Chapter 1 – Why We All Have The Potential To Start Our Own Business 

Starting your own business is one of the best ways to start taking control over your own life. The ideas may come rushing to you when you’re sitting behind your office desk working at your 9 to 5 job. You start getting very excited about the dreams of being your own boss and controlling all your working hours. Most importantly, you never have to worry about getting fired. All of a sudden, your boss barks an order at you and you land head first back into the real world.

Possibly, the only time you think about owning a business is when you see an old friend. Or you’ve been thinking about it, but never made the move.

The truth of the matter is all of us at one point do dream of starting our own business, and those who don’t dream of it have already done it. However, most of us don’t have the courage to take that leap of faith into the world of the self-employed. As much as you hate your job or dislike your colleagues, you at least know that at the end of every month (or whenever your check comes in) you’re assured of being able to take care of your own bills.

 This is where millions of people like you are getting stuck and excuses pile on. Years goes by and you are in the same place, saying the same thing, “I would like to start my own business”, and you never do.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, the one thing that scares people the most is the idea of not living on a paycheck. You have to rely on your own steam and in this competitive world we live in, that’s not always enough to ensure eating a solid meal every few hours. It’s a legitimate concern, but fear is nothing but false evidence that appears to be real. Reality tends to kill your dreams and you have to know that you are capable of breaking those barriers and actually living your dream.

Anyone, including you, is very capable of starting their own business. Nothing under the sun is new and instead of scaring you into mediocrity it should motivate you to know that you too are capable of making a contribution to this world. Not every business idea is new. In fact, most entrepreneurs derive their business ideas from businesses that already exist. Do you know what the difference is? You. You are unique and whatever you choose to do, be it revolutionary or repetitive, it will have its own signature on it because guess what? Your DNA is yours and everything that you will conceive will have your imprint on it. 

So have you always wanted to own a coffee shop but are intimidated by a top brand like Starbucks? You shouldn’t be, because you are not Starbucks, you are you- and that should be inspiring. Have you acquired a special set of skills. Skills you have acquired over a very long career (Liam Neeson’s voice). You thought about teaching/ creating a course so others can learn how to be better at their current job. or running your own freelance work. One person I know opened up a cell phone screen repair shop and is paying his mortgage. Two guys I met in Medellin Colombia started a workout fitness that focused on jump ropes. 

You can start your own business because you, just like everyone else, have a talent. Maybe you’ve always had an eye for art, but you can’t draw to save your life. However, you can easily spot quality in imagery and like to play around with the photo editing applications on your phone. What is stopping you from starting a business in photography and graphic design? You can even open your own gallery that targets talented photographers and digital designers. The idea here is, you have a gift, so use it.

Another reason you can start your own business is that you have a specific dream. We all do. If revolutionaries like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had been too scared to act on their dreams, all the technological progress that the world has currently made would never have been a reality. Your dream is also important because just by being yourself, you can make a remarkable impact in this world. 

Maybe you’re scared of starting your own business because let’s all face it, starting a business does require you to spend quite a penny. But that shouldn’t deter you. You know why? Because you can use your 9-5 to save up for your business. Have a family to feed? Cut down all those impulsive purchases that you make, skip a year in buying presents for birthdays, holidays, etc. Move to a cheaper apartment. We will be going to learn how to even start a business that doesn’t cost as much as your trip to Starbucks, or a tank of gas. We will go through the obstacles together. Don’t be scared to invest in yourself, because no one else will be able to do it better than you. Believe in your dreams and find a way to pursue them. Remember, where there’s a will, there’s a way. It really comes down to your willingness to start and initiate it.

One thing you’ll realize when you tune in to your entrepreneurial mindset is that you’re not as helpless as you may think. Your life experience has endowed you with a set of instincts that will naturally lead you down the path to success. Whether your business is based on the job you’ve had for years or a reignited dream from your childhood, it doesn’t matter. 

We all have a life purpose and one way or the other you will find yourself on a crossroad where you’ll need to decide if you should pursue it or keep on keeping on. Rely on your instincts, and they will never fail you. They are only meant to help you achieve your goal in life.

Most importantly, who’s going to stop you? The only person standing in the way of your dreams is yourself, and any other scapegoat you may have conjured is just an excuse you keep making to yourself in order to stay comfortable. A safe and secure life is not very fulfilling. That’s why you’re dreaming about starting your own cleaning company during your 9 to 5. Your inner self is trying to let you know that it’s time to take over your life. You deserve to be independent, without the fear that somebody younger and more ambitious than you is going to take over your position in a company that isn’t even yours. The fact that you want to start your own business is indicative of this. Don’t ignore your dreams.

Overall, stay positive and stay motivated. Being an entrepreneur is very exciting, but you have to be passionate enough to want to go through all the struggles associated with it. At the end of the day, it’s going to be worth it. Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. There are millions of us out there who are paving a way for ourselves so that we can also create opportunities for the generations that will come after us. Don’t be afraid. Take charge, and act now.

This is going to provide you steps to take, the full vision to help you understand what you are capable of and how to get your business started. I am not here to tell you, you need to do this and that and never provide you the full understanding. Books these days are written with a passive voice, and it took me years to understand what I know now and my hope is that you can take this book and go through it every step of the way, or journey. If you have problems or an issue as you continue working your way, you can come back to this book for solutions. I am not a philosopher and I always believed that success is duplicable and I’ve written this book so that you can check off things to do, things to know, how to set up, move forward, move backwards. Think of this as a manual and inspiration.