Chapter 4: Best Affiliates Program

One thing that a lot of people always ask about is what are the best affiliate programs to join.

Well, there’s really, in my mind, there’s the hub, really big programs and there’s also the really small programs. But when you’re joining an affiliate program, there’s a few things you want to keep in mind.

The first thing is you want to see if the program has a good reputation of paying out all of their advertisers on time. And if they say they have good reputation of not shortchanging them. Cause I’ve been in various affiliate programs where I’ve never gotten paid, they stopped the affiliate program, never paid anybody else or they always pay late. So you want to do a little bit of research on the web to see if the affiliate program is truly legit.

So with that in mind, I want to discuss some of my favorites fully programs that I use to promote content on my product reviews and on my niche sites.

Commission Junction

So the first one I want to talk about is commission junction.

They’re one of the largest affiliate programs out there. And they have programs for pretty much any industry you can think of from finance to online shopping to clothes to pretty much anything you can think of.


Shareasale, it’s pretty much the same thing. I don’t really like it as much, but they have some decent programs. Um, flex flex offers is really good as well. I would say flex offers and commission junction, they have a lot of um, finance and personal finance, banking related if they have programs, if you want to do that, um, credit cards as well. So stuff like that.

If you wanted to write in that niche, those are really good programs. Um, E junkies is a really big program as well for digital goods. So this would be on um, eBooks, courses, um, templates, stuff like that. So if you want to sell digital goods, E junkies is a really great place to start off.


And finally there’s which is pretty much, I think one of the largest affiliate programs out there. And it’s really easy to sign up. You just need to have an Amazon account to, and you’ll be able to earn commissions on links that you send ’em through Amazon. Now they should have Amazon is, they’re fully pay out is extremely low. I believe it starts out at three and a half or 4%. It increases based on the number of goods that you’ve, uh, based on the number of sales that you’ve heard to Amazon.

But you know, three or 4% commission is not very high and you have to sell a large volume of goods on Amazon. So Amazon is a very low payout affiliate program in terms of percentage. But the really great thing about Amazon is if you link some of the Amazon on your webpage, if they buy something from Amazon, even if it’s not the product that you link to, you earn a commission on it. So let’s say you did a review for a watch, someone clicks on that link and they go to the watch page, but they don’t buy it, and they browse on Amazon and they buy a book instead. Well, you’ll still earn a commission on whatever they purchased within 24 hours they click on your link. So Amazon is still a decent program if you can get enough traffic to that site.

Product’s own affiliate program

Now, those are some of the larger affiliate programs that you can sign up for, but they’re also much smaller affiliate programs. If you’re using any product or services in your business, for personal use, like any video editing programs or if we just use a product or service that you are really like, check to see if they have an affiliate program on their websites. I personally use SemRush a lot for my keyword research and competitor analysis, and they happen to have an affiliate program. Another tool I use the most is Designrr. Since I have dozens and dozens of sites, I create multiple ebooks from old blog posts. They also provide video transcription software to transcribe all of my YouTube videos and post them on the site. So the tools that you might use the most in your niche might have an affiliate program. So if you use any products, software services in your day to day life, definitely go to the website and see if there’s an affiliate program for those kinds of products.

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