Chapter 5: The Niche Site Road Plan

Before we discuss billing niche sites in more detail and focus on some of the more technical aspects and want to go over the process on a very high level. So you can see the road plan that we’re going to follow and building no niche sites is really about execution

So the first thing you really want to do is you want to write 15 or 20 blog posts, primarily informative, educational, product reviews and or tutorials. And these product reviews should be attached to some kind of affiliate program.

The do’s and don’t

So you’re basically writing a bunch of reviews is not how you will succeed in this business. People are searching for information, questions that need answering. The more helpful and insightful you are the more they will appreciate you. Just like any relationship, there is a yin and yang, give and take, reciprocity, wisdom, etc.

Product reviews are how you can make money from your affiliate site but it’s not how you drive traffic to your site.

Most so-called affiliate guru will tell you to create product reviews first and if someone clicks through on one of your reviews and they purchase their product or service, you’ll get a commission and that’s how you’re gonna make your money. It sounds simple but why would you buy a product? Think like a human, think of how you buy things. You go read a product review but you need to convince yourself if you are making the right choice. How you write your product review and how you present it to the readers will help remove the barrier and obstacle of any sales.

So that’s why you need to have a decent amount of blog posts. Now, the number of blog posts will depend on the number of available affiliate programs in your niche. The more products that are available, the more reviews you want to do, the fewer products, the fewer reviews you’ll have to do. Look at the competition and see how many articles they have produced.

Based on your overall competitors, for example, competitor A might have 200 articles, competitor B might have 50, competitor C might have 90. So on average, creating about 113 articles would be ideal. That is your minimum goal. So before you pick a niche, look into how many articles you would need so you can calculate your budget and expenses.

What other pages do you need for your niche site?

Next, I find it’s helpful to have a start here page on your homepage. This is basically a beacon that people will click on because it says start here, right on the top menu. So when I click on it, you can have a list of your guides, top reviews and how to navigate the site for beginners.

In order for your readers to trust the website, you’ll also need an about me page. If you are working with others, you can create an about us page. It helps people understand why you created the site, why they should trust you, and put a face behind the curtain. The more compelling your story is as to why you are passionate about your niche site, and creating that sincere and honest motive about the site can help break your audience barrier of skepticism.

Privacy policy, disclaimer pages are all requirements, you can learn about how to create a privacy policy here.

This isn’t not a 100% requirement, but I find that the email signup to newsletter plays an important role. You don’t have to create a newsletter when you first create your site, but when you start gaining more traffic, you’ll want to create a series of email and remind them of new blog posts. You can create an email signup list and have automated emails delivered to subscribers every day or every other day, every week, anything like that. And you can promote the products or you can send them news when you’ve posted a new product review, our blog post, and this will generate more traffic to your website. Another reason is to bring your new users to the site back so you gain more existing users to come back to the site and gain an overall positive SEO ranking. If more people come back to your site, Google will think that your site provides valuable information and help you rank better and better.

How long till my site ranks or does it take to build your site?

You’re probably going to be wondering how long it takes to actually build your site. And it really depends, again, on how much content you need to put on their website. The more products in the niche, the more affiliate programs are available, the more you’ll want to write. But in general, I’d say initial site can take 20 to 100 hours to build, depending on how much content you have on the website. A decent-sized lock post, you know, between 1000 to 15 that 1500 words will probably take you an hour, maybe two hours to write.


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