How Getting Up Early Help Improve Your Productivity

Everyone knows that the early bird gets the worm; but do you know how and why they say this? Do you know what exactly this proverb means? Well, in a nutshell, it means you need to cultivate the habit of getting up early and maintain the practice for maximum productivity in life. By waking up in the morning, will you reap the profits, gain the advantage and achieve success at whatever you do.

Now while those early-risers will agree with this, most of those who tend to sleep an extra fifteen minutes every morning after the alarm go off may not. One thing you must remember that all the successful people you see around you have reached this epitome of success mainly for their habit building efforts at getting up early.

Extra 15 days

Did you know that you can get as much as an extra 15 days a year just by getting up an hour early every day? This proves how important and necessary it is for you to get up early. It’s only if you manage to beat that inner voice of yours telling you to sleep another fifteen minutes or so will you be able to win the battle between victim and success.

It’s only if you get up early will you be able to offer some competition to the big guys, and keep them looking out for you. If you manage to gain confidence and charge over your inner voice, you will get up early and maximize your productivity.

alarm clock

As mentioned above, you get 15 days just by waking up an hour early every day. So just imagine how many of your days do you waste sleeping? Sometimes, you may have to sacrifice your sleep to get your work done.

Though it’s said that you need eight hours of sleep for increased health, it’s possible for most people to go through the day with just six to seven hours a night. Sleeping more can and will be a waste of time.

Time to exercise

By getting up early, you have time to exercise in the morning, which is the best time for exercising. Early morning exercise charges you up for the day with increased energy, focus, and motivation so that you become fresh and clear-headed to handle any problems and situations you come across throughout the day.

Many people state they feel invincible, and nothing can ruin their mood if they start the day running. Early morning exercise helps reduce stress as it releases the ‘feel good’ hormone serotonin in the morning to remain in your body through the day.

Early morning exercise also helps you find more time and patience to maintain happy and calm relationships with those around you. Once you feel better and have peaceful relationships with the people around you, you automatically feel it much easier focusing on your work. Your productivity is thus increased to help pave your path to success.

Time for yourself

Then again, the early morning is the only time you get some ‘quiet time’ for yourself. Today’s technological and high-pace lifestyle seldom leaves you with time for yourself. You find it difficult finding time for yourself to do creative work like meditation, yoga, writing a letter, reading a book or painting or anything creative which can be resolved just by getting up early.


So if you want some time to yourself, as it’s not possible to ‘buy’ time, the only way you can get this time is by making some time for yourself. And the only way to do this is by rising early in the morning. Not only are the surroundings quiet and calm, but there also are not many up so early to disturb you!

A source of inspiration

Getting up early helps with inducing productivity as it’s in the wee early hours of the day will you get ideas to help boost your business, the inspiration for your novel or piece of art and the answer to any problem troubling you for some time. All this happens because there are minimal distractions around you early in the morning. You thus have more focus and concentration on whatever you are doing.

No skipping breakfast

Of course, it goes without saying that by getting up early, you get time to have breakfast. There’s no need of skipping breakfast, a mistake many people do as breakfast is the one meal of the day you should not miss at all. Breakfast is when you feed your body with fuel after sleeping for so many hours.


Remember, your body had no food while you sleep, so if you skip breakfast, your body runs practically on empty fuel like your trying to start your car when it has no fuel. It’s by having breakfast will you provide your brain and body with food for thought and work, so that you become more productive at whatever you do.

Ahead of others

Once waking up becomes habit building, you manage to remain one step ahead of the crowd. While everyone else will be rushing to reach office on time, you the early bird has everything under control and have arrived at the office before everyone else may have left their homes!

It is only when you get up early in the morning do you get sufficient time to plan, organize and strategize your day’s work and activities. You find time to do everything you had planned, and the more work you do towards your goal, the better are your productivity levels.

In fact, the more organized you are with your time and day, the better decisions you can make as you have already grown focused on what you are doing, and know just what you need to do to reach your goals.

Develop a lifestyle change

So in a nutshell, it’s only by developing a habit of getting up early in the morning will you find time to do whatever you want to do and in the process, edge yourself towards your business goals or life aims.

Don’t worry if you are a late riser; anyone can become an early riser with some dedication, commitment, and urge to excel in life. You need to develop a lifestyle habit of getting up early, and you soon find yourself with so much more time on hand to do so much more in your life.

If you find it difficult getting up early, you could perhaps try sleeping an hour earlier so that you don’t feel exhausted in the mornings. However, don’t expect yourself to develop the habit of getting up early overnight.

It takes time to adjust and fit this change of timings to your every day’s schedule. Moreover, while you may not reap it benefits overnight, only time will help you realize the difference in the pace and effects of success in your life attained just by getting up early!


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