How To Market Affiliate Programs With Your List

Building a List is one thing, learning how to make money with with your List is another. A quality list is worth a lot of money, and it is not all about quantity.

In order to build quality List, you must have high quality emails to send to your List. Understand what to automate and what you should send as campaigns. What to say and at what length. Just sending your List product info or asking them to check out a product will not cut it in today’s competitive market. This is why we are providing you the best articles on our Blog!

Your Lists are human beings and they did not subscribe to read about new product launches or advertisements. They opted in because of an offer you presented them. Be consistent with what you are promoting and provide the quality throughout your emails.

As a marketer, you need to produce quality information and build that information around your affiliate programs. Choosing a product should mean something to you and to your List. Instead of mentioning the features of a product, provide them the benefits.

Your goal is to have your List put trust and faith in your recommendation. If you are going to talk about a product, instead of a product review, you might want to write something that relates to the use of that product.

Let’s get into some examples:


“GetRepsonse is an Email Marketing Software that provides Email Marketers the tools they need as a Marketer”.

Instead of mentioning that, you might want to write about..

“If you have any questions or concerns, their customer support is top notch and you do not have to worry and waiting, their quick response and dedication will make your life easier”.


You can talk about, How you can automate your emails. Talk about what you can do with it versus what it does.

Instead of building a whole website, you can create simple ONE Landing Pages for people to opt in to your Email List“.

Here is another example:

Perfect Timing sends emails to your list based on their behaviors”

Instead, write something like this:

“You do not have to worry what time is best to send your emails” Optimized Timing”.


When promoting a product, you DO NOT want to give them information overload. Cut to the chase and have them check out a VSL. As an Email Marketer this strategy has worked for me over the years. Benefits sells, and providing them visual grasp of what they can do with the product is GOLD!

You want to make sure to avoid promoting too many products in one article. If you get too excited with all the pre-launches and launches that you want to promote every single product you can get your hands on, you will your subscribers crying out and hitting the unsubscribe button.

I wanted to leave you with my guidelines to follow. As a marketer you always want to test everything!

Here is my Keep it Stupid Simple method:

– Friendly Tone

– Make the feel, you are looking out for them

– Interested in helping them achieve something

– Develop a relationship

List the Benefit

– Help them see themselves using it

– Provide a link to the VSL or your own video

Do not have an Email Marketing Software or Need a better one?