How the Unemployed Can Benefit From Creating a Blog


One new opportunity that the blogging world opens is the ability to meet and communicate with people in a world that’s solely online. Despite never meeting outside of electronic communications, it is possible to get a real sense of what someone is like, just by reading their blog. Blogging is so powerful and blogger communications have become so influential that they have led to business relationships, artistic collaborations, and hugely important interviews.

For the unemployed looking to be employed, creating a blog can just be what they need to land the job they’re looking for. Apart from being able to express their interest and opinions on a certain topic to gain the attention of potential employers, creating a blog has other benefits:

Creating a Blog Also Means Creating an Online Portfolio

An unemployed individual that has worked with someone or on something exciting or impressive should make a note of it on their blog to show what they are capable of. Freelancers looking to be employed can benefit from doing this as well. They can exhibit all their recent and impressive works on their blogs as well as demonstrate their capabilities in and passion for the industry they want a job in.

Connections count for everything in business and previous work can do wonders for making an impression with potential employers. When an individual can publicly show that they have been affiliated with someone important or has worked on an interesting project, the chance of finding and landing good jobs increases dramatically.

Blogging Can Provide a New Revenue Stream While Searching for Work

Blog earnings are not fantastic, but they are certainly not pitiful either. The best bloggers know exactly how to use their blogs to make money both online and offline. Trying to make money blogging is not always about gaining ad revenue but building various income streams that stem from even just a single blog.

Unemployed individuals can build a promotional tool and a potential income earner, all at the same time, simply by working hard at making a blog work. By balancing advertising and other income streams with personal branding, the unemployed will be able to create a blog that is both directly and indirectly profitable.

Sometimes, With a Popular Blog, a Job Isn’t Needed

When bloggers can demonstrate their value to clients online, sometimes having a “real job” is unnecessary. By showing how valuable they are through a blog, they may be approached by online clients, all wanting to work with them. By maintaining a successful and popular blog, individuals have the chance to gain the financial stability that they need without being employed.

As much as blogging is a great employment tool, it is also a fantastic self-employment asset. Bloggers can invest some time in working for themselves and they might end up creating their ideal lifestyle. If a blog becomes successful enough, it is easy to forget the reasons why the unemployed was looking to land a job in the first place.

Creating a blog can just be the thing that the unemployed needs to either land a job or create financial stability. A blog can simply serve as an online portfolio or a means to make some money while job hunting. In some situations, blogging can actually replace the need for employment.