How to Sell Using Email Marketing Like a Pro

Chapter 3: 7 Highly Effective Selling Strategy for Email Marketing


This book is not about methods of selling your product but strategies. All the strategies on this book can have certain methods like, Act Now while it last. Or using a countdown timer to create urgency. All of those methods can be easily added to your content. The focus is to give you ideas of content creation, more specifically, sales content. 


This is not a copywriting book but specific strategy to gain your prospect’s attention. With these methods you can use copywriting methods and urgency methods. These strategies are the fundamental outline for your content that you can basically create. 

This book is also a confidence builder. If you are a beginner and afraid of emailing your List, you will find that these strategies will equip you and give you some ammo.


Let’s face it, Email Marketing dominates all other forms of marketing. It’s just more personal. What else has a notification system where we all check constantly, read it or at least scan through their emails? Do you go through every single post on Social Media? Or even a blog site?  For businesses, Facebook won’t even allow your post to be seen by people unless you pay them. Twitter has thousands of tweets per day, just how relevant is yours? 


Email is personal, but also the best follow up method. With email, you can ask your customers directly. Social Media and Blog Posts are more broadcast, Email is different. You can be personal, ask for follow up, interact, demand. You can increment your emails, slowly feeding them content and products. 


Other marketing techniques, are there to get you to see and buy. With Email marketing, you can slowly, be scalable, in your approach. You can ease your way into your customers hearts. You have enough real estate and time to go over specific things you want to share with them. 


This is the power of Email Marketing.


Why Strategy


Most salesmen will talk about anything and everything. They either provide entertainment or annoy people. It’s probably the worse sales strategy ever. I get that you want to relate with people. But these days, people are looking for solutions. Everyone is bombarded with sales approach that they will either get annoyed and zone out. 


Approaching a new prospect out of the blue, you want to ask questions. Statements does work but with this strategy:


You want them to stop and think about your question.


If you are approaching this using a Landing Page:


You would want to ask Why every business needs your solution. It helps them, by having them think about your question and possibly look for the answer.


If you are using this approach with your email.


You can use it several ways. Why would you spend thousands of dollar when you can spend x amount? Why would you want to go somewhere else when I can provide you all the details? Why spend time searching for answer when you can ask me a question? Why would you not want to start your business today? Why not take the chance in supplementing your income?


Why and why nots are the most powerful words. It not only provides your List a question, but it helps them think. In most cases, your List will not know the answer. If you can provide them the answer, they will most likely want to hear it. Majority of the time, they will not have all the reasons and they cannot solidify their reasons.


Why would you want to use X product when you can use this? People buy from impulses, forget their reasons and if it’s something cool, they want it. Once you ask why they bought it or why they want it, then they will most likely respond with “I don’t know”. 


With this strategy, you are going to ask a question and provide a solution. 

What you also can do is, 

ask why, 

and ask more why and the lack of reasons, 

then provide them the solution. 


You want to convince them by having them convince themselves. You are basically having them do all the thinking and the work for you. 


The main reason why this work is, it helps people think. We are living at a time where thinking is usually done for them. It helps them pause from their life and reflect on what they did. Whether regrets or affirmations are in place, your prospect will have ears and eyes that will want to hear or see what you have to offer. Why not right? Why wouldn’t they want to hear or see what you have to offer compared to others? If you have something that they might want to need? 


Storytelling Strategy


There are amazing reasons and results that backs storytelling. It synchronizes your stories with your Lists brain, known as “neuron coupling”. It engages your List emotionally. Are you a math expert or love to listen to stories? People dream and daydream, it is the best way to connect with your List. You can determine the behavior and guide your List.


When you write a story, you want to make it short but understandable. Stories does not have to be verbal or written. It can be images, a scene or amazing photo of a recipe you want to sell. What do you want them to imagine? How would you want them to feel about the image? 


If you want to use storytelling strategy for your Email Marketing needs. You need to create visual content that will make them want to stay, to watch (video) or see (images). You do not want to write a 500-2,000 word email and hope that your List will be wanting to read them. If you are planning on writing your story, you will need to provide them increments, portions broken down. You want to break it down to several emails and make sure that you reflect back to your previous email to remind them. 


The best solution is, scene images and video content. If you are using images, you want to provide what they can have or might want and/or need. You can also use scene images to portray your brand, providing credibility, freedom, trust and etc. Isolate your scene with one or two things they can think of. You do not want fancy art work and obscurity, but tell a specific story. You can also elaborate your scene with an explanation so that you can reassure them. 


If you are using videos, you can either do a facetime or animation. Animation provides better results. What REALLY engages me are animated videos. I don’t stay at home on Saturdays and watch cartoons all day. Of course, when I was younger, those were the days. Today, animation has been used for great introduction, sales pitch, and information. It really does attract people. You can say, it is bringing the kid back in you when you decide on what product you want to buy or hear from.

Startups uses them, Duluth Trading uses them. It is funny, informative, entertaining. Something about animation that draws attention. 

If you are offering a product, you want to provide a review. Instead of describing the features, talk to them about a story on how you have benefited with that product. Story provides explanation of the reasons why. It helps people understand easier and help them be in your shoes. Having them imagine the possibility. 


Qualifying Strategy


If you are salesperson, one thing you dread is someone coming back for a refund. You wasted your time and energy for nothing. Possibly, leave a sour taste behind for your customer. You do not want to see $X and it starts to get lower because of refunds, right? I vowed myself never to sell anything without making sure that it won’t be returned. Doing business online, it’s a bit harder to convince the individual. However, you can provide the information in the beginning so that you have set the expectation and they have a clear understanding of what they are getting. 


If you start qualifying your List to buy certain product, you are not limiting people to purchase but provide an understanding as well this one little amazing results. People do not want to be told what to do, if you restrict people from buying, they will ask why and why can’t I be part of it. 


If your product is for those who have knowledge of email marketing and this specific product will jumpstart your traffic ten times. How many of the non email marketers would want to sign up for it? Even if they did not know anything about marketing, you are putting restrictions and having your List beg to sign up.


Help your List understand the requirements and they will understand what’s at stake. You will also provide those who might want to join, a restriction and they might want to see why they are left out of the offer. 


Providing clarity and sincerity helps you keep the retention low as well as make them feel comfortable. You want to set some expectation so that they will not be confused or have them feel frustrated for getting into something they shouldn’t have. If they want to take on your offer, you have provided all the information and they will take matters into their own hands. They will not blame you but themselves if they failed. You can encourage them and provide helpful tips to get them on the right track. You can ask for issues from your List and offer your solution to all your List. 


As you continue with this strategy, you will increase your engagement as well as build incredible trust, credibility and rapport. 


Advancement Strategy


Even if you don’t know how good a product is, you appreciate the advanced technology. Why do we want the latest TV 4k now trending 8k, Curved features? Some TVs have profound black color in them, creating a better movie like experience.


It is true that Technology sells itself. Just look at Apple. They do not focus on how it looks but what new features and technology they put into a device. You probably do not understand what they are saying but, you come to a conclusion that it is something you might want.


Instead of saying how big the screen is, they say that the size was formulated because the scientific research it took to get just enough space and width for the best movie experience.


I call this “Advancement Strategy”. Selling the technology and the appreciation. Of course, there are few who do not want to be concerned with the latest and the greatest. However, consider how many people are searching for the latest and greatest methods. How you approach your content and message to your audience can lead to better sales.

We’ve noticed that many in Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing Industry are using the word “Done With You” or “Done For You”. You understand that as features and benefits that can help and create an advantage over others. Fewer words but impactful.

What you write to your List about is going to help them decide, learning every technique you can get your hands on will help you and provide a better split testing results.


Most of the products are not providing these new features and benefits. You want to make those shine and create punch lines. 


If you are going to build your email marketing business with this strategy. You want to provide your List the research you do to be ahead of the game. 


“Sign up today and receive the latest trends, tips and tricks for you X needs” You want to feed them cutting edge information that “might” be valuable. 


Words like:


I discovered,




Just Now


You want to be the first person to get the information and the only way to do that, is to sign up with you. The better your information, the faster it will be shared and people will start noticing that you are the goto person for the latest information. 


Pharmaceutical Strategy


There are always solution to a problem. That is why Pharmaceutical is a $300 billion dollar industry. They inject awareness everywhere. Commercials, general stores, doctors. If you want to succeed in this strategy you must first need to give your audience the reason for your solution.


Millions of people are out of jobs, and there are countless opportunities online. 

There are thousands of opportunities online, and millions are entrepreneurs who are searching for an opportunity. 

There are millions of entrepreneurs and only few make millions. 


Whatever the situation is, there are always a reason. Pharmaceuticals run ads every day, people are currently struggling with diabetes, or erectile dysfunction. Helping people realize that there is an issue, but more importantly, let them know that they are the ones who are suffering from such, will provide you open ears. 


Whether you are searching Google for ways to make money, or browsing through and see an opportunity. Your strategy must provide them both. 


Once you help them realize that they are facing a situation, you have their attention. You can start providing the benefits of your product and what they will get from purchasing yours. 


Let’s go through some examples.


How long have you been failing with your Email Marketing Business?

How many programs have your purchased and found no solutions?

When did you lose your job?

Where is your career headed to?


The best method, is to have them question their current status. Or have them realize something that they have been struggling with. Whether you are targeting that specific demographics or created a poll or survey for your current list. You can win big with gaining their attention. By letting them realize that you know their struggle, you can provide them a solution. 


Escorting Strategy


People love to be surrounded by people they like, as well as, people who are likeable. There are no negative reasons as to why you should engage with your List. The more you do for them, the more they will like you. And, if you ask them to do something, they will most likely do it for you. 


I know the name sounds sexual. But, it is simply, the desire strategy. I thought it would be fun to name it an Escort Strategy. What people do not realize is the power of entertainment and pleasure. You won’t come off as a beggar but a teaser. You will provide enough resources for your List to like you. In the end, you ask them want to see what you can do with this product? 


“I want you to watch this video real quick and tell me what you think of it” 

“I am currently busy working on this new project that I am following. While I work on this project, check this one out”

“Have you seen this before?” (see what? create curiosity, teaser)


Of course, you would need to entice them from the beginning. Here are some of the solutions on how you can get their attention:


You need to be confident in yourself and the product you are offering. Be the dominant factor in the industry. If you are selling fitness, you need to be an expert at it and build your confidence up.


You can check out my book on “How to be an Expert Email Marketer” and “Niche Mastery”


You will need to target your audience and let them know that you are the goto person for any fitness needs. 


“I give out helpful tips, motivational quotes and amazing products”. Learn from me and you will not be disappointed.


Demand your audience that you are respected and deserve attention. 


You want to provide them meaningful content and get them to say or leave a comment. Have them share it with their friends and networks of friends. What you do for them, will come back. You will hand hold them and ask them to pay attention to the email. 


“Look and see today’s email”, “I am going to send you an email very soon, it’s very important that you check the next email I send you”, “This email is very personal, I need a few minutes of your time”.


Prodigal Son Strategy


This is one of my favorite strategy. There are competitors all around you. It might work better if you add the escort element to this one. If you have gained your List attention, you can demand and tell them things and they will trust you. If you want to build their trust quickly as possible, this is the strategy you want to us.


Let’s just say that they are also on your competitors email list. They provide the same product and resources. Why should they choose you?


One way to bring attention to your List is to have them do their own homework. If you are presenting a product to them, you want to do something like this:


“I came across this product, and you might have seen this before. Whether you checked this product out or was offered to join this program, you haven’t met me. 

Of course, you are welcome to check out what others are offering, you can go search reviews and take time to figure things out. 

What I am about to show you is different. You have me and the methods I’ve used. You have my experiences and I will provide you insights to guide you in any way. If you have a question, feel free to ask”


There are several factors that went into this. You have told them to go find out what the product is, what others are saying about it. There is a possibility that they will actually go do that, but you have explained other benefits that they will get if they continue forward. You have told them to go away and you are making them want to come back to you. This is the prodigal son strategy. Do what you want, but when you come back to me, you will feel at home, you will be treated right. 


You have built their trust and encouraged them to be free to do anything. You are also helping them visualize what a home you have created for them and the comfort they will receive from you. You are not just an Expert, but a mentor, a guide, someone they can lean towards and create loyalty. 


You’ve closed the curiosity level and built a foundation from just those few sentences. Sure, they can totally ignore it, but press forward the same ideas to them over and over again. 




Do not abuse these strategy and shove products down their throats. These are highly effective strategies that helps builds trust, credibility, rapport. It also helps them psychologically. It triggers their brain and emotions. Make sure the quality of the product is at par with yourself. Do not lower your bar of respect and demand quality. You want to be an advocate of quality product and not quantity. 


If you can master all these strategies, you will have enough content and cycles you can go through and build a long lasting relationship with your List. 


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