Chapter 8: Best Niche

A lot of beginners always ask what are the best niches to build initial site. And you know, it really depends on a variety of factors, including how much competition there is, what particular niche and what kind of products and affiliate programs are available. But I want to cover the three big markets and that’s wealth, health and relationships.

If you can focus on these three big markets, you can make a decent amount of money building a niche sites. So let’s talk about wealth.

Wealth niche

Wealth is basically anything that can help you make money, investing, saving money, et cetera. So you could promote products like investing programs, trading platforms, some banks have refer a friend program if you get someone to sign up for their savings account. So anything like that. Basically wealth deals with money, and money is a big concern on a lot of people’s minds. So if you can find good affiliate products and for certain issues in this category, you can have a very good niche.

Health niche

Health is a really big fact, that’s a big market too because it’s a big part of everybody’s life. So in this category you’re talking about things like nutrition, fitness, beauty products. I’m like makeup, working out, um, weights, lifting programs, nutrition like supplements, food, blenders, things like that. And health is probably, I would say, the biggest market out of these three categories. So it’s a really great market to focus on.

Relationship niche

The final category would be relationships. So this would be things like dating, marriage, sex, things like that. And if you’re doing a website like that, you’re about to be doing a review of all the dating websites, possibly sell top courses available or create your own. If someone signs up, you might get a commission. So it’s a market that a lot of people don’t think about. That’s a really big market.

So these are, uh, wealth, health and relationships are the three big markets that you should focus on because they’re the categories that a lot of people like to think about constantly. So if you can find great niche, niche programs, niche affiliate programs within these markets, you can build a decent niche website around those products.

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