Chapter 2 – What is a Niche Site?

Well, niche site or just a website that focuses on one specific topic, so it could be something like yoga mats or fitness. Now a lot of people think that niche sites are the focus on very, very small niche and very obscure topics like, the best wrenches for removing a particular screw out of your car or the best yoga mats for women over 60 years old.

But that’s not true are all niche sides can focused on very, very broad topics as well, like fitness or eating healthy. The thing that defines niche sites is they only focus on one particular topic and only that one topic. So they’re very, they’re niche in that regard.

No new sites get traffic primarily organic through organic search results like Google or Yahoo or Bing, but primarily Google since they are the largest search engine in the world. So the idea behind these sites is you write blog posts and articles on your website and they get traffic organically grew search engine, often optimization or SEO from Google searches.

And the way we make money from their sites is through something called affiliate marketing.

Think of it as sales. So if you worked at, you know, a software company and you’re selling software to other firms for every sale, you probably get a small commission off of the, off of this, off the order, right Well, it’s something very similar with niche sites.

So affiliate marketing is basically when you include a link to buy a product or service on your website, and if somebody clicks on that website and buys that product or service, you’ll get a small commission. Now the commission rates can vary depending on who’s operating the affiliate program, um, but typically you can see ranges from 20% to as high as 70%. So there’s a very, very wide range.

But affiliate marketing is the bread and butter of most, most niche sites. And that’s how we’re going to make, we’re going to talk about making money that way. Um, and the way most initially operate is they typically do product reviews. So, uh, reviews for products or services. So let’s say we’re doing a product review for Yoga meds.

Well, we would review, you know, the Yoga Mat as if we’re convincing one of our friends to buy it. And at the end of the article, we’ll have a link to buy the Yoga Mat, and if someone clicks it and buys it or earn a commission on it,

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