Learn How to Write Emails Like a Pro

Chapter 4: Learn How to Write Emails 


In this book, you will get to learn simple strategies to help you structure your emails and hit homeruns. When I first started Email Marketing, I did not know what to do or where to start. I simply copied and pasted the products email swipes and see if anyone bites. There are people who provide Email Swipes for you to use instead of creating your own. Whether you want to blame them or praise them, that is up to you. But where do you go from there? I’ve lost countless subscribers because I was not engaging or providing of me. 


Why should they stay with me? The sad truth is, I did not have a clue. Like many beginners, I just wanted to make money. Okay, I admit it, I wanted to make money, but easiest way possible. Me not lifting a finger and making money was my dream come true. 


I have spend my whole life looking for opportunities and making them happen. Success and failures and I will keep at it. I like to go into a field where I know something and make that into something bigger.


I have been in sales for a long time. I have learned countless methods that brought structure and results. I also have experience in management. Training over a hundred people. I would hire people who did not know anything about selling and make them into an Superstar. I have made my magic work with them, and this book is about helping you do just that.


Email Marketing, no matter how you want to label it, it is all about selling. There are people who sell you their courses or articles saying that it is all about relationship. And it is about relationship, but why not make it both? I do not consider selling and building relationship to be different. The focus is how you approach them and what you write. 


I can say, “Check this video out” the approach is me wanting you to watch the video, but it can also be somewhat repetitive. Once you reach that repeat zone, you are approaching them differently. Just how many emails will you put that same lines and send it to your subscriber? You are approaching them as a salesperson and they will be annoyed. 


If you want to sell a product, you cannot be indirect about it, your customers won’t know what is important and why they should. You need to have them take action. So, how do you go about writing Emails like a pro? Follow this structure, rinse and repeat formula. You would want to change the words and I will provide different scenarios for you to follow as examples.


I will provide few email examples but more specifically, ideas. These ideas will help you generate your own words and keep the formula alive. You want to write based on your own personality and provide your List, your own very words. This method will provide you countless of email opportunities you can write and keep at it for time to come.


Welcome Email


First things first. You have a budget and you’re spending money to get traffic to your site, landing page, blog, etc. If your welcome email does not hit it out of the park, you have just lost majority of your subscribers. And we are not going to cover Landing Pages as that is not what the book is about. 


Let’s look at what is at stake here:


MarketingSherpa found that welcome emails were THE highest performing message – measured based on the open rate – with an average of 50%


Consider meeting someone for the first time, how you approach them will inevitably leave a lasting impression. Talk to your friends and ask them how you guys met for the first time. In most cases, they will remember. You want to think of the welcome email as a beginning of a relationship. You want to make sure every single words you say means something, it is truth, honest, warm, exciting. Whatever your personality is, use that. Whether you are an Introvert or an Extrovert, be the same person throughout your email. 


One of the stupidest but forced upon method I had to use when selling a product, was to be out and actively engage with people. Be the first person to talk and get their attention. I am an Introvert, and using this method was stupid in my eyes. I rather have people come to me and ask me a question, then I was able to close 90% of the time. I knew how to sell to anyone that came to me, but I wasn’t a fan in engaging with random strangers. You might be a different person, and would love to just talk to people and socialize. 


Whatever or whoever you are, be that person. Even if I did not approach the customer first, I knew the importance of first impression. Instead of presenting myself as a social butterfly, I acted as a professional go-to guy for answers. I knew everything about the product and they knew it. Maybe you are a social butterfly, and let them know who you are and how much fun or exciting it will be when they opt in to your List. 


Written Welcome Email


If you are an Introvert like me, you do not want to be putting up videos. Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. If you are going to write a welcome email, you want to provide few ingredients to have them pay attention. 


But first, you will need to determine if your opt in page requires a name or not. Some prefer to leave the name out so people can easily opt in to their List without barriers. Whatever it is you do, you can accomplish the same goal


You do not want to provide plain-text feel for this email. You want to provide visual presence and something they can visually imprint in their heads. Color your background, add your logo, or your face. More will see your welcome email and it will determine if they will continue or not. The more interesting it is, the better impression and they will be reminded of your welcome email every time you send them an email. This is where your personality should not fit the welcome email. You do not want black background unless your email is about the Dark Web. 


Lookup vibrant colors, trendy colors and see if you can add those to your background. Or add it as an image. Reminder: most Gmail users set their settings to not download your images automatically, you would want to let them know at the bottom of your page, tag your images so it will appear as Welcome or Hello. 


Thank you or Welcome are standard words. You want to provide additional WOW factor:


“I am so glad that you signed up” 

“LET’S Start this Journey Together!”


Whatever your niche is, you want to include a confirmation. Your Welcome Email is having them wanting to be in your list, so you want to say thank you and let’s do this or let’s go to the next step. Keep them active. You can also provide few steps that they can take:


Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, etc

Check for spam and make sure you are receiving this in your regular inbox

Wait for my next email to begin your next step


And a question

Just how pumped up are you to begin?

Are you ready for amazing tips and tricks?


You do not want to give them more than 3 of them. You do not want to bombard them of things to do. One is enough but maximum is 3 things they can do. You can send a follow up email and provide them additional take action steps they can take. Scaling and incrementing your email is key to your success. 


Video/GIF Welcome Email


Buffer is one of the social media platform that people use. When you sign up and hit a certain buffer post, they send you an email with a awesome GIF of them going crazy and celebrating. I found that this brings some excitement, smiles to people’s face. If you want to create a video and welcoming them, you want to provide few elements to leave a lasting impression. Since it is a video, you can work and rework your video till you absolutely love the finish product. You would want to provide them a link if it is a video and tell your new subscriber how awesome it is that they have joined your List.


Understand Your List


My other book “Niche Master” and “How to be an Expert Email Marketer”, I explain and provide you steps to take before you get your List. You want to understand them before so that you can automate these emails. After that, you want to get to know them as a person.


Just how can you get to know your List? This is where every expert do not go pass to provide their customers the relationship they deserve.


Create Surveys and Polls


Surveys and Polls provides two things. If you already understand your customers, you want guide them to a direction you want them to go. You can start formulating what questions to ask them and why you want them to go to that direction.


Let’s say you are in Affiliate Marketing and people opted into your List. You want to provide a course on How they can write better emails. You can suggest a survey by asking them:


How many people are struggling with their email content?



Do not care about this survey


You want to provide a yes and no, as well as, those who do not really care to actually select it. The more you know about them, the better you can write your emails and cater to a specific audience. 


With these three, you can provide multiple segmented emails. For those who opened your email, you can provide three different ways to approach your course. You can say 64% of you said you are struggling, here are the steps you can take. 15% of you said No, and you can possibly provide them another poll and ask them to click on it to see why. 21% of them did not care, you can simply ask them what they would want to learn and why. Ask them to reply to your emails directly and make it personal. 


If they did not open your email, you can provide a different email and ask them to provide you an answer or say, “Hey I missed you on the last email”  


You want to see how many people feel about something, so you can learn from them and see if there is a demand for it. You now have the report of them and you can better assist them. Not knowing and providing an email saying, I have a new course for you to join is not enough. You will not understand just how many people are interested and not interested. What you can do for those who are not interested, you can provide them a different solution and make a profit out of nothing. 


It is important for you to plan this out. You really need to understand your customer so you can drive your actions. Your List will pay attention lot more when you cater your headlines to what they provided you. It is relatable and in their state of mind. This might take more time out of you, but you now have few different ways to approach it and maximize each subscribers. 


The money is in the List, and you want to provide all the solutions you possibly can. Some days they will not want to do surveys so you want to rinse and repeat, until they respond. 


Amount of Emails


Depending how many emails you send to your List, you want to create a cliff note version of it so that people have an option to receive lot or few. If you are sending out emails every day, there are some people who might not want to receive one every day. Whether they get annoyed or can’t possibly catch up with your emails. Provide them to opt in to a different list if they want to receive one or two emails a week. This is promote longevity and option for them to continue with your email and not ignore your emails totally. 


Evaluating your List


I receive vacation deals every single day. I am not planning on going on vacation every single day, but I might one day. Just because I do not open them does not mean I am not interested. You need to start evaluating your opens and unopened emails. Are they really not interested at all or will they one day click and purchase something? 


For those who has not opened your series of emails, you want to provide an email to ask them how they are and what you can do for them. Provide them a special offer they cannot refuse. You can search through different products or create your own mini product that you can provide them for pennies or few dollars or even free. 


You will need to be equipped with different products that you can provide them on an instant. When you understand the niche, you will need to search through all possible products out there and discover what might be best for your List and for yourself. You can discover more about Niche on my book “Niche Mastery”. 


Evaluating is understanding what you have in your belt and what you can do with them for your List. As you understand your List, you can move each subscribers to a specific product and cater those emails personally to them. This is where you want to provide different landing pages and option to move to a different list so that you can segment them to a different list and provide different solutions. Think of it as you being a broker. That “aha” moment, I know exactly what you need is how you will be successful. You want to tell your List that you have a product and the reason you are presenting your product is because of their X reasons. 


Suggesting Solutions


This is where you suggest them solution based on what they said. If you can pinpoint what they said and tell them that this product is the best solution for them, then you have their attention. It does take some planning on your end. This method is learning how to understand your List but more importantly, how you need to take the time and provide this to them. You want to use Autoresponders if you are providing a solution. You want to tell them that you have an offer and you want them to move to a different list with a different landing page. In your general List, you want to use automation so that you can determine who has opened or did not open and provide them different emails based on their activities. Once your subscribers are done with the autoresponders, they are still in your current List with the automation.


As time goes by, you want to evaluate your product and the amount of sales you produced. Go back to what you wrote and how you approached it. You might want to start sending your List the same product and if you do not know who purchased it, it does not really matter. You would want to approach it as an offer you offered before and offer them a chance to get in on it. For those who already purchased the product, you can provide them another solution. In this way, you have two different offer and see how your List reacts to them. 


You also want to provide different ticket items, low, mid and high ticket items. Feeding $7 products to your List constantly is telling them that they are not ready for growing their business, or take that next step. You do not know if those who are not purchasing or opening your emails are looking for product that needs more than just $49 worth. What if they need services and mentorships? Whatever the product is, you want to provide the opportunities to them. 


When suggesting, you want to fluctuate with your options. You can suggest one product at a time. You can provide the previous offer with another offer. You can provide two totally different options for those who might not want to learn about one thing might want to learn something else. This is where your Surveys and Polls come in handy. The more you know about your List, the better offer you will provide them and the results are proofs. 


When you suggest them an offer, you can approach it in several ways. If you are understanding your List, you can say, “The Results Are In” and let them know that majority of them want to learn or get this product. What this will provide is those who want those product might purchase it, as well as those who did not want that product, might want to see what it is now. More on selling strategies are explained in my other book “7 Highly Effective Selling Strategy for Email Marketing”


When suggesting two totally different solutions. You want to be brief as possible. Enough so that they understand the two different offers within a short period of time. You need to explain the choice is theirs and that that you are presenting them two offers because of X reason or ask them what offer might be better for them and ask why. You can also provide them surveys and polls so that you can gather information about your emails and see how your List reacts. 


Taking Actions


My book “7 Highly Effective Selling Strategy for Email Marketing” goes more in detail on you should approach selling to people. Call to Action is the number one way to get your List to click on your offers. If you do not have any call to action, there are no responses for them to take. Most of the things I wrote in this book is about taking action. Understanding your customer with Surveys and Polls are call to action. You are asking them to take those so that you can better assist them. 


You want to provide reasons as to why you want them to take those action. Affirmation is key to getting those clicks. You can say “Check this video out” but why should they? You do not have to write a whole story but provide few bullet points. Your story can be a bullet point.


-This is how I learned X

-It revealed what mistakes I made

-Since you are struggling


As you gather more information from your List, you can actually use their own words, or the words you put on your Survey and Polls. You can mention that you are emailing them because of the survey they took and you want them to watch this particular video. 


Providing an offer, free or with a price, you need to explain to them and reasons. Just because it is free, does not mean it has value. Once you add value they will judge for themselves, whether or not they want to click it or not. 


Support the Sale


Your reputation is everything. You want to take into consideration what products you want to offer. More passionate you are about a niche, the better it is for your List to believe in them. But more importantly, you want to set expectation and provide insights and professional opinions and reviews. You want to reassure them that by sticking with you, they can trust you and be loyal customer. If the product is decent, you can mention that the product is used for certain things and it works well. You do not have to be excited with every offer. Be real with them and some of your List might want it depending on their situation.


You also want to educate your List and the provide additional advice with a product you are promoting. Ask the vendor if they can help you do a webinar and provide exclusive support. That really depends on the amount of List you have. If you have a small List, do a video or webinar yourself explaining the product. 


Put your review on your blog post and have them check it out. As you are supporting your sale, you are building trust, credibility and rapport. They will share your reviews with other and praise you for it. You are not just selling to them but be their advisor. They will come back to you and ask you questions. You want to be their customer support. 


You can look at it as a bad business dealing with people, but these people are going to be your loyal customers. Go beyond sales and support them. Create a community Facebook page and do whatever it takes to keep them with you. 




This is time tested formula. You are now equipped to plan and write as many emails you can. You do not have to write that many emails in the beginning, but add them to be automated. There are people who wants to write 365 emails for the whole year and never get any results. This method is result oriented and provide relationship building and actual sales.


Whether you are a good writer or not. You must understand Email Marketing. The key behind good emails that bring you sales is that you must understand that you’re writing in a different style and to a different audience. Email Marketers are sales person behind a computer.


The key is to learn to communicate with the audience in a way that persuades them to buy the product or services. General rule of thumb is to write as if you are talking to them.


“Hey John, did you get my ebook that I sent you? I have a couple of questions”


“Have you been struggling writing your emails? I want to show you how I improved my writing and sales, want to see what I did?”


You will never succeed in email marketing if you are not talking directly at them. If you are not a writer and you rather speak. There are softwares to dictate your speech and turn that into writing. There are multiple ways, methods, knowledge that you need to know, so that you can become an expert in email marketing. 


Most importantly, understand your audience.


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