Chapter 3: Starting your business mindset

A mindset is a state of beliefs regarding yourself and your basic standards. And an entrepreneur is anyone who has the mindset of starting a business. Therefore, starting your business mindset should start early. Everyone is an entrepreneur. We are born with the innate ability to survive, and this revolves around possessing innovative thoughts. At times we think about our life and also think in order to make solid decisions and be able to cope with a challenging situation. Daily we are faced with choices. However, some of the choices are more important than others. These choices are the once that we will discuss; the ones that are out of the normal; situations that provide a chance to change our lifestyle or get rid of our usual ways of addressing whatever challenge that comes our way.

When you decide to start or not, you chartered path, you are already acting on the idea of entrepreneurship. Being entrepreneurial is paramount since you get to think and do something that you have never tried before, so as to achieve an objective that you desire. It is all about assessing the presented situation, choosing new ways, and designing alternatives, which we believe will take us to better things. Most of the time we make these choices so as to maximize our happiness without bringing harm to other people. 

An act of entrepreneurship, no matter how small it is. Shows the kind of choices you make to change your life. For instance, to get out of your comfort zone, and attempt to do something new. The hustle of being tough in the presence of adversity to the gut feeling of taking risks, or even starting a company and presenting new ideas to your boss, to physically moving to another location. There are many choices, and we face them on a daily basis, but this shows great entrepreneurial characteristics. 

Most of the time there isn’t anything different between one entrepreneur and another since every person can carry out any activity that he or she is interested in doing. What matters is having the right mindset to set habits that are practical and often keep the balance between commitments and attachments and to allow things to happen. We are entrepreneurs when we have innovative thoughts and act on them. To create a good business infrastructure, you must approach this and think in a strategic fashion. 

This strategy is what is refer as a business mindset.

Do you have a business mindset? You know that the need make money. People simply believe that you can turn your passion into a business, but without understanding and research, with preparation, you won’t be successful.  At times people get money off their hobbies, but at the same time, a hobby can just be a hobby. Therefore, it is good business to get money off your hobbies but if that’s not the case, start a business with an idea that’s already there and find loopholes and weaknesses. Chances are people also thought and complained about a product and they wished it was this and that. 


When you have a business mindset, you tend to think for yourself rather than letting people think for you. You should not let experts control your dreams and your destiny but instead, let them assist you to get there. Take time to think and research on your idea and later ask for help after a deep research, this will help you be more equipped when asking for something you want and getting it. 

Having this form of business mindset means that you should be more strategic about your business. Don’t just attend any networking event or take on just any job; always know the results you are looking for before you invest in any business venture. With a business mindset, you should know what you need to link with your business and that connection is profitability. You should be aware of your profit margin, competitive advantage, cash flow, sales goals, and key profit indicators. Don’t get scared, just have this on your back burner so that you will remember when the time comes.

The main takeaway for having a business mindset is every decision you make for your business today affects your business future. Therefore you should be a good strategist that looks at all angles of business at the time and how they want it to look like in the future. A good strategist reacts positively to problems instead of been negative, he or she also embraces change and turns it into a possible opportunity. Good strategists are also known to act quickly with the unexpected. 

Quitting your job and jumping off into a startup business is not always the best way to Starting your business mindset. You can still manage your business while still been employed. I have come up with a list of ways you can start on changing your business mindset for the better.

  1. You should always choose courage over fear at any time. To have success in business, you need to be courageous. Do not settle what you think you are capable of doing. Try to venture into the unknown. If you will fail or be successful, it is evident that you learn something off of it and grow. 
  1. Always believe in yourself. Having the right attitude is important. A negative attitude only reduces your chances of success. When you firmly believe in yourself, you can achieve anything, in this belief, you will find the power to create fortitude and resilience, needed to keep you going even when things get tough. 
  1. Surround yourself with the right company. The company you keep can play a significant role in your success or failure. It is always advised to surround yourself with people who have similar goals to yours.
  1. Adopt your self-chosen goals. Knowing and being clear on where you are heading in business is something that must naturally come from your instigation. When you have goals that you gave personally selected will make you more motivated to fulfill them.
  1. Have purpose and vision. Actions follow thoughts; it is, therefore, important to visualize. An excellent way of developing your purpose and vision is to visualize your goals. Different people have different ways of visualizing, some use vision boards, others prefer treasure maps, and others set goals and identify certain dates for their triumph. However, individuals should find out what works best for them. 
  1. Search for and do what you love.High chances of success are as a result of starting a business that you are passionate about and making your business fit your personality. You can find passion in about everything you do in life.