Top 7 Methods I use to Feel Less Stressed as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, the title above should resonate with your deepest needs. People generally know that an entrepreneur is stressed and quite busy, but the reality is that the amount of stress we have to deal with on a daily basis can exceed the wildest expectations. If you’re anything like me, you are well aware of how hard and complex the life of an entrepreneur can get.

Once we get caught in the thrill of pursuing that big dream of growing our businesses, it becomes quite easy to dismiss even the simplest needs of life. We totally forget about our hobbies and about our current life, focusing solely on the future. Worry, anxiety and stress settle in, sinking their sharp fangs into our daily routine. Late nights, disastrous meals or no meals at all, junk food, no exercise and early mornings. There is no wonder that we always feel stressed about everything.

The good news is that you can put an end to this never-ending cycle as of now. The following 7 methods to de-stress yourself have been tested and re-tested, not just by myself, but by thousands of entrepreneurs from all around the world. Try to implement them in your regular routine and you will notice how your life will improve dramatically and with it your success in business.

1. Get into a Workout Routine

Whatever your business is all about or whatever your physical location, a good workout routine can dramatically boost your mental and physical wellness. Nothing beats a good exercise training at 7 am in the morning or at 9 pm in the evening, in case you had a late morning after working all night at a project. Instead of burning your “mental calories”, try to burn your body calories.

Whatever you prefer, whether taking a hike, going for a walk, jogging, lifting weights at the gym or doing power training, a quick workout can do wonders for you. In case you are always on the run, you can find a good gym at pretty much any 3-star and above the hotel.

2. Make Sleep a Top Priority

As a busy business owner, just like many of you, sleep is not a priority for me. I just want to remind you of that episode of burnout when you were incapable of doing anything for a full week. Maybe it was just a few days or a couple of hours, but most of us dealt with one. Without rest, we break down and we can’t function properly. Numerous research has proven that people who are well-rested take better decisions.

If you want to take good decisions as a manager or entrepreneur, start getting at least 6 hours of sleep a night during weekdays and 8 during the weekend. If you can’t get to this number, at least start by sleeping one more hour each night. You will definitely notice the difference after a few weeks.

3. Treat your Body Like a Holy Temple

When life gets hectic, which happens much more often for entrepreneurs than for regular people, we normally choose to take decisions based solely on the convenience factor. In your case, this might mean skipped meals, fast food choices over regular meals, drinking less water and more coffee, getting less sleep, and the list goes on.

Instead of becoming enslaved by those negative decisions, start to take control of your life and choose healthier food habits. Include fruits, veggies, and those important proteins and carbs into your daily food choices. If you don’t have time to eat out, you can always order food at the office. Just make sure it’s nothing related to pizza or burgers.

4. Enjoy your Hobby

Something else you can do in order to be less stressed during the day is to practice your hobby at least once a week. Whether it’s taking a Jacuzzi bath, having a massage, driving your car with 90 mph or just reading, try to free 30 minutes of your day and do what you love. You will not just feel better, but you will also gain more motivation to complete all those stringent tasks. Trust me when I say that this minimum time investment spent doing what you love will pay off more than you’ve expected.

5. Simplify your Life

The mess-riddled areas such as studio, office, email or even garage need a proper clean-up if you want to de-stress and boost your productivity. Clean your desk, make room in the garage, put your secretary to read your inbox for you, etc. You will feel much better when everything is in its place.

6. Schedule Everything

I personally love to keep track of everything, from my revenues and expenses to the hours I sleep and tasks I need to perform next month. I use multiple calendars, both on my laptop and smartphone. Treat all of the tasks in your life, even mundane tasks such as shopping or going to the gym, with the same level of importance as you would treat an important meeting. Schedule your day and you will end up saving at least 30 minutes in wasted time.

7. Think Big but Act Small

And finally, the jewel of the crown, the best thing you can do to feel de-stressed and to take all that burden off your shoulders is to think big, but act small. You should have big ambitions, bigger than most of your competitors or partners. They might even get to scare you at some point. However, to accomplish your ambitions, you need to act small, taking tiny, daily steps.

Your small daily tasks, such as eating breakfast, drinking more water, going to the gym, sleeping more, enjoying your hobby, scheduling everything or even cleaning up your inbox, are the cornerstone of your ambitions. To reach your ambitions, start by doing these small things first. Tackle the tasks that are under your control and you will be able to achieve what is not under your control. Shape your future by influencing your present and your life will suddenly be less stressed.