Chapter 14: What are the secrets of building a personal brand?

Building a personal brand will not only triple your return on investment but also help you to become a master of engagement and production. When building brand, you need these secrets as a branding expert


  • Helping others.

No matter what the case might help others to succeed if you want to build a brand. This will help you to create an online presence, and people will always refer to you whenever they need help. Even when there’s nothing to gain at that moment but people will gain more trust from your brand name


  • Give your story

Let your story be an inspiration that ignites the fire and sets you to stand out of the crowd. This is because it’s unique and people will always respect you for that.Make sure your story is real so that people don’t create drought in you.


  • Give value 

On every aspect of what you do so that you can create a following. Be informative, practical and create a product that people want. Follow your clients with informative and valuable emails and you should follow a specified schedule


Final thought on personas

Building a brand takes time, it’s not something that happens overnight however giving it time and investing whatever it requires will be the best investment you can make