Tips on How to Make Money by Working from Home

Tips on How to Make Money by Working from Home

The age before internet dominated, people always looked for ways to earn money from home. However, many people fell into being scammed because those opportunities were not legit ways of making money. Some of the popular scam opportunities back then were processing insurance claims, pyramid schemes, assembling parts into products, and stuffing envelopes. In most cases, people got tricked into paying an upfront fee, after which they lost communication with the opportunity provider.

This age of the internet has opened up millions of opportunities, making it possible for one to earn money by working from home. Many industries are going to get automated in the next few decades. That is going to allow people to work remotely and still deliver as much as they are expected. The current statistics indicate that 29% of American Citizens have more credit card debt than what they have set aside for emergency savings. The student loan debt has grown by 129%, reaching $1.36 trillion from 2008-2018.

Today, you can work from home and make legit cash.

There are millions of opportunities that can employ you as part-time or full-time. We all have a lot of time that ends up going to waste every day of our lives. All those hours you spend sleeping off the usual hours, watching fun things on the internet, reading novels and fashion magazines can be used to make you extra cash that could save you somewhere. You can start by making a few dollars, then grow on the field you decide to venture and make a fortune very easily.

This article is the ultimate guide presenting you tips and ideas on how to make legit cash by working from home. These ideas are legit, and with few months of practice, you are going to make a fortune from your practice.

Take Surveys Online

using the laptop

  • Survey Junkie

People who conduct surveys on Survey Junkie get paid for their opinions. You are required to complete every study, and earn points on each one of them. The points you earn are redeemable into cash, and you can receive it via PayPal or Gift Cards. New users must create an account, and get matched with surveys after they answer some demographic questions. You can earn between 100-200 points per survey, each taking about 5-20 minutes to complete. Every point is equivalent to one cent. Surveys on Survey Junkie are usually added daily, unlike other sites

  • Prize Rebels

This site is very similar to Survey Junkie. Once you create an account, you can start to earn points by referring new users, watching videos, and answering the survey question. Most tasks on this site will make you 50-200 points. You earn a cent on every point, and you can proceed to redeem them to cash using gift cards and PayPal. 

  • Swagbucks

Did you know you can get money back for shopping online? This is what happened when you join Swagbucks. You need to shop from at 1,500+ retailers, Starbucks, Amazon, and Target included. You will earn more money from Swagbucks by watching videos and using the search engine on their site. You are going to earn points from that which you can redeem via PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards.

  • Ibotta

The Ibotta app uses coupons to help you save money on things you buy regularly. These are household items and groceries that you usually buy. Make sure that you upload a photo is your receipt to redeem your rebates after buying eligible products. Once Ibotta matches the items you purchased to the rebates, you are going to receive cash for that.

  • InboxDollars

Here at the InboxDollars site, customers make money by taking tasks and completing them. Everyday tasks on this site are playing games, watching videos, and taking online surveys. This is a  “get to paid site”. InboxDollars beats its competitors by uploading new tasks regularly, enabling its customers to earn money on a reliable basis.

The payment options available under InboxDollars are paper checks, pre-paid credit cards, and ePayments.

How to Make Money from Home-Part Time

working from home

You can spare few to several hours weekly and earn a sustainable income by working from home. The Tips provided here are much easier and will make you more compared to traditional part-time jobs. The best part is that you work from home and schedule them in your program. This is unlike going to the carwash, bartending and dishwashing as a part-time job.

1. Start A Blog

Did you know that this blog makes a whopping $400,000 annually and still growing!?  Are you willing to do some hustling and grow it to become a business? Starting a blog might be the best idea because you need very little capital to get started, and you pay very little to run the blog. The content you are currently reading is a blog. You need an idea on what your blog will be about, create unmatched premium quality content, and buy hosting.

You might consider buying your hosting on HostGator for under $5 monthly. Purchasing a hosting and domain name at HostGator will cost you $160. That’s way much than what you spend on candy or coffee annually.

WordPress supports millions of websites, and it has the cheapest plans to create and maintain your fist blog. WordPress gives users all the tools to edit to the user to run their blog. You don’t need to be a guru to create an excellent blog. Package plans at WordPress start as low as $0 to $25. Read step-by-step tips on how to establish a profitable blog.

2. Rent a Home on Airbnb

If you make comparisons on money-making opportunities inside the gig economy, the most outstanding one is being a member of Airbnb. Research analysis results indicate that 85% of side-gig employees earn less than $500 monthly. Airbnb makes around $440 monthly, and the Etsy gig workers earn approximately $40 monthly.

Airbnb members who live in tourist destinations can make $440 on a single weekend. It means you can still earn money through Airbnb even when you are not willing to rent your own home. There are many out of town investors who choose to buy homes in tourist-heavy areas, and they target making money with Airbnb. You can hire a co-host to handle the management of your guests if you don’t want to deal with details on their renting place, or if you don’t live nearby.

3. Getaround

You most probably use your car for one or two hours a day. Your vehicle spends the better part of the day sleeping around. You can earn by renting your car to people in your location using the Getaround app. You can use the app to post your truck or car for rental. Install the Getaround application and sign up. Upload the description of your car, its location, and availability time. People who are looking for vehicles will find yours using their app. You must not make arrangements to hand over the keys by yourself.

When you rent your car using this app, it is going to get insured for $1 million. That will cover any event of damage or accident. Those who rent their cars get paid once monthly. Make your car busy and earn up to $800 extra every month.


Did you know that you can teach English at a part-time (3 to 5 hours a day) and make a decent $2000 monthly? VIPKID is a web-platform that connects native English Speakers with Native Chinese speakers. These students are Chinese speakers who desire to learn English as their second language. You teach kids aged 4-12 and make a decent income from that. Interested teachers must be Canadian or American, qualified with an undergraduate degree in any field. Classes are conducted using headsets and webcam, and each class is about 30 minutes long.

Teachers must be available for around 7.5 hours weekly to cover for at least 15 minutes time slots in between. Teachers use teaching materials prepared and provided by VIPKID. You are guaranteed a minimum of $14 per hour and sometimes $22/hour.

Make Money from Home on a Full-Time Basis

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People usually get up every day to go to work. The main intention of taking a full-time job is to cater to your bills. Commuting jobs are full of obstacles like lack of flexibility, commuting costs, and lack of lone time.

You can consider working from home on a full-time basis and make a lot than when “working for the big man”. The options we propose here are worth considering to everyone.

1. Freelance Writer

Freelancing jobs have decent returns if you take them seriously. There are many fields that you can choose to venture and make you sustainable income to pay your bills and a vacation once in a while. You can venture into mathematics, literature, tech, academic research, articles, blog, web, copywriting, etc. fields and make a fortune. You can get a head start from Listen Money Matters by getting freelancing gigs that will help you start you at a better position.

In case you do not have a lucky portfolio, consider building a new one from scratch. A simple way is starting your blog, and that will help to guide your clients into understanding your work. Upwork is an excellent place to start bidding jobs. Ensure that you build your portfolio on Upwork and get better ratings on your site. That will make you reachable by other potential clients.

2. Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance performs tasks similar to those of traditional assistants. The difference is that they handle all those tasks from home. Everyday tasks done by virtual assistants are paying bills, scheduling appointments, managing emails, and social media accounts, etc.

Here, you are not going to be working under the “big man”. Those perfect suites many people because the job becomes self-motivating, making you mindful of deadlines and organizing the job you are doing. You can handle multiple clients because none of them requires full-time assistance. Many American Based assistants get paid $15 to $30 per hour. You can skip searching clients by hustling them on Fiverr, Guru, and Upwork. It is best if you get a client from Zirtual.

3. Selling on eBay

There are plenty of activities that people do on eBay. The most popular one is selling clothes. Selling clothes on eBay is fun because the primary task is doing shopping. Many people have built a career out of this. You should pick a field you are familiar with already, and you will learn how to make money fast.

The best-recommended categories on eBay are collectibles, clothes, household items, and electronics. It is possible to expand your business to other sites. Sell clothes on Poshmark, handmade items on Etsy, and books on Amazon.

4. Call Center Work

Do you know that some of the customer care persons you call usually respond from their homes? Many companies are moving towards hiring remote call center workers because that saves a considerable expense cost for them. Consider U-Haul, a company that hires reps to receive and answer calls on rental trucks and storage facilities. There, reps earn $7.50 to $8.50 hourly. They enjoy bonuses when they successfully facilitate truck bookings. Full-time employees enjoy benefits like dental and medical insurance and a 401k plan.

Hilton Worldwide offers full-time and part-time call center jobs. Customers need a high school diploma or GED to qualify. Applicants need to have experience in at least one call center job. Full-time employees get more benefits than part-time employees.

How to Make Money from Home with No Time

i will start working when my coffee does

Are you interested in making passive income? Making money without using your time or applying any effort? There are helpful tips that will help you make decent passive income with little or no effort.

1. Invest

Investing is the best way to facilitate the growth of your wealth. It gives a guaranteed passive income if you play your cards right in the investment. Start your investment today using a Robo advisor. New Investors are advised to use Betterment. It makes investing very straightforward for them. Investors need to answer a few questions, and they will know their asset allocation, and all will be fine. Betterment charges minimal fees, making it suitable for all investors. Tax harvesting and automatic balancing are very easy when using Betterment. You begin investing with as low as $1.

Arcons is a highly recommended tool for investors. You can sign up with Arcons and enjoy a no minimum start-up. New investors receive a $5 gift to begin investing. This tool supports powerful features like found money and round-ups. That helps you earn free money you plan to shop in stores where you do your shopping.

2. Real Estate

Did you know that you can become a real estate investor without a 7-figure bank account? You can even own a real estate in a hassle-free process. Many people cannot afford to become real estate investors, and no one wants to stress associated with becoming a hands-on landlord.

It is straightforward to invest in real estate using REIT. This is a real estate investment trust that produces and owns the income-generating property. It provides mutual fund for investing in real estate.

Fundrise partners with eREIT to enable investors to add their real estate to their portfolio on the internet. Investors can start with little as $500 and enjoy lower fees compared to open market REITs.

Turnkey rental property is the best option to become a hands-free landlord. Use Roofstock to sell single-family homes. Here, every property is screened independently, appraised, and certified. Investors will be having a full glimpse of the property they are buying. You can land on a home with a tenant and get instant cash flow upon purchasing the property.

Working from Home

working from home

Start working from home today and enjoy all the benefits that come with it. In most instances, you get to work when you want from wherever as long as you have an internet connection. You don’t need to commute to work, carry packed lunch or buy, and not follow the required official dress code. You can smoothly run your errands when not working and enjoy a meal or a drink at any time.

However, working from home comes with several disadvantages. 

  • You can become too lonely at home, and that can make you demotivated.
  • Creating a life-work balance is very difficult for many people. 
  • Some jobs are not steady, making budgeting a big issue.
  • You lose many benefits of getting a traditional job like dental and health insurance.

The benefits of working from home outweigh the disadvantages. If you take working from home a serious job path, you can even start a career in that. Many people start small and grow their enterprises easily by working from home. I hope that you consider starting to work from home and enjoy all the benefits from it.