Chapter 6: Keywords

Now when it comes to building niche sites, keywords are super important and these are what you’re competing for. So keywords are basically the search terms that someone will type into. Google is another search agent to find the product reviews that they’re looking for. So let’s say you’re looking for review of a camera, like a Canon camera and someone types in Canon camera into Google. You’re competing for that keyword in terms of the search rankings on the first page. So ideally you would rank somewhere on the first page, ideally the first three spots. Those will usually capture the most market share in terms of clicks.

So when it comes to keywords, it’s really all about buyer intent. Different keywords will have different buyer intents associated with them. So let’s walk through an example of how this works.

Example 1:

Let’s say somebody who’s searching for yoga mats and if they’re searching for yoga mats, it could be for a variety of reasons. Maybe they’re just researching yoga mats, maybe they actually want to buy one, or maybe they just looking for a picture of a yoga mat to put on their blog post. So if someone searches yoga mat, the buyer intent is pretty low. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re looking to buy yoga mats yet.

Example 2:

So let’s say someone searches Lululemon yoga mat. Now, this is a little bit more specific. they’re looking for a specific brand of the yoga mat, so they’re not just looking for yoga mats in general. Maybe they’re looking for something a little bit more specific, but again, the buyer intent really isn’t clear. Someone can just be searching for “Lululemon yoga mat” to see what the prices are. Just because they’re checking the price doesn’t mean that they are ready to buy the product.

Example 3:

But the keyword “Lululemon yoga mat review” is a little bit more specific and the buyer intent is a little bit clearer than the two examples above. So in this case, if they’re searching for a product review, it either means they’re ready to buy and they have their credit card ready to purchase, or they’re researching the product and they’re almost at that buying stage.

So the third example is really what you want to target. Because if you’re targeting the first two examples, you’re really targeting cold customers. And by cold customers, I mean customers who aren’t really ready to purchase a product, who don’t really want to buy it. So the third example is here for you to write a product review to convince them that the product is good and it’s a great buy. All you have to do is convince, be informative, be helpful and thoughtful of the reader.

So keywords is re is really all about buyer intent and that’s what you need to focus on.

We focused on the buyer’s intent, but just like I mentioned in the niche road plan, they are not going to buy from someone they don’t trust. So how does keyword help create trust? Well if you type in the keyword Lululemon yoga mat, here’s what you will find:

These are typical questions that are being asked or is a concern when buying a yoga mat. While these might not be buying intent, it’s helpful intent. The more advice you can provide users, the more opportunity for you to get people to trust you. You want to be authoritative but also someone who knows or has some experience. That is why Amazon does so well, it uses user reviews to create a buying momentum.
When you search for Lululemon yoga mat review, you’ll see the same “People also ask”:
lululemon yoga mat review
So while people might search for reviews, they are also looking for:
So, there’s two-part here.
You want to discover questions people are asking about the product and be the best informative, helpful person on the planet and get people to notice and like your advice.
Write the best product review and overcome every objection, concerns, questions people have about the product.
Now you do not need to have experience using the product, you might be able to find those answers by reading from others, reading reviews from people who bought the product. But whatever or however you get the information, be helpful and accurate as possible.
This is the most simplest way to understand how keyword research goes.