Chapter 2: Why You should or need to earn more on the side

The majority of population in the US and the rest of the civilized world for that matter still follows the job advice that has been touted as a profound truth ever since the Industrial Revolution took place in the Western hemisphere. It’s the sound advice given to us by parents, teachers and other authority figures alike. “Go to college, get a degree, find a stable job and enjoy the rest of your life in comfort and leisure activities.” But is this advice really common sense in the globalized, open trade society we are currently living in? When the industrial complex moves its production to places like China and India, in order to exploit the cheap labour, and sell their products back to the disappearing middle class in the West? It’s a very troubling situation for most people, who are not sure whether to follow the advice of a dying society, or take on wings of their own to create a destiny full of riches and excitement. In this few paragraphs, I would like to show you why you should grab the opportunity to do the latter and use the advantages of our situation rather than wallow in self-pity like those who end up taking “the safe route”. The only way to make it happen is by earning more money on the side, and eventually making enough to be financially secure despite of what happens in your environment.


First of all let’s look at the dangers of simply relying on having one regular job. Well, what if you get fired? What if the company you’re working for is not able to adjust to the technological changes, or it falls into bankruptcy in an economic crisis? Or if the CEOs decide to outsource most of the jobs instead of having full time employees, as it allows them to keep a bigger share of the profits? The painful truth is that companies today rarely have any sense of loyalty towards their workers, and they will let you go if it makes sense in their business plans. 

Another unfortunate thing is that the robots ARE taking over. I don’t mean the Terminator style robots with a humanoid form, but the robotics in general are proving to be a far cheaper solution for performing all sorts of jobs that were in the past performed by human workers, because they only require a one time payment in order to function day and night without any complaints. The further advance of technology will eliminate more than half of the simple and easy jobs. You might say that your job is not in danger because it can only be performed by a human, and you’ve got the necessary qualifications and experience, therefore the company executives see you as a valuable asset. But for how long? It’s impossible to know if the company will fall apart or the owner will sell it to a competitor who will decide that you are no longer needed. These are just some of the dangers of depending on one job and being at the mercy of various factors you have zero control of. 

The other danger is of a different kind. It is the danger of not using your full potential. I’m not talking about your talents and ability to impact society. First and foremost, I’m talking about the potential to make your life far more exciting by having more freedom, money and chances to explore the world.


Imagine having a wild dream. You were travelling across the world, first meditating with the yogis in India, then saying hi to Putin in Russia and finally a trip to Europe. First you travel to Italy to see the mighty Colosseum in Rome and later head off to an El Clasico in Barcelona. After the game you take a trip to Bahamas and meet the love of your life with whom you have passionate sex on the beach and afterwards becomes your lifetime companion with whom you share all sorts of wild and crazy experiences. All the while, in the back of your head you know that it’s not just an unbelievable vacation, it’s actually your everyday life. Then you’re woken up by your alarm clock and return to the grey reality of your existence. 

How could the dream ever turn into reality? Well, it actually CAN and many entrepreneurs are a living testament to this fact. In order to have this leisurely life full of passion and excitement, you need to invest in your own ability to break free from the shackles that bind yourself and the people around you in a perpetual servitude to their regular 9 to 5 job and the lifestyle that goes with it. 

The basic way of starting on this journey is to make a choice of making some money on the side. There are hundreds of ways to do this, if not thousands. Most of them online. Internet allows you to work from any location that has an internet connection. You have access to billions of potential clients and customers worldwide willing to buy a service or a product that can take care of their needs. While this book does focus more towards creating an online business, similar actions can be taken if you want to own a store or have face to face customer interactions, examples for both are provided in this book. And don’t feel overwhelmed as we will go over how to help you identify the right business to get into.

You should ask yourself what are you interested in that could help other people. Perhaps you are into fitness, yoga, technology, animations or you’re a great songwriter. All of these skills can make you money online either by selling the services on your own website or using already established platforms such as, etc. If you’re entertaining or have passionate political opinions you could start a youtube channel. An average youtuber can make $100 from 100 000 views. There are thousands of videos that go viral, and have millions of views, from simple pranks to Ted Talk videos. The “Gangnam style” video has over a billion views, so imagine how much cash the guy generated from a single video. 


To turn any of this into reality, you need to get off your ass. Stop living in a bubble of conformity and sinking into depression. Most people live a comfortably numb existence instead of trying to make something of their life, and end up blaming everyone else for not giving them proper advice. Well here it is! But you need to act while you still have the enthusiasm and the drive to succeed. If you’re reading this article, you have the ability to read and probably write in English, the most commonly used language on planet Earth. This allows you to communicate with billions of people and sell them anything you want. You just need to learn a few skills and be persistent. You can escape your dreary everyday existence of worrying about what other people think and if your boss likes you or not. You can make millions of dollars or just enough to live life on your own terms. Either way, it’s better than taking the risk of a “safe path” that worked for a few decades of human history and doesn’t work any longer. The civilization is evolving. In order to survive and prosper you need to be in the company of the fittest.