Chapter 7: How Long Does It Take For It To Rank Your Niche Site

A lot of people that are building niche sites for the first time have a question about how long it takes for the website to get ranked because you obviously want to get ranked on the first page of Google as quickly as possible. Getting ranked into Google will take time, especially if you’re building a brand new site from scratch and this is because it takes time for Google’s algorithms to find your website, index it, map it out and do everything.

I have seen that it can take websites as long as six months to a year get ranked to the fullest.

It can take a month for Google to rank you at a certain position, like, rank no. 80, or if the competition is low, maybe 20. After the 2nd or 6 months, it might rank to no. 20 or 4.

The two main factors for your page to rank faster and better without link building is to write or post more and faster. The more you can write and publish your article, the more Google will realize you are publish new content and keep crawling your site. Secondly, link each others article like how I am linking this affiliate marketing tips right now. What I just did right here is interlink one article to another link. By interlinking your site, Google will crawl this specific article and the affiliate marketing tips article and other links within this article and all the articles that are linked. Google loves link and likes to crawl your site using links. The more they crawl the faster they index your site, the faster you can rank.

However, the key is not publishing low-quality content or word fillers, but high quality that targets specific keywords and buyer intent.

Plan ahead so that in the first month of your site, you can publish 20%, 50%, 80% of your articles. That means within 3-12 months you will be able to see a gradual increase in traffic and ranking. The longer you take to write articles the longer it might seem that your site is growing.

And because it can take, it can sometimes take a while for your websites to get ranked. I would recommend building multiple websites, multiple niche sites, one after another, and this will increase your chance of making money.

Obviously the more websites you have, the more, the easier it is to get ranked. But if you have multiple projects lined up one after another, when you finished, you know, your fifth six projects, your first project might already get ranked. And if it is, you know, you might want to go back and add some more product reviews, add some more blog posts to really build up that website.

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