How to Earn $100 Fast

 How to Earn $100 Fast

Isn’t earning legit money awesome? You can make at least $100 by completing simple tasks online. There are many opportunities for you to make fast cash. Here is a list of activities and sites that can make you extra cash while working from your house or office desk;

Online Earning

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  1. Completing Surveys

Your opinion on products and services can earn you some money. Sites like Survey Junkie offer cash for every survey completed. Surveys are on different brands and products which help companies in improving their products.

You can sign up at the official website and start getting the questions. For every survey completed, you earn points that are redeemable and paid through PayPal.

  1. Get Free Gift Cards with Swagbucks and Amazon

Imagine getting paid for something you love doing, such as watching, shopping, or searching for products. When you join Swagbucks, you get an extra dollar for shopping from Amazon, Target, and Starbucks.

Swagbucks offers redeemable points for watching suggested videos on search engines. The cash can be redeemed through PayPal or Gift cards.

  1. Trim your Unused Subscriptions Automatically

A lot of waste is wasted through subscriptions that you no longer use. To cut down on your expenditure, you need the Trim app, which checks through your credit cards and bank statements. It finds all subscriptions on magazines, gym, food deliveries, among others. It helps you cancel subscriptions that you no longer use.

  1. Get Paid for Random Online Jobs

TaskRabbit helps you find simple tasks that others are not willing to do. Some high paying jobs include babysitting, shopping, dry-cleaning, among others.

  1. Get Cashback for Your Purchases

Ever got rebates or coupons for shopping? Ebates and Ibotta Apps paid over $1 billion to buyers. These are Apps for smart shoppers. To get the coupons or rebates, ensure you purchase from any of their 2500+ partner stores and send them your receipt.

  1. Check Whether the Store Owes You Money

Earn is a free app that helps you check all your past transactions. You earn money through payback for previous transactions where you were overcharged.

  1. InstaGC

Using InstaGC, you earn redeemable points for watching videos, completing surveys, and searching from the web. The service has partnered with over 350 gift cards which are redeemable with points earned. Cards can be used in stores on online.

  1. Lose Weight and Get Paid

Do you know you can get paid to lose weight? Working out and losing weight is a challenge to over 45% Americans. Money is the best motivator that can get people working to and achieving their goals.

Healthy Wages offers a paid weight loss program. For every pound you lose, you earn more money. It is very convenient since you set your targets on the amount of weight you intend to lose within a specified period. It is like betting on yourself. The site uses a calculator that will give you the estimated earning if you hit your goal.

  1. Minimize Your Phone Bills With Ting

Cell phone bills are recent recurrent costs. With Ting, you can manage your monthly cell bills. They have coverage across most carrier networks hence saving you some cash. On average, you will pay $23 for all your calls.

  1. Get Hired for Your Skills

You can offer your skills as a freelancer and get paid on sites like Fiverr. It is free to join and choose a category of skills you offer.

SkillShare is a suitable website that offers you an earning opportunity by making videos on things you like. You can make simple videos on how to repair a car engine, how to unclog a drain, and so on. Once your video is ready, you can upload it on YouTube and other channels and monetize it.

Skillshare also has some clients looking for creators, and they pay for content.

  1. Drop-Shipping

You can create an e-commerce store on Shopify and start drop shipping services. Shopify has cool e-commerce templates to suit any type of store you need for a free or small cost.

Drop-shipping is very efficient since you do not need to hold inventory. You only pick the best products and list them on your website. You will be a middle merchant linking the seller and buyer, and you earn a commission for every sale.

  1. Online tutoring

Wyzant is a popular site for tutors. It links parents, students with qualified tutors. You will choose your subjects and category of students to teach. The tutor also sets their wages.

  1. Blogging/Strat a Profitable Blog

Blogging is a lucrative way of making money online. You need to find a niche you are familiar with and write quality posts. Consistency in publishing will keep more people coming to your blog. Monetizing the blog will improve your earnings.

  1. Rent Out Your Apartment Online

Airbnb is a lucrative business that is booming in most cities. If you live in the city and you have a posh apartment, you can rent it for a night, a week or more. Visitors pay up to $200 per night in a studio room. Imagine if you have a bigger house? You can earn more by renting it out while you crush at your friend’s place. You can also share rooms if your house is big and get paid. 

Become an Entrepreneur in Your Neighborhood 

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  1. Dog Walking

Pet sitting is growing business. You can get dogs from your neighborhood for walking exercise. You can get several dogs, and you will easily make over $100 for one session.

  1. Babysitting

Sittercity helps parents to hire babysitters. You can get hired as a fulltime nanny, part-time, date night sitter. When a family picks you, they will plan a meeting or visit their home. The average pay is over $12 per hour.  

  1. High-Interest Savings and Checking Accounts

Finding savings accounts with higher interest rates is a risk-free investment. Wealth Front offers at least 2.51%APY. The funds are accessible anytime you want them.

  1. Bank Sign Up Offers

Some banks are giving free cash deposits to new members. The amount can only be used for the specified uses such as bill payments.

  1. Debt Forgiveness

You can negotiate your monthly debt payment/contribution and have it reduced to suit your income. For instance, you can have your debt reduced from $1000 to $600. Refinancing can reduce your monthly payments from 25% to 4%.

Companies like National Debt Relief can negotiate the debt on your behalf and pay them a commission for a successful relief.

Earnest helps in refinancing student loans. Refinancing helps you repay the loan quickly and also have all the interest overwritten. 


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  1. Online Real Estate Investing Through Fundraise

Fundraise offers you investment opportunities worth millions of dollars. You can contribute as little as $500 and earn through the profits. It is a great way of getting passive income.

  1. Automatic, Efficient Investing with Betterment

Betterment gives you different portfolios to invest in. You do not need a lot of financial and investment information to put your money. Experts invest for you, and you will be getting some earnings.

  1. Wealth Front

Wealth Front offers free and automated financial planning, investment management, and short-term cash management for young investors.

  1. Roofstock

You can buy a rental property from Roofstock and start earning. With the company, you will not be involved in screening tenants and managing rental payment. The company will take charge of management, and you will sit back and wait for your rental income.

  1. Riding Uber or Lyft

Rider apps are giving a new form of income if you have a car. You can earn at least $10 per hour for picking and dropping passengers off. You can also offer paid deliveries and increase your earnings.