Success is Just a Threshold Away

It‘s easy to get pumped up, excited and energetic about a new opportunity.

Maybe it‘s a new business strategy that will get you to your goal, whatever that is.

Just how many people out there give up once the energy dies out?

Just how many disappointment(s) will it take for you to give up?

Whether or not you want to believe that you failed because of yourself. Or blame the program.

Not understanding that there are thresholds you need to overcome, will eventually make you want to quit.

Let‘s take Email Marketing for example. You have built up to 1,000 email list and you are currently promoting few products to your List. No one bites. For one month, you thought you tried everything and now you want to give up.

Okay, there are few factors here you might want to add. You want to write down the list of reasons why this is not going as you expected. Even, write down your expectation. You will eventually come to realize the Goal and Reality.

Another perspective is that, just how many people have YOU convinced? Let‘s break this down to the bone:

How well have you written your emails? How many times have you wrote it? What were the product? How did you present it to them? What can you do differently? What words did you use? What was the Open/Click Rate? Unsubscribe rates? Just how many questions have you asked yourself?

Instead of feeling disappointed. Success is just a threshold away. Break that wind of emotions and continue forward. Answer questions till you can’t find one. Track what you did and the results. Focus back to the beginning and your goals. Stick to your goals and let the system do its job.

Countless of people just like you, are asking the same questions. They have the same concerns as you. We are all going through them. Whether you work with a team or surround yourself with supporters, or work at this alone. Know that the next step can build up your success.