Chapter 1 – Why Build a Niche Site

Before we get started on the main bulk, for course, I want to take a few minutes and talk about why you might want to build niche sites.

So the number one reason to build a niche site is to get passive income.

Now it has been a sort of a buzzword today in the world of making money online. What passive income basically means is you do some sort of work upfront and you’ll be able to collect on income in the future without keeping, without doing much more work to maintain that income.

So the classic example of passive income is owning a rental property. So once you research what property you want to buy, negotiate the buying price. And once you get a renter in there, you pretty much get a monthly check from the winter for their monthly rent. So it’s sort of the same idea with niche sites.

You build a fall website focused on one topic and you recommend products and people buy those products, you get a commission. So most of your upfront work is done building the website and once it’s done, you can hopefully collect income from your product referrals.

So that’s a great thing about passive income. It’s a leveraged, it leverages your time very well and it allows you to make income 24 seven at all hours of the day, all, all hours of the night. You can make income when you’re sleeping or when you’re at work or when you’re with family or friends. So passive income, super powerful. The second reason why you may want to build niche sites is because niche sites typically have lower competition than blogging.

Now, a lot of people make great money from blogging and it’s something that I seen a lot in youtube videos and stuff like that, but blogging takes a lot of work and takes many years of potentially just writing content before you actually make your first dollars. No initial sites or different niche sites are designed to make money within the first three to six months. So you can potentially make money faster than if you were to make a, if you were trying to make money blogging

Finally, niche sites can be sold for multiples of their monthly income. Niche sites can be sold from anywhere between, um, 30 to 40 times their monthly income. So if you have initial site that makes a $1,000 a month in passive income, you could potentially sell it for 30 times that amount for around 30 grand or so. And that’s the great thing about in their sites is once you build them up, you can continue making the cashflow or you can sell them and reinvest the money elsewhere. So building their sites is a really great way to start your side hustle and start making some passive income.

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