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What is In Comes Wealth?

I spent years trying to build businesses without full knowledge or attempted to look for the formula to get rich. So-called Gurus package done for you, done with your program and all failed. I tried to take the easy way out and had to start from scratch. I’ve worked for startups and learned the ups and downs. I’ve been in customer industry for 13 plus years, sales experience from refinancing, telecommunication, b2b, SaaS. Affiliate marketing, email, digital marketing, growth hacking. Experimented, built sites for affiliates passive income to building algorithms and pattern recognition for day trading the stock market. I’ve been on the path to success since I was in middle school buying bulk candies from Smart u0026amp; Final and Costco and selling it in school for 50 to 100 percent profit.

I’ve learned how to optimize existing business, start, revive and continuation. By learning the methods I’ve acquired over the years, I’ve gone on to build business both small and large, invested, build, failed and succeeded. Learn how to quickly build concepts, bootstrap and test each business, maximize visibility and grow.

Most of the people I’ve met always asks me what I do. Once I tell them, they always say “I’ve always wanted to start my own business, or do something”. As soon as I dig deeper into what they want to do, most of them provide a general answer, “I like to travel”, “I want to do something with clothing”, at that point I understood just how many people can’t get past that point. Some people, think that by telling their friends that somehow their friends will take the initiative. Making money doing nothing is on everyone’s mind.

I’ve been researching more reasons why people haven’t started their business and this book was written. I wanted to expand on this subject and help you discover your idea and the potential. And yes, you can start your own business even with a 9-5 job, and no, you do not need a lot of time. I’m here to demystify and help you unlock, take actionable steps and get you one step further.

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What do we write about? Generate income, affiliate website, blogging, productivity, save money, debt consolidation, self-help, entrepreneurship, investing.

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I’ve spent a decade to learn what I needed to know to generate income. Whether it’s passive, creating an SEO agency, affiliate website. I decided to work from wherever I wanted. I hope my experience will help you start your own business while you have your current job. Help you quit your job and live anywhere in the world. Whatever your dreams may be, I hope the resources you see here will help you.

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