How to Be an Expert Email Marketer

Chapter 2: Be an Expert Email Marketer


The Reason


I dropped out of High School. 

But I am not your typical dropout


This is probably not a good way to start my book. It lacks support of me being disciplined or someone who follows the system. But, If you are truly dedicated in learning how to be successful, you would just discard my education level and move forward. If you cannot, I have just explained, I was not a person who followed a system and learn to think twice about what I did. 


I am Content Manager and Tech Lead for Sendlane, an Email Marketing Software.


I actually dropped out of school, simply because the school system was too slow for me. I thought to myself, I rather spend my time playing video games or learn how to make money. Both were legitimate reasons, something I was thinking about doing with my life. I stopped playing video games and put my focus to making real money. So, I decided to venture off into several niches, industry and prospered. I questioned my ability every single day, yet somehow, I knew I would succeed. 


For length sake, I am not going to provide you an autobiography and skip few years.


I worked at Six Flags Magic Mountain as a cashier, and in two weeks, I was promoted to a Lead. I worked smarter and not harder. I manipulated and exceeded overtime pay and sometimes passed 14 hours a day. Yet, I did not work as hard as anyone else. I learned what it took to maximize my opportunity. Eventually, I wanted to do better things in life, and them knowing this, they guaranteed me a supervisor position. Learning other possibilities, I quit and took a job at RadioShack. There, I double my money in sales and became an assistant manager to a manager within a year. Commission was an eye opener.


I am simply telling you this because I have always figured things out and did not wait for someone to tell me what to do. I learned how everyone else approached a method and looked beyond to see what else was out there. I love to experiment and go beyond expectation. My personality was to shake things up and results are proven fact that, it has been working. I was always competitive, I see what other people were doing and I wanted to do it better. It wasn’t jealousy, but if a person was working really hard, I wanted to know how I can do, without all the hard work. I guess you can say, I wanted to be lazy. Being lazy every day meant, I had to figure out what I needed to be successful. 


I joined Email Marketing in Mid 2015. It took me 3 months to realize what everyone was doing and how many experts are teaching those who want to learn the system, incorrectly. I reviewed numerous systems and the system is not the key to success or failure, it is simply, You. Yes, observing what people are doing, I can tell you immediately what the problem is.


Everyone has the capability to do something in life, It’s natural. If you did not want to succeed, you wouldn’t have purchased this book. I dropped out of High School and I don’t have to work as much. I can work 15 minutes a day while people are working a whole 8 hour shift. There will be those who just don’t want to take those steps of success, and one of the best success niche is to help others. 


I spent most of my days smoking cigars and laying down on my hammock with Julieta, my Pit Bull every single day. I decided to do something productive and applied for a job with At this moment in time, I became successful, making over Six Figures every month. That will be another book and another story.  


You can check out my book “How I Turned $500 into $10,000 in 7 days”


Bored out of my mind, I was looking for something to do, I decided remote work would be ideal, not having to sacrifice my time to go to work and stay at one spot doing God knows what. In this way, I can still do my own projects and get some money coming in. My lifestyle wasn’t enough with this paycheck, however, it was enough for some things I loved, which was smoking cigars and eating sushi.


I went to the interview and within 5 minutes the interview was done. I received a call and got the job. I started as Customer Support and understood how the software worked in one week. I learned how to debug and investigate what went wrong the next week. I was making good money with my previous ventures so this was just money I can spend while my other money is working. Within 3-4 months, I was promoted to managing Social Media and blog post, which I did not know how. Okay, I did, but not professionally. I became the Tech Lead, Content Manager  as well. You can check out some of my post at


While working for Sendlane, It got a bit boring. Simply waiting for inquiries only wasn’t something I was planning on doing. If things do not go as fast as me, then I will find other things to do. Using my method, I became so productive that I was doing 5 things and was able to relax. So, I decided to learn programing. HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, M.E.A.N Stack, and System Administration. Yes, I have learned these in 1 1/2 month. It took a while since no one knew how to really teach it and instead of spending my time writing code and creating apps. I decided to look into Email Marketing, since I am already in that field. It was few clicks and typing than writing code. Faster execution and return rate. The probability of me creating my Landing Pages, contents was quicker and more promising. It took me two weeks after understanding how everything work to actually take any initiative. 


If you can take one thing from this book, it is that many experts are still having issues solving people’s problem. Or be effective. There is no connection between their audience and themselves. You’ve all heard this saying, 


Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat it for one day. Teach a man how to fish, well, he can eat for the rest of his life.


This is where this book will help you on how to learn to be an Expert and how you can fill in the gaps many Experts do not know how to.


Since, Sendlane was owned by Jimmy Kim and the success that Build My List had was simply amazing. I wanted to look into this system first. I took the course and saw the potential and the hassle free system. It was very profitable for me but I wanted something that will make me wealthy and not rich. I wanted to look into six figure monthly income and with Email Marketing, or Marketing in General. 


There would need to be enough system in place to produce that kind of money. 


I had looked into several marketing system as well to see what would be my best options. I realized, I already knew it all. The other issue was, I was a Customer Support helping Build My List members with their concerns and issue. I immediately realized the importance of this book and what it can do. This is where we will start asking why and how.


Chapter 2


Gnōthi Seauton

“Know Thyself”


Forget about me and how quickly I have learned many things. I have a natural gift. Or maybe, I just knew how to develop this method over time. Either way, understanding this method brought me great eye opening experience and I was able to teach it.


For some, it might be natural and for others it might need some development. My method can be learned real quick. Have you experienced the light bulb lighting experience? 


Ah ha! or Eureka!?


Great. Then it will take you a short time to understand and develop my method. While “I can do it” mentality is great, you do not want to feel frustrated or overwhelmed by what life has to offer. Life, and You, will be creating obstacles on its own, with matter of physics, you would want to take a step back. Obstacles will create limitations and you have to stop and decide what you are going to do. Eventually, creating your own obstacles is not a good way to learn and, you, will be the greatest obstacle. Does that make any sense? Most of the time, you will create your own obstacles, simply because you can. Don’t ask me how, but reflect and look back at what you have done in the past. 


I am going to cover points and I will be pretty straightforward about things. I’ll be blunt to help you realize and react to it. If your reaction is being angry or frustrated, well, point proven. Others will want to read this quick and want to get to the point. You want to see profit on your investment really quick. But you’re not an Expert just yet and you are missing few points on how to do it. The faster you build the more mistakes you create. As an expert, you will be able to do it quick but understand everything there is to accomplish a goal. And the goal is not just making money, it’s knowing how to make money.


You can start creating ads and close your eyes thinking you will hit your target. You spend $1, $20, $50 a day to see if the system will work. $500 a month budget, and you are crossing your fingers. We’ve all been through it and it is the most frustrating situation possible. 


You might be a blind follower. You can follow a system and you can blame everyone else but you if it goes south. You can feel frustrated and blame the system for not working. Eliminating all of these situation is why you bought this book in the first place. Maybe you told yourself that you do not have time to accomplish what the system is telling you. But in the end, you do have time but you haven’t learned how to go about it.


I am going to show you how you will be an expert just like the marketing experts you are following in matter of days. They will kill me once I have provided you this method. They will pull out their hairs if I told you the secret. It is a secret that they don’t even realize and their own light bulbs will light up as well. 


The other point of view would be that, you will want to purchase a system and understand what you need to do exactly. Eliminating the frustration and the learning curve it will take you to reach your goal.


The days of failure is over. Not just in Email Marketing, but in general, you will learn how to masterfully and successfully live your life. Whether your personality is not as analytical or observing. You will learn this system and realize what you have been missing. I wrote this book simply because thousands of people have felt frustrated and asked, even screamed how they felt. If I can provide a solution, I wish to end this once and for all.


I want to give you detailed information within this book. I do not want you to start anything and jump into conclusion. Once you finished reading this book, you will be well equipped. As well as, know how to do every single thing to become successful. If you are still having a hard time, reread this book. I have covered everything in this book, otherwise I would not have released this to the public with my name on it. If you can find any discrepancy, let me know and I will revise and send everyone the new copy of this book. Whether you want to start your own business in Email Marketing, or be offered a job as a Marketing Expert. This book will get you ahead of everyone else. 


Chapter 3




Well, as a dropout, this is ironic for me to write about. Yet, I understood what is important and how we understand things. My homework is not the same as how school provides you the assignments. So stop being scared or start complaining.


Going into battle not knowing what to do is the worst thing you can do. It sounds absurd but today, it is the norm. We get into situations without thinking, not knowing the consequences, etc. Sales tactics stops us from thinking. They want you to purchase their product to have you not think about anything except positive mindset. Their tone is energetic and enthusiastic and all the bells and whistle that they has to offer. 


Email Marketing is the exact same thing. We are so excited with making money online that we realize that there is an overwhelming space you need to cover before you start. Many experts will tell you it is easy and I am not saying it is not. But understanding some of the whys you never asked will then lead you to give up or say it’s not worth it. 


The truth is, any of the marketing experts programs or steps can work.


You just don’t know how or especially the reasons as to why. Marketing Experts are losing people’s interest and they do not know the answer because they themselves have tons of experience, while you do not. You are going into a system that a Marketing Expert has fine tuned to get you started, without realizing the important steps they took to get there. 


We are going back to middle school or high school. Where you are assigned homework for no apparent reasons, other than you needing to pass the grade. I mean, great! if you love History and enjoyed your teachers. 


But for me, I did not and I still don’t want to hear someone talking unless there is something important for me to hear. Why should I hear someone speak when I can spend my time doing something else? I am not fond of conversations to kill time, time spent is time either wasted or profited. This can appear to be anti-social, not saying it isn’t. Time leisure are rewards when you accomplished success. Don’t get me wrong, I had many leisure time as I have told you what I did. I’d spend my time smoking cigars at a lounge, home, at the beach. Relaxing, talking to friends, leaving any projects aside.


“PUT THAT COFFEE DOWN! COFFEE IS FOR CLOSERS” – Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross


What I understood in life was, we still have to go back to our projects and work on them. Calculating your time spent on leisure can definitely boost your productivity. What this book will help you is for you to be able to set aside one hour or 15 minutes each day to tackle your projects. In order for you to get there. well, continue reading. Rewards yourself after accomplishments.


To truly follow a system is to be an Expert yourself. Many of the marketers out there think that as a beginner who blindly follows their strategies will replicate them. And once they purchase the product, there is a chance of them succeeding, or fail miserably. Some might believe their way is the best way and everyone will succeed, they are not only passionate but got it down to science in explaining those steps. Only if the people knew! However, they are still putting their products on hope, because they do not understand how to make people experts but followers. These are the everyday odds and there are not actionable results to provide real success. 


Its either do or die


Failure or success


Blame goes to whomever without any real reasons other than hopeful actions. Doing your homework will help you prepare and be an expert. Once you become an expert, you can follow any system and be successful. Being emotional and wanting success more than anything can and will hurt you. STOP! And take a moment to realize the task at hand. Plan your days instead cramming everything you can in one day, build your foundation without double checking or triple checking your work and spend money and cross your fingers. Because, this is exactly what you are doing and the reason why you are not going to be successful. I have been receiving numerous inquiries and people wanting results quick. They are the first to fall and move on to the next. 

If that is not you, GREAT! But what can you tell me, specifically, the steps you are going to take, how you are going to take it, when and how? 


Chapter 4


Why this works


Experts will tell you How their system works, but why it works is where I come along.


I am a big analytics, reports, data kind of guy. The more information I have, the better I can prepare myself. Knowing everything I can in a short amount of time and making money with Email Marketing is what I am going to share with you. I’ve been involved in Email Marketing for only 3 months (the time I wrote this), I have read, watched, learned every system I could find. What they always miss, is the “why” their system works, and that is the fundamental for success. 


What if I showed you how to do all of what I know and see how it works for you. That is pretty much the explanation as to why you should get in. I want to show you why it would work, using this method, so that, you can follow any system out there and make it work. You are the key to unlocking this system and I am going to reveal it to you.


Am I putting things on hope? I am eliminating putting things on hope and providing you ways to remove yourself from hope. However, if you love hope and continue to buy those lotto tickets, be my guest. If you want real success, do exactly what I tell you.


There are two kinds of people in the world, Extroverts and Introverts. If you are an Extroverts, you are most likely the person who wants to be in the crowd and pleasing others, engaging in conversations and wanting to be part of something. Introverts are those who sits down and thinks about what they would want to do and how they should approach people. You can learn more about Extroverts and Introverts on Google Search. Set this aside for the time being, I will explain it further in this book.


First Question:


What niche do I go into? The first niche you will go into might be just luck. Where you will start working on your landing pages, emails and spend money on bringing traffic to it. You might have some buyers, but there is a probability of people not wanting it. offers you the steps and how to get into niches. So you do not need to worry about the niche, but what if you are seeing slow growth? Or none at all? What do you do then? You will look for other niche(s) to get into and hope for the best. There are other systems out there that tells you how to, step by step, but not be an expert at it. What I am simply providing you, is the key to any system you want to try. If you want to experiment on your own and try your own ideas, great.


What if you spent your time where you can identify what you can do, how you can find them, and pinpoint your audience. Where you would want the traffics to come from, when you would launch your product or affiliates? Instead of following step by step instructions, ask yourself why these steps are going to be beneficial for you and for your audience? 


This will eliminate any time being frustrated because you purchased a system and it is not working for you. You do not have any idea, the marketing expert has no idea. Example: Automate your Messages. Most Email Marketers will tell you, “You need to automate your messages”. But why? Understanding the reasons behind these steps is crucial for your business. If automating for convenience is the only reason, that’s pretty bad.


Here are some of the reasons as to why you want to automate messages. These are general reasons:


Spend less time messaging every single email

Spend your time wisely

Test your messages and see how your list reacts to them

Retest your content and see if you gain any improvement

Direct Contact, Let them know that you appreciate them.

Let them know their content is on its way so you create expectancy.

Set expectation so they are proactively going into their inbox and checking their emails.

Create Step by Step instructions

Automate your goals for your list

Create a system so it does it all the work for you

Learn the reaction to your system and make any adjustments.

Enhance your tones of your message 

Make sure of your email appearance

Carefully craft in your messages and dedicate your time create amazing automated content

The more time spending on building your system the better you can fine tune your results

Better Plan your business

Structure your business

Eliminate any moving Parts

Control the controllable

Spend your time building and the rest will follow

Analyze and build something different.

Eliminate any mistakes you can make


There are more reasons as to why, but you get the idea. If you are following a system blindly, can you really ask these questions? Or will you just build a replicate and see how it goes? The reasons above will help you understand the different level you are in with the Expert you purchased the system from. You have the opportunity to actually learn something, rather than spend X amount of money, do a quick set up and hope for good results. If you have purchased a system, then you have a better chance in understanding some of the questions you come up with. Some of these Experts provides support through customer support, webinar, power calls and so on. As an Extrovert you will love to be the first person to say something. As an Introvert, it should be your passion to learn everything and anything you can get your hands on. Both are great approaches, whether you are more dominant in Extrovert or vice versa, Introvert. 


The purpose of understanding what your dominant characteristics are, is going to help you know how to approach this in your own way. Knowing who you are, you will be less likely be frustrated in asking a question. If you are a more dominant Introvert, you might not want to ask a question in a webinar, but conveniently ask a customer support for answer, email. As an Extrovert fueled with passion about getting things started, you might want to get as much information during a webinar and continue to fuel your passion. There are many ways to approach it, how you approach it and knowing who you are, is going to reduce the frustration part.


Second Question:


This might come across as “I need time to do all this” but it only takes few minutes a day to get everything done! Put this into question:


I do not have the time? 


Instead of saying I do not have the time, put that into a question and ask yourself, do I really have the time? Write down your reasons. Other issues might be that if you plan too much, you will spend less time in getting your products or affiliates out. As well as, you spent too much time and the money isn’t coming in. 


Learning and developing this method will help you quickly learn what to do and what not to do. I am not saying you will hit home runs all the time, but you will learn how to get the best ratio. If you are pressing on money and need immediate results, it would be better to buy a lotto ticket and hope for the win. There is a reason why every single Expert will tell you to work smarter not harder. I have given you few reasons as to why that is important.


Being prepared is your number one tool that you can control right now. Control the controllable. Once you have learned how to do so, you can eliminate that obstacles and focus on what you can’t control and how you can solve them. If you are prepared, you will understand what is going to happen and how it is going to happen. If you spent few minutes a day discovering and preparing what you are going to do, you might drop the niche you were thinking about getting into and move on to the next profitable niche.


You will also gain tons of information on different niche.


And at the right time or later on, you might think of an appropriate time to start that niche. You have a wealth of knowledge and products at your disposal. You will be able to build and create ammunitions when you need it. No more wasting your ammunition in one shot. You will not run out of niches and ideas because all you have been doing is collecting information.


I have 10 years of managing experience. Everyone told me to only look for specific people. Talkative, hustler mentality. I took a different route because I wasn’t talkative or had a hustling mentality. I wanted to make money, but do it the smart and less talkative way. I am an Introvert and hate dealing with people, who works at Sendlane helping customers. I learned how to own my personality and characteristic, what will trigger my stress, frustrations, and formed a plan to take actions. If you can contact any members of Sendlane and ask how they were treated and how quickly I resolved their issue, you will understand how powerful this method is. As a sales person, I did not have a loud voice or energy to talk continuously, about nonsense to gain a friend first and sell them something. What I did have was my brains and the motivation to be better than anyone else. That eventually, brought success and profit. 


I recruited a young woman who worked for Toy’s R Us, as a cashier. She knew nothing about sales, but she understood things quickly. She was able to learn my methods and once she saw how I did things, she followed. Once she followed, she saw her paychecks increasing. She attentively looked for more methods from me by observing what I did and I had helped her when she did not know. I have hired and recruited people from no sales background to powerful salespeople out there.


Big Data like Facebook, Amazon, and Google gathers tons of information. While information is good, what you can do with them is simply mind blowing. We are going beyond Email Marketing and becoming Big Data ourselves. Of course, we cannot store as much as them. But collecting the right information and understanding what we can do with them will eliminate any junk information we might collect and harness the true power of ourselves.


This is how experts become expert. This is how we all should be doing email marketing. Experts did not become expert right off the bat. It is because they have spent countless times failing. Failing to not giving up, continue to attempt to hit the ball and get one right. I am not saying you will not fail, but learn to see failure as lessons. Any mistakes or failures I’ve made that costed me money was tuition to my education. Any mistakes or failures brought awareness to what could happened, has happened, and prepare myself to what actions I should take.


Do not hit the ball every single time it comes at you. What I am proposing is to do vice versa, wait for the pitcher to slowly tire out so that he can throw a slow ball at you, providing you the perfect opportunity to hit that home run. You are not necessarily running out of time or your batting ratio is not going to get worse. Just think about every time you attempt to hit the ball will be a home run. Do not be the guy attempting to hit a homerun every time without understanding the speed, the curves, the strategies. Emotions starts to hit you once you failed time and time again. Failing to hit the ball, you will be more careful next time as you stored that specific information and why you failed.


Third Question:


Do you consider Time to be valued as Money?


All you have to do is wait, and you will know when it happens. That will save your time to do other things, and spend your time wisely. Be smarter do not work harder. You, like the young woman I hired and trained, observed first before taking any actions. She took the steps to figure out “why” I was doing what I was doing and understood them. She gathered her information and formed a conclusion as to “why” it had worked. She then went off to replicate what I was doing and if it did not work, she noted it and gathered her information.


Once you stop thinking 9-5 and understand that time is money, you will do whatever you can to get there. Structure your time management, understand and observe. Learn what needs to be done. Be effective with your time. You will then be efficient with your time. My employees that I trained, forgot about working 9-5 and do what they are told, they understood the value of information and time. Once they realized this, they were making more money per hour.


Some methods work certain times, understanding and leveraging your knowledge to take action is going to be the greatest weapon you will ever have.


Chapter 5


Control the controllable


What can you control? We need to identify what this is so that you can understand the difference, saving you time and energy. What you can control is the time spent in wasting time. Whether you are new, intermediate or even advanced Email Marketer, and you do not know the difference between what is good and what is bad. Everyone needs to understand this. As a Marketer, you want to try everything and anything you can get your hands on and spread yourself thin, hope to get something. Or, for some of you might only consider doing one thing and one thing only. You are so focused that this is the only way to do it. Whether that is successful or not, is how you determine to stay in this game.


Both of those scenarios are really bad if you take a good look at them. 


You would want to make a list of what you can control. And I am not saying be a control freak but learn how to manage them effectively. Control your emotion so that you maintain and measure your success. Your emotions will cloud your productivity and provide meaningless results that will form one conclusion. It’s good to have goals, but getting rich quick and dreaming about it, can drain enormous amount of energy once you reach that peak of no results. If you are more of a person who does not give up on anything, then more power to you. Energy is number one priority. Whether you have a 9 to 5 job and or kids, or stuck in a crappy job, you definitely need to conserve your energy. 


There are multiple ways emotions can get the best of you.


Be result oriented and not emotion oriented. Your mind needs to focus on results and how to get those results. Being really excited, going through 2/3 of the system and getting tired is no way to get result. You just wasted your time and energy. Controlling your emotion can either be easy or difficult. Awareness is one way to limit the difficulty part. Having others remind you and help you with your ventures is a good way to keep you on check. 


Just know that putting your energy towards results and how to get those result is going to bring more success. It is better than what I mentioned about being really excited. 


So, calm down. 




You will get there.


It’s odd that I am promoting a book where sales tactics are not part of it. I am telling you to reduce your excitement and put that energy towards focusing on result. I just drained all the excitement out of you, and by that, help you stay aware and informed about what you are going to do. Be attentive and unleash your energy little by little. If you are a person who has over abundance amount of energy, then you can skip this part. However, if you lose focus, you know what to do. If you do not, stop everything and start reading this book very carefully.


One of the greatest strategy I’ve used while selling cell phone service was that the traffic was coming in, because there was a new phone out that they were interested in. If I did not have that particular phone in stock, we had to use the “Sell What We Have” strategy. But my approach was different. I would ask why they wanted this particular phone, as in most cases, they did not know exactly why. If they didn’t have a reason, I would pinpoint the features they were looking at, and provide benefits of another particular phone. Why would they want to pay $100 extra, when they can save that money and do the what they really want to do with another phone? Why not? The hype that ads create brought people in, what I had to master on is help them understand that there is no real reason as to why they wanted it. Unlike my other colleagues, where they would just say no and that they do not have the product and talk and talk about nonsense. I was determine to use my words carefully and read their reaction.


Emotions, sometimes can’t be controlled. But it is within your ability to control how much. Understanding different level or priorities, when to use certain emotions and energy is totally within your control. Shifting your focus and focusing the amount is within your control. This is the first part of controlling your efforts. If you truly want to succeed, you will learn how to manage every single part of yourself and what you do. Success is result oriented, it is having the ability.


If you have bought several system and have failed. You now have the information stored in your brain somewhere. You might have forgotten it if you have followed those steps blindly. You have not measured each actions you took to fail. You have simply failed because your emotion told you, you were being frustrated and that it did not work. Maybe, you’ve attempted the system several times and it did not work for you. By why? If you can tell me more than 3 reasons as to why it did not work, let us see what those are. If you cannot tell me any reasons as to why it did not work, there is your problem.


This is something we can control.


Chapter 6


Ask Why?


You can control what your actions are by asking tons of “why” question. If you want to promote health and fitness, ask yourself why? Do you have enough evidence that what you are attempting will be enough? Is enough, enough? Or Is your enough, limited to your lack of knowledge? Why go into battle not knowing the reason? Go back to Chapter 4 and see the results of asking why you should automate your message, compared to just following the steps Experts gives you.


What if you can stop what you are doing and look into health and fitness? What name, product, keywords has great effect on people? If you are going to create any ads, why not pinpoint exactly what, where, when and how so that you can save time and money and get the best result? 


If you cannot find the reasons as to What, Why, Where, When, How. Do not go any further.


Why spend ton of money, and hope for results? I have no clue as to why people would do such things, unless they have money to throw? Calculating your cost, budget is one thing. Targeting your audience so that your cost per clicks are productive and result oriented is another. Just because you set a budget, does not mean that you will get results or that you have given effort to a particular system. You have not learned how to use the methods and put everything on hope. You can control who you want to target and how you want to target. 


Eliminating any obstacles and random clicks is something you can do. Providing and targeting to specific people can come a long way. You will learn how to be specific and when you should not be too specific. Instead of throwing $20 a day for budget on hopes, you can actually pinpoint your results on either being very specific or not being very specific. You can actually measure your results based on what you do and how you do them. 


I actually started with $1 a day budget. It was slow but I was able to track my mistakes and successes. Can you? Limiting to 1-10 engagements in the beginning and understanding your audience reaction is important. Understand 1-10 engagements leading to 0 or 1 sale can mean something. Spending hundreds and thousands of dollar and making the same amount or even less is counter-productive. Once you identify trends and keywords, you can run 2-5 different ads and see. Do you have any proof that what you did was successful? You have put things on hopes and dreams. And because it failed, your hopes and dreams failed.


Going back to doing your homework. If you use this method in learning, you can store all these information and can actually say, because of this, it worked or it did not work. You won’t blame the system but what actually happened. You’ve eliminated any emotional obstacle and focus on results. You won’t blame others but understand the next time you do something, you are going to think twice and learn how to be effective and efficient. You will save time and money. Learning how to manage and control the controllable. You will spend your budget wisely and keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket. 


How many of you have experienced this? Or read reviews saying such and such was a scam? 


Sell me a pen.


You can approach this in many different ways and it will work. Learning what you can do before you sell it, is meaningful, productive, and effective.


People have missed out on this. No Marketing Expert has told you this. They simply want you to follow the steps and hope that it works. If they sold 10,000 products and 1,000 of the people actually had success, it’s a good thing. Even 10 people giving out testimonials shows great promise. What I want to provide is 10,000 people actually getting results. But again, this is up to you and what you want to do and how you want to do it. 


If you are after a Marketing Job, you can actually tell them what you did, with specifics and be ahead of everyone else. More and more marketing jobs are done remotely, that means they are looking for people who are very organized and can handle themselves. They don’t want to ask you every single day what you have done, they want you to do that. Learning this habit is not only good for you, but if you are either applying or being recruited, you can prove and show actual results and remove heavy burden on the company’s shoulder and be the savior they want and want to hold unto. 


So ask questions and find your answers before getting into something you might regret and emotions clouds your judgement and not actionable results. Blame it on the results, if you like to blame something. That is totally within your control.


Content is very important part of Email Marketing. Here is the reasons as to Why it is:

Your subscribers needs a reason why they need to open their emails

They will be wanting to read your email

You will make money from quality List

List is your own property, so take great care

It is what separates you from the crowd

It means something to you so it will somewhat mean something to them


Well, there’s more. Is it relevant enough? Are you writing it to just provide them call to action and hope they will buy from you? Why would they open it? Your agenda is to sell them something, their agenda is, should I even open it? Do the subscribers have time to sit down and read your email? These are all great questions you need to ask yourself and asking “Why” is going to get you to stop sending them junk mail and start sending them quality ones. 


You will need to cover every aspect and obstacles that will and might come your way. Preparing yourself by asking and writing all these downs and really answering them will help you eliminate unwanted subscribers and lose their interest. Taking a step back in this situation is very important because every email you send will make an impact one way or the other. 


Can you ask why you are sending them a particular email? If so, why are those enough reasons? You might be thinking this is going to be an endless situation. However, the more you do it, the faster you will be able to answer them. Experts already know and they are able to write emails within seconds and minutes because they have practiced it. What many of them are providing you are their own emails and telling you, here copy and paste these and see if it works. 


Again, this is based on hope and not your own doing. Control the controllable by taking a step back and see if you can cover any reasons as to why.


Chapter 7


Big Data


Big Data companies are companies collecting every single data they can think of and figure out what they can do with them. Some use it to learn how people live their lives, like certain products, and figure out what products they like or sells the most and why.


Some will go to other companies and ask them to be their marketing expert and sell them the reasons as to why they should be the company they should work with. They sell information because they receive information.


Quality and Quantity is at play here. The more information they gather, the better they get in quality of their members or audience. They can harness this data to making them thousands, millions and billions of dollars. 


So, why not start off with this? Google, Facebook and other tools are at disposal in finding the right target audience for your products. They provide trends, growth, insights and learning how and when they change can help you decide on when the right time to launch a product or sell to selected targeted audience. Facebook provides insights that you can select and see how many audience will be in that category here Currently, there are 54% women and 46% men using Facebook. The amount of women is greater than men. Age 25-34 are 24% of women population. 10% of women are 65+. 12% of selected audience of the 65+ age women have interest in clubs and causes. 


Now, knowing this information. You can start selecting different niches that will match that specific group and not just simply promote your ad to the general population, wasting your money. Of course you can get more information than just that. This is just the beginning. Once you learn about what you can get from these tools, you will pinpoint with science and not hope. 


Don’t get me wrong. The Hope, is that we all want to be wealthy or financially free, or quitting your day job. Whatever it may be, you have purchased this book for a reason. I am merely providing you result oriented action. Your enthusiasm and motivation needs to be harnessed to action pack and result specific so that you do not waste your time, money, and frustration. 


Think like Big Data, the experts are doing it without even telling you. They know what niche to get in because they have been doing it. They have not told you because the system does not allow you to read into their experience but step by step instructions on how to set things up. 


Traffic is the number one space people are fighting over. If you knew who your target audience is, wouldn’t you write emails that are relevant to them specifically? Too general and you might miss more opportunity. Targeting and funneling them to specific landing pages and autoresponders are very important. You get to be relevant and build a sounding relationship because you have an understanding between yourself and the audience. You can bring sympathy, empathy, informative content to them and not get any sidetrack. 


You understand what they like and how they react to them. You can provide emotional, motivation, enthusiasm, harness the energy towards them and not spread yourself too thin.


This is the game changer you’ve never witnessed.  Countless Marketers are telling you here are the Subjects lines that works, but for who? And why? Understanding Big Data will automatically give you the subject lines that are truly relevant.


Google is also providing this information for you here You can tap into Big Data and learn how to gather information and implement them. 


Social Mention and Topsy are great tools to look for key niches. Type in a niche or a hobby and you can see the sentiment value of those areas. How many people are actually tweeting about one particular subject in a day? Wouldn’t you want to know? How can you penetrate that market since there are thousands of people talking about it? What can you do differently, so you can stand out? All these questions come into play once you understand how many people are out there, talking about it, providing solutions, products for it and what you can do with it. 


Maybe you want to get into that niche or hobby or whatever it may be. You come up with 5 different ways and see how people react. Once you have those statistics, you are in the game. This is time spent wisely, and money well spent. I literally saved you hundreds and thousands of dollar by eliminating your hopes and blindly doing things.


Big Data is going to help you make better decisions and help you uncover your Why questions effectively. Since most of the people are using few key words already, why should you use the same and blend in with the crowd? If you already know what works, can you implement them again? You can try and see the results. Then you also have more answers and strategies to implement because you already done your homework. Because of what the expert told you, you can follow the system. Then if it does not work, you have more ammunition to get you going little further. 


Chapter 8


You are Limitless


I love the movie Limitless. The TV Show not as much, but it’s still something I watch. The idea is that a pill will unleash the potential to access parts of the brain that you yourself could not. It makes you smarter but eventually your body does not react nicely to it. 


You do not need the pill. Once you uncover Big Data and how you can maximize this opportunity, you will be limitless. Email Marketing is not the only system you would want to use and you will most likely branch off. How can you monetize a hobby and turn that into profit? What are others doing, are they succeeding or failing? Can I copy those methods? You will eventually learn how to understand many of these systems and copy them for the right time. Education is your friend, because you are now an expert.


Previously, you have purchased system or systems and have failed or seen few wins. You were the victim and now, you have turn the table and can unleash several systems at once and become great. The power is now with you. 


When I was a manager, I did not treat my employees as regular employees. They were managers, I had taught them that no one else is going to help them make more money, unless they understood what they “need” to do to become successful. So, they took control of themselves, applying my methods, learning beyond their pay grade to be someone better. They understood that the company that they worked for isn’t going to throw money at them, but they had to do it themselves.


Systems, methods, strategies are all there. I recently attended a webinar that claimed that their system will make you $100,000 a year. It was hyped up and of course, the last hour was them wanting to have me purchase their system. What they did not know was, for them telling me few key ingredients, I had already learned their strategies and did not need hand holding to get there.


I immediately purchased a domain, set the system up and started. I understood how Big Data was going to be my guide and would keep me on track. They were selling their system for $3,000. However, in one month, I had spent only $100 to get their system going. I had saved $2,900 because I was an expert. This is what they do not teach you. Once you realized the significance of Data Mining and understand the potential of each niche, hobbies, and etc. You have the power to understand what they are doing. Their system was similar to others, but they wanted to sell it to me for lot more. 


You will start learning or understand concepts easier.


The only system you will ever need is You.


if you are currently working at a 9-5 job or 5-9, 10-4, or spending your leisure time. Whatever is hindering you right now to be an expert. STOP, they are not hindering you, and you can easily start right now. You always have time that you can spare. If I was to grab your phone and look at your activities, I can tell you how much spare time you have. If you continue to create excuses, you will forget this book and continue to spend money on systems and blame the system, instead of you. Realize. the point of view is not focused on the system but you. 


What you do now, will affect how much time you will have later. This is what we call Investment. Spend time wisely now so you can spend time later. More leisure time you produce now, will only help you at your current stage and go nowhere. Spending few minutes or hours a day looking at possibilities is going to add up. Do you remember why you needed to work on Algebra? I don’t. Will you remember why you looked at different trends and activities? Of course.


One of my projects, I purchase a domain for $12. I set up a blog and found several other blog posts from other same industry. I posted those blogs with Youtube videos and gained a huge following. Over 10,000 views a month my first few month. I signed up with different ad services program and started to generate income well over $200 a month. I bought few more domains and started to replicate this system. I am generating $500 a month on each domain which had costed me only $12. It only costed me 1 hour a day for each subject. All I did was look for sources to post in my blog. It took me 15 minutes for each of my Facebook Fan Page to create ads and promote my Page and eventually my site. I had done this as a test and stopped it. My time was valuable and I had other projects I needed to put my focus on.


Ads weren’t approved quickly and discovered the importance of Moz Domain Authority and how ad agency look for specific metrics. I realized that I had to increase my scale from 1 /100 to 20 or 30/100. Once I established this, ad agencies will accept my domain as legitimate and beg me to advertise on my sites. How did I find Moz? Searched for reasons why my page wasn’t as successful as it should be. They provided some best practices on how to go about increasing your Domain Authority. You really do not have to focus too much, but realize what your actions will be. Once you build those actions overtime, it will increase by enormously. Understanding what not to do is important. I focused what I could control and that is through Social Media Posts. I had the control of Facebook and Twitter audiences and shared my sites links towards those space. Once I had legitimate traffic from Social Media, I moved on to focus on creating ads for search engines.


After I built traffic with Social Media, I had captured those traffic into an Email List. Once I collected the List, I had the opportunity to provide them links to my site and create legitimate traffic from that. At this stage, I was not promoting too much traffic from search engine ads but from Social Media and my Email List. This has drastically increased my legitimacy of my site and create a huge returning and new rates for my site. 


I added Google Analytics to my sites. And now, instead of looking for different trends and niche to go into. My source came from my own audience. I owned and collected behaviors, new vs returning, recency vs frequency, language, location, etc. These are sources you can use to create several ideas and opportunities. Lacking on returning audience? Send them an email, re-engage with them. Facebook Page slowing down? You have the answers there and you can take actions. Actions like promoting a new product for your current audience and split testing towards new audience. How captivated are your current audience? 


Okay, this seems somewhat difficult, or hard to learn. But then again, using my methods will increase learning. Learning incrementally has gotten me a long way. Learning here and there helped me understand what to do in different situation. The problem are your frustration and your emotion. How many times will you sigh and frustrate yourself? 


I focused my energy on gathering the list of subscribers who joined the sites and provided them meaningful content that has generated countless of profits for me. Email Marketing is my number one source, but not my only one. Email Marketing is the means to promote to your own personal list and expect results. Once I collected data from my audience, I introduced them to other sites as well as products relevant for them. Google and other ad programs also understood the audience’s behavior and provided the same thing. This is what we call a double whammy. I personally sought out what they were already doing and Google and other ad program added another blow.


The days of hoping that you will succeed is over. If you can take one thing from this book is, how important it is in collecting Data. It is not Data itself, but what you can do with Data is what will get you to take actions. Actions that you can pinpoint and target your audience. See trends, and what is going on and understand what to do with them. 


I am not a fan of problem solving TV Series, simply because I rather do them myself. For others understanding and being intrigued about solving crimes or puzzles are pure entertainment. I rather be the one solving the problem and seeing the problem and put myself to figure it out. Take initiatives, take hold of what comes at you and stand up.


I have provided enough information on how to get started. But I wanted to end my next chapter, which is the last chapter with key points to get you started.


Chapter 9


The Ingredients


This is the end of my book, and I am grateful that you have stuck with me as I have repeatedly told you what YOU can do, to be successful. You can, and here are the points you need to be one.


  • Homework, Homework, Homework
  • Time spent on understanding trends, keywords, niche, hobbies
  • Collect Data
  • You will start to differentiate the difference between good and bad data eventually. 
  • How many people are talking about it
  • Use the tools, sites I mentioned in this book to analyze it
  • Ask tons of why questions till you can’t think of any.
  • How many audience does it have?
  • Who are key figures in this particular Industry?
  • What are they doing and what are they saying?
  • Do they have a website? Facebook? Twitter? etc? and How many followings do they have?
  • Are they writing their own material or what words are they using that you think is bringing them success?
  • Calculate Leisure Time
  • Time spent on something else before you become an Expert is going to stop you from being an Expert
  • Expert go to their point in life because of dedication
  • Control the controllable
  • What can you manage and what else can you manage?
  • Time is money, Stop wasting time and write everything down
  • Writing everything down will give you data as to how you approached it, how long it took, and you accomplished and what the results were.
  • Remove emotions
  • You are successful, if you stop feeling failure and hopes
  • Data should always be in your mind and not your hopes to becoming rich
  • Data will keep you in track to your goals. Hopes will get you nowhere.
  • Understanding these will make you an expert. You do not have to blindly follow any other experts.
  • Did you cover What, When, Where, Why, and How?
  • Experts will tell you key steps, they do not know how to teach you to become experts because they are already one.
  • Experts cannot teach you to be experts, but only to follow their systems
  • Experts systems can work and you can identify the right time for it.
  • Systems are there for you to use, once you understand and know what to do with them.
  • Buying any system not knowing anything about it, will lead to frustration. So stop and learn.
  • Learn to write everything down and you will see the bigger picture.
  • Experts already know the big picture and they cannot fill in the blanks.
  • You being an Expert can fill in the blank.
  • Knowing yourself is key to getting started
  • If you know where you are in a particular industry, you can start moving forward from there.
  • If you can place bread crumbs along the way, you will see where you were, were you have been, and where you are going.
  • Teach yourself to question everything and always ask WHY
  • If you cannot find any answers to your Why, then start digging.
  • Once you understand how everything works, you can work one hour a day or 15 minutes a day and take the rest of the day off.
  • You can only live free once you control what you can.
  • Any obstacles you have or that you created, you need to ask WHY.


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