Chapter 9: Domain Names

What type of domain should I get?

Let’s talk about a domain, your domain name first so you always want to go with a (dot).com domain name. A lot of people like to use (dot).net because it’s cheaper or some weird newer domain names, but you want to go with a (dot).com because those are the most sought after ones and those are also the domain names that will rank highest in Google search results. Some cool ones like (dot).io or (dot).life might be cooler and attractive to millenials, you do have to do some social media marketing to compensate for it.

Don’t use – on your domain name

The second thing is you don’t want to use any dashes if possible in your domain name so you don’t want to do anything like,, all one word is a much better domain name to use and obviously is probably a domain name that’s already taken but you can, you get what I’m saying here. Try not to use any dashes in your website, a name

The next thing you need to do is choose a web hosting company.

So this is basically a company that will host your website and there are a lot of web hosting companies available. They pretty much all do the same thing. Pricing is also very similar, like NameCheap, Bluehost, HostGator, they pretty much provide the exact same service. Customer service may vary between the companies, but you know, the pricing is very, very, very similar. But personally I like to use Namecheap and WPX Hosting because of my strategy.

I use NameCheap to create a site very quick. If I find a niche I want to test, I buy the domain through NameCheap and host the WordPress with it as well. Domains are cheap and I can host hundreds of sites. If the niche affiliate is doing well, then I move it to WPX hosting. There’s only one reason, speed. WPX hosting gives me miliseconds to under 3 second load time compared to 10 seconds with NameCheap. This will also boost your SEO rankings but also very convenient for your visitors to experience a very fast website. However, since I am using NameCheap to do a proof of concept, I am not spending too much creating dozens of site, only when it’s actually working.

Sign up for NameCheap to buy domain names and host it very cheap

Sign up for WPX Hosting to move well performing affiliate site to make your website faster

Why not stick with WPX Hosting? well, you’ll be paying a lot per month per site. If you think you found your niche, then by all means go for it.

Don’t put your egg in one basket, you might need to move things around and discover these hacks to make it cost efficient and better spend your money on other important things.