiencing strong transactions in internet marketing and digital publishing.

I never really set out to be a great copywriter; I just wanted to be a great marketer and businessman.

While I didn’t have a lot of resources available to me when I got to copywriting, there’s a ton of great resources out there for you today.

I’m going to cover some of the basics of copywriting to help you get started, and I’m also going to let you know some great resources that you can use to learn more about selling through the art of writing.

When do you use copywriting techniques?


Unlike many people, copywriting is an old technique used by many companies long before the Internet was a thing of the past.

In addition to having parallels with content marketing, copy materials were first distributed in the United States, through direct marketing.

Imagine a time when it was popular to send sales letters (direct mail) to purchasers. The specialist responsible for writing these letters needed to produce content that was good enough to draw more customers and pay the cost of sending hundreds of thousands of letters.

This need has turned the text into a sales tool, and today, in order to achieve a positive ROI on your Internet campaigns, you need to have the same line of thinking. You, therefore, need to use copywriting techniques in all processes of interaction between your brand and your client.

This means that your text needs to be persuasive even when you make free content available to your audience. After all, in many of these interactions, in exchange for the material you’re delivering, you’re asking your lead for their contact information.

If your target doesn’t trust what you’re selling, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a free service or a paid service, it’s pretty unlikely that they’ll become avid readers, so you’ll have less chance of cultivating a partnership with these users to transform them into regular customers.

The four places you will use copywriting

As you get into copywriting, you’ll find that there are basically four types of copywriting you’re going to do.

If you can master these four types of copywriting, you’ll make a ton of cash.


Email marketing remains one of the best ways to make money online, and you can make a lot of money either by selling your own goods or by e-mail copywriting to other people as a freelancer or an agency.

I started as an email marketer, and I went on to sell millions of dollars worth of goods using this process.

Written Sales Letters

Written sales letters are a direct response marketing technique where you use a written word to convince the reader to purchase a product.

Typically, you’ll use written sales letters to sell lower ticket items, and you’ll want to focus on learning how to sell benefits instead of features.

Video Sales Letters

Video sales letters are similar in structure to written sales letters, but a bit more in-depth.

As the name implies, you’re going to do the video pitch.

Face-to-Camera is ideal, but you can also use PowerPoints to make video if you’re not comfortable with a camera.

You’ll use the video sales letter to sell mid-ticket items.


You can think of webinars as being a teacher in front of an audience.

It’s a digital world, though, and you could have hundreds of people in the classroom instead of 20 or 30.

Webinars are a great way to educate people about a product and answer any questions they might have.

If you want to sell higher ticket items (and make more money!), you’ll need webinars.

The 5-Step Copywriting Formula

writing things down

When you get started in copywriting, it can be a bit overwhelming.

To overcome this overwhelm, it’s great to be able to follow a proven formula until you can create your own style and format.

I used this basic5-step copywriting process to sell millions of dollars worth of goods.


No matter what type of copywriting you do, in the introduction, you’ll need to get your audience’s attention.

It’s important to determine what’s in it right away for the audience to see the value in continuing.

Here, you’ve just got a few seconds to catch the attention of your potential buyer. Use curious information about your market, something that surprises the reader of your material and convinces them to read all your presentations.

Example: Did you know that babies can tell the difference between good and bad before they’re one year old?


To make online sales as important as having a good product is to create a captivating communication that can attract users and keep them engaged until they feel safe to make a purchase.

One of the best ways to help your audience grow and improve your conversions is by telling stories, a.k.a. storytelling. This happens for a very simple reason: it’s easier for the human brain to remember stories than facts.

So, it’s much easier for someone to be interested in your ad if you tell the story of a buyer who has solved a problem with your product than if your text focuses on features such as how long the videos are, for example. Storytelling is a way to humanize your product / service and bring your brand closer to the consumer.

Stories are one of the best ways to really connect with people and help them understand the importance of what you’re promoting.

It’s all about the copywriting experience, so you want to take your readers on an exciting trip.


If you’ve read anything about digital marketing, you’ve probably heard that content is the king.

And this is true.

Providing your audience with really valuable content is the best way to make a sale because it helps them show what makes the product so valuable.


The time has come to address the elephant in the room.

But you don’t want to do that abruptly.

After you’ve taken your audience on a tour and offered them valuable content, it’s time to start working on your sales pitch.

Working in effective transitions is an art that every copywriter needs to perfect.


People love to buy, but they hate to be sold.

That’s why it’s so important for you to make them feel like they’re getting incredible value in buying the product you’re selling.

If you don’t have a great offer, people don’t want to buy.

After you show all the benefits of your product, it’s time to show what they need to do next by making a clear call-to-action.

Call-to-action is simply what you want your visitor to do after reading the contents of your website, clicking on your add, subscribing to your newsletter, etc. Many studies show that an urgent call-to-action brings better results, because you essentially tell the user what to do. However, you’re going to need to perform some tests with your audience to know if this hypothesis works well for your business model.

Example: Download your parenthood ebook for free.

Getting Into Copywriting

Finally, committing to copywriting is the best decision you’ll ever make.

While this article may be a bit simple, getting into copywriting is as simple as knowing the four forms of copywriting and the 5-step method that I’ve shown you.