Finding Alternatives to Clickbank – List of Affiliate Marketplace

Every area, industry, has a dominant player. Apple is the dominant player in technology, followed by Samsung, Microsoft, Lenovo, LG, Huawei, etc. When it comes to internet and online marketplaces, the dominant power is no doubt ClickBank. It is good to know alternatives are out there.

Each of these fine alternatives has things to offer and some drawbacks too.  But it is worth knowing what to look for so you can make an intelligent decision.  There is just no question that Clickbank dominates the field for good reasons. Clickbank is far and away the largest affiliate marketplace in the world.  So by putting your product on Clickbank, you could potentially see it picked up for over 150,000 affiliates if they notice you.  That is quite a sales army to cash in on.

A few of the policy decisions Clickbank has made are not so brilliant and put them in the negative side of the evaluation.  The policy that is beneficial to Clickbank customers but causes a lot of problems is their iron clan refund policy.  This is an outstanding customer relationship approach because it sends the message that Clickbank stand behind the products sold on the service.  But in a world such as Clickbank‘s where the entire transaction and all products are digital, it pretty much leaves an open door to thieves and shoplifters who download products and then file for refund without explanation.

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to start an online business. There are no overhead cost, unless you are using software to better manage your business. You do not have to purchase, store and do any inventory. You simply have to sell products that people love. Maybe one day, you will discover a need and create your own product. For the time being, you can sell ready made products and make money selling them.

Let’s look at some of the players that are out there.









Deal Guardian

Having more options and more products to sell, will only help you increase exposure and provide these amazing options to your audience. Do not marry the marketplace but provide what is best for your audience.

There are other affiliate marketplace out there to explore. Never stop searching for the latest and greatest product offers that might just get you to your goal of financial freedom.

Let us know what other marketplace you have found and tell us what is amazing about them!