Chapter 3 – What is Affiliate Marketing?

We already talked a little bit about affiliate marketing in the last article, but I want to cover it in more detail.

What is affiliate marketing?

So affiliate marketing is basically when you recommend a product or service on the website and if someone clicks on that link and buys it because of you, you earn a commission on that, your own a percentage of that sale price.

So think of it, think of it as a sales job.

Basically you’re convincing people to buy a product or service. Now the commissions can range depending on what kind of product it is, but you can typically expect anywhere between 10% to 70% commission of the sales price. Now I really only recommend joining affiliate programs where the payout is around $10 or so. Cause if the payouts, you know, one or $2, you, you’ll need a lot of conversions to be able to make decent money.

Now, most niche sides will be comprised of product reviews. Now go over how to do a product review in more detail in later the course. But basically it’s just reviewing our product. It can and it depends on what your niches.

So let’s say you have initial site on yoga mats. Well, the bulk of your blog posts on our website is just going to be reviews of yoga mats. You can compare yoga mats, talk about what material the made out of, why you like it. If you did any personal testing on those yoga mats, you can write about that as well as all product reviews or the bread and butter of making money through affiliate marketing initial sites. And they’re primarily the articles that you want to write about. You can have some filler articles as well as talking about other things, but product reviews are where your money is going really going to be coming from.

Naturally, a lot of people are going to be asking if you should do affiliate marketing for a product you’ve never used before. And there’s a lot of different views on this, but personally I think it’s fine if you write a product review for a product you’ve never used before. No, a lot of salespeople, especially car salesman, they’ve probably never driven the car that you’re buying. They probably don’t know too much about all the models that the dealership has. You know, if you think about a camera salesman at Best Buy or at a specialty camera shop, they’re probably not a photographer. You know, they’re not, they don’t know about the specifics of photography, but that doesn’t mean you can’t review it. Now, reviewing a product doesn’t mean you have to have firsthand experience of it.

You can compile a bunch of information online, you know, read product reviews from other people and combine that information together. You can search online forums to see what other people have been talking about the product and combine it. So it’s fine if you haven’t personally used a product, but you’re still running a product review.

One thing you don’t want to do is pretend that you have been using the product when you haven’t, but it’s perfectly fine to write a product review for a product or service that you’ve never used. But obviously, if you have some first-hand experience testing it or anything like that, that would be better because it makes your review a little bit more, uh, authentic.

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