Email Hacks for Maximum Sales

Chapter 5: 37 Email Hacks, Tips & Tricks that you need to know for your email marketing


Thank you for reading this book. 

Here is a little story about me. I am an entrepreneur…


Well, that’s not the whole story. I started a business online in 2012. Integrated Email Marketing by borrowing methods that others had used. Sounds reasonable to communicate with your customers through email. Did not know what Email Marketing was and did not see the point. The only reason I used it was to get my subscribers attention when I had to send them something important. Haven’t used it for sales, did not understand Landing Pages and eventually my core group of subscribers left and I did not generate any more sales or leads. My business was closed down and did not think twice about reopening it.


There are countless of individual who wants to start their own online business. Even those who have small business wants to start reaching out through their online presence. I can tell you that Email Marketing is the ONLY means to get you more sales and keep the retention rates to a minimum. 


Who am I? I am Tech Lead, for an Email Marketing Software called Sendlane. I am also contributor for their blog. Besides working for a company, I run multiple business online and investments. I’ve made mistakes and found ways to fix them. Most of them are automated and some needs a little attention. Over the years I have learned, adapted, hacked my way to more sales, more importantly, keep my customers happy. Without Email Marketing, I had no other way of communicating effectively and efficiently. Yea, Social Media is another way, but the depth of content and relationship building that goes with Email Marketing, cannot be compared to Social Media. 


With that said, I want to provide you few hacks I’ve used, on how to provide optimal Email Marketing for your business. Consider these to be the absolute essential. 


  1. Megaphone Part 1: Your Name 

You might not notice it at first. But the name you enter in your email marketing software does play a heavy role on how it will attract your List. In fact, your name takes more than 20% of Real estate your List will see when they go through their emails.




John Doe




Yes, I put known names. Most of them became popular by word of mouth, but how they generate sales now and keep retention rate to a minimum is through email. Name does matter, and what you put in will be visible to your List. They will recognize and see if they want to open them. Before you start your Email Marketing business, make sure you know what name, whether a brand name or your own will be in that field. Put a note on your thank you page to look out for your email. More specifically the name of the email such as: 


“Thank you for subscribing. Keep an eye for my email saying Your Company Free Book offer”. 


If you do not have your own Domain Name. Now is the time to get one. I talk about GreenGeeks and how they are the best on my site here


Your name or brand is real estate, the more you show your name, people will start getting curious. Make sure you have your website or landing page on the bottom of your page. Or if you have a header template, have it linked to the top of the header. This will also help your List recognize who you are, in case they forgot that they have opted in to your List.


  1. The more you bring awareness and presence from the very beginning. The better it will help you stand out.


#Sendlane  or 

Sendlane or 

<Sendlane> or 

[Sendlane] or 

Sendlane 🙂 


Try adding symbols to isolate and separate yourself from others. These days emojis can be added. Subscribe to other Email Marketers and compare your Email Presence with theirs. Rate your presence versus theirs. You are competing against others, make it a practice If your subject line does not bring your Lists attention, your brand or your name will. You have 3-5 seconds to get their attention. Since this is automated you would want to spend time testing the best way to present yourself. Once you have come up with the ideal presence you can focus on your subject line. People who are on your list are also on other people’s list. Most likely, there are going to be competition and this particular hack will stand out. 


Also, check your spam folder and see what they are doing and definitely not blend it when them. Best advice I can give you, is to opt in to several competitors and try to differentiate yourself. 


  1. Megaphone Part 2: Your Subject 

In your Inbox, you will see the Sender’s Name and the following subject line. Understanding that your subject line will be shown when they open their inbox. Once you have Your name or brand stand out, you have another chance to get their attention with a subject line that might interest your List to open your email. Your Subject line should be a Take Action subject line:


“A Must Read for Every Marketer”

“5 Tips to Get You More Traffic”

“Take this Quiz to See What Kind of Person You Are”

Welcome to List Automagic


The subject lines that makes your list take any action will have a higher chance of open rate compared to informative subject lines. 


One word subject provided amazing results:






These one words makes your customers think: What question? Question for who? Why question? The general rule is to have words that questions your List to wanting to open it. Leave it open ended so that they will want to read what is inside. You do not want to use this frequently.


  1. Numbers means something

If you are going to write “X ways for you to start making real money”. The number that brings the most conversions are odd numbers. 


Make sure you do not go over 9. 3,5,7 are numbers that are highly effective, because it dictates that you are providing glimpse of information and makes your List wanting to read it. It makes it more authentic and manageable. 


  1. Megaphone Part 3: Your Sub Header

If your subject line is a Take Action line, your sub header should provide an opportunity to question them and make them curious. If you want them to take any action, you want to provide some curiosity for them, if they are thinking twice about opening your email. If your subject line goes “A Must Read For Every Marketer” this should be your subheader: “Do Not Make These Mistakes….” If you are providing a product, you would want to intrigue them by adding a benefit to your product: Subject: “Can You Really Make Money Online?” SubHeader: In case you did not have this information, you would want to..


Subject Lines and Sub Headers are not to be used as Information Lines. But something that will benefit your List and what YOU can provide them. Once they open up your email, you can explain the information, specs, story and so on. 


  1. Thank You Page

This is the first page your subscribers will see. Adding your own picture or a video will increase your subscribers to stay engaged, as well as, be committed to opening your email. Because they already opted in to your List, you have their commitment. The video can be short or long. Provide them the opportunity to share your landing page with others here. By creating a call to action button for them to post or tweet your landing page, you create your List to become sharers. There is at least 10% of your List that would be willing to share. If you good content emails, you would also want to have them share that email with others.


  1. Straight to Sales

Most email marketing provides a thank you page and a welcome email. After that, they start their email sequence to convince people. In most cases, if you provide your traffic an eye catching headline, a case study, and etc. You can just skip that whole process and go straight to a sales page. This will work if you are not offering a free book or an offer on your landing page. 


Headline: This case study shows how you can start making money in little as one week. Sign up now for an exclusive video presentation. 


With such headlines, people will opt in and they are already curious and ready to buy mode. 


  1. Welcome Email

        You want to provide step by step instructions here so that you set expectations. If you are having issues with your emails going into spam, have them save your email as non-spam. You will get the best click rate with this email and you would want to provide your best offers here as well. If you want them to follow you on twitter, add that email sequence few hours or next day. Otherwise provide them 3 things to do:


Uncheck Spam

Tell them that they will receive series of emails

Follow your Social Media


Telling them what you are going to do and what to do is going to give you a better conversion rate. Do not expect them to figure things out. The more you do for them, the better their experience.


  1. Word Count

People have short lifespan. You want to provide them 100-300 words to that people do not stop and think about wanting to read your email later on. It should be just enough to get your message across. If it’s too long, they might see it, might want to read it later and forget about it. If you cross 300-500, you might want to ask them to save it for later and let them know how important it is.


  1. AutoResponder Sequence:

Once a subscriber opts in, you would want to have the highest email open rates and click rates as possible. You would want to broadcast your email every single day for 30 or 60 days. People have opted in your list to receive something. This first action, they are wanting something from you. The more you send them emails, the more activity you will get from them. You should be sending them emails daily anyways. Using the 4 Hacks mentioned above, your presence will stand out. 


  1. Use your first attempt as a test phase

Once you built the system, you want to find the best email open rate and click rates and eliminate any emails that did not get your Lists attention. Whether your percentages are from 10 or 100 list, refine your autoresponder by removing any emails that did not get any or few open/click rates and stick with what has been working. This way, you have created and refined your TESTED email sequence!


  1. A/B Split Test Emails

100 or 1000 each. You want to split test your emails based on words, call to actions, headlines etc. Make sure they are minimum changes that you can easily identify. You want to focus evergreen emails that will last throughout time. 


  1. How Many of the same Emails Promotion can you take?

If you are offer to eat Pizza every single day for the rest of your life, how would you feel? Well, for some, this is the most amazing thing you come across. But eventually, you will get sick and tired of the same thing and possibly, lose interest or get sick of it. Change your promotion or emails up. People will want something different one day and the other a reminder. 


  1. No one likes an aggressive car salesperson.

No one wants something shoved down their throat. Understanding that, you do not want to offer a product to your List every single day for the rest of their lives. You have something to gain, but does your audience? In some cases, free offer, tips, tricks, informative emails, thank you, happy birthdays and other non sales approach can mean something to your audience. You are building a relationship, and not be the salesperson who want to avoid.


  1. Mobile Friendly in Mind

These days most of your List will open their emails straight from your phone. Make sure to keep in mind your layout and visibility for those who wants to read your email on their smartphone. 4.5”-6” are the sizes people are reading your emails. It’s one thing with an eye catching subject line. If your layout does not work via mobile friendly, tablet and browser, you will lose your List interest.


  1. Where to Put Links

Links are call to action, and every email you send, you would want them to take some action. Having your Link visible once they open your email is going to provide a better click rate than having your link located at the bottom of your email. If your List has to scroll down to see a link, it might be too late for them. In most cases, people will opt out of reading your whole email and see what the link is all about. Having it displayed right in front, without scrolling down will provide a better chance in open rate. You would also want to provide at least 3 to 4 links. Within the first few sentences, in the middle and at the end. If you provide your List one chance to click on your link, you have once chance for them to actually click on it. Provide them 3 or 4 opportunities, and they have the options to click on one of them. You can also use P.S option for the 4th link.


  1. Is one FREE Offer Enough?

You provided one offer for them to opt in your List. If people are willing to provide you their email for a free offer from the very beginning, what are the odds of having them open another email of yours that has another free offer? Free report, video training, ebook, or other Free offer will most often have your List open your emails and obtain this offer. People like free offer, but more importantly, providing your list free content creates loyalty and makes them genuinely appreciated. Make them stay with you for the long run.

When providing free offer, make sure value that offer. If its a free ebook, let your subscribers know that the value of this free ebook is $9.99. If you are offering a free email course, $49. Whatever the free offer is, adding price value along with the benefits will entice your subscribers even more. You want to provide them the benefits and not just throw freebies at them.


  1. How to Turn Your List into a Customer

It takes few emails to turn your List into a customer. You would want to focus on building Trust, Credibility, and Rapport during your first few emails you have set in sequence. Why would they want to read or buy anything from you? This is the number one reason why people are not successful. 


Let them know who you are, 

what you do, 

why you do it, 

and what you have to offer. 


It takes about 7 emails from you to turn your List into a customer. 

You need to build Trust, Credibility and Rapport for any success. If you cannot find ways to prove to your list that you have those three, you will have your list asking why they should trust and buy from you.


  1. Save Money with Spring Cleaning

Your List is your Money. Most Email Marketing Software charges you based on how many contacts you have. You would want to identify list of people who are not active in your list and send them few emails before you clean them out. Save you time and make sure you have quality within your list. Understand that some people on your list will never open your emails. Provide them opportunity to opt out of your list based on their activity. You would want to segment your list based on their activity and clean them once you done all the things necessary. Provide 3-6 months of time for them to react. 


  1. How Often Should You Change Your Offer?

Being too repetitive can lead to your List not wanting to open your emails. Changing too much can also provide the same scenario. You would want to change your offer minimum once a week. Or based on cycle of your niche. You can also provide a link to a different landing page for a specific niche and email sequence so that you can provide 30-60 day email sequence for a particular offer. 


Once they are done, you still have them in your primary list and provide support for your offers. You can promote limited time offers or provide opportunity to get into an offer so they receive your primary emails and the promoted emails. Both offering your primary email a different offer or having them opt to a different offer works. You can use the strategy of finding the best open/click rates for the new offer and eliminate any emails that don’t and recycle that niche/offer again.


  1. Best Time to Send your Emails

Majority of Emails are being sent around 6 AM EST and 12pm EST. Most people wake up and look at their smartphone or during lunch hours. Providing an email for them to look forward to can help. You might want to send them another reminder that same day if the offer is time sensitive. While majority of emails are sent early in the morning, it is important to create that separation as well as communicate on a personal level to bring attraction to your emails. 


Statistically, Tuesdays and Thursday have the best open/click rates compared to other days. You would want to send them emails daily and test your own List and see how well it performs. 


If it is not time sensitive, most Email Marketing Software has a feature where it will send your subscribers emails based on their previous times they open them. If they usually open their emails at 10am, your emails will be sent to that specific subscribers at or around 10am. 


  1. Best Time to Send your List Emails Part 2

Emails should be sent daily for optimal opportunities for your List to open them. You will have your own report and see how your list reacts to your list. Make sure to write down what email in particular you sent, and what day you have sent it. You can recycle your email and send it on a different day to see if it performs the same. You would want to send the same email when you switch your offers, giving you some time for them to not recognize it is the same email you sent them. 


  1. How to Write Your Emails

Your email is not a speech, it is sent to every single person on your List, but your emails should be directed to one specific person. You want that single person to take action and not ask people which one of them will be interested in a product. Provide them that connection between you and them, so they feel connected with you. How you talk to one person and talk to a group of people are totally different. Understanding that writing an email is taking someone away from the crowd and having a conversation brings connection.


Write as if you are talking to a friend. Make it a two way communication rather than sending a broadcast. Use the word, “I, My, Me, You” singular versus plural. 


“I came across this video and thought it would be great for you to watch it as well. Let me know if you like it or not”


Provide them the reason, the why, the benefit, and their response.


  1. Text Size

Anything under 12 is unreadable. You want to have a range of 14-16 so that it is readable. It is also easier and feels shorter. You do not want to make your text size feel like a newspaper or jam packed with content. Each line needs to stand out, each word’s needs to make them want to scroll down for more. 


  1. Always Split Test Your Landing Page

Doing the same pitch to every single person can provide you a 50/50 odd. Having enough ammunition to will give you better opportunity. The phrase, don’t fix what works is one thing, trying and attempting more of those opportunity will bring more outcome and you will have more results to see what works. Email Marketing is about growing and learning ways to get your audience’s attention. Split Test your Landing Pages by switching words, color, images and see how it will perform compared to the other. You now have two or more results to match with the other to see if what works can be better. 


  1. Promoting Products 

If you know what your List wants, that is a different story. Since you do not know what they want, you would want to promote different offers and different price points. Some will only buy low ticket offers, and some wants mid and other only high ticket offers. Whatever the reasons, that you cannot know, if you only offer low ticket offer thinking that everyone would want to buy it and not experiment with other mid or high end offers you will miss out on understanding your List and lose 2 out of 3 opportunities. Make sure to cover all basis of your offer to maximize your List. 


  1. How to Jump Start your Subscriber Activity

It is fact that your subscribers will not be interested. This does not mean you should start cleaning out your list. There are ways to revive your subscriber activities based on what you write to them. Are you still interested in learning how to do that? Just like how I wrote that question, ask your List if they are still interested, or if they still want to continue receiving your email. If they do not want to receive your email, provide a free offer or opportunity for them to take action. Do you still want to discover how I made $5,000 this month? Let me show you how. This is a continuation of your first few email hacks. Your subject lines must be call to action. Reviving method is the same. Since they are now in your list, you can ask them in a different way. 


  1. Keep Your Sales Record

Earnings per click is the best way to find out what works. If you receive 300 clicks and you sold $1,000, you just made $3.33 E.P.C. Based on your emails and the sales you’ve generated, you can add that particular email on your autoresponder and replicate your result.


  1. When to send Campaigns

Autoresponder is automated email sequence you want your list to receive once they opt in to your List. You would want to focus your time in filtering out your best emails and conversion and maximize on your automation. Campaigns are sent depending if a promotion is a new offer and you want your list to receive them. Based on the email and the earnings you’ve generated you can use the same email and add it to your autoresponder. As you continue sending campaigns to your current list, you will slowly but surely add more email sequence and extend your emails for your list to automatically generate and replicate your results.


  1. Learn about them First

The best way is to understand your Demographics and target your landing pages based on that. If you have done your research, you will understand what that demographic would want, need and what they struggle with. Understand them first and make it known that you are trying to reach out. 


  1. Automated Series

Once you developed evergreen email content series. It would be wise to move your autoresponders to an automated series. This will provide stability and create different trigger points. If/else they did not open x amount of emails, you would want to follow up with them. You do not want to start this in the very beginning, unless you know what emails has worked. Email Marketing is a long committed business. Using Campaigns and Autoresponders will filter out and provide you real results that you can then automate later on. 


  1. Be the Customer Support

Your Email List is your customers, even though they purchased an affiliate product. Your List is your List, you want to provide those who buy from you the opportunity to be buyers til the end of days. You want to congratulate them, ask if they have any questions, and be the customer support for them. Once they realize that you are an asset and not someone who wants to sell them anything and everything, they will respect you, and buy from you and follow you. 


  1. Your List is your best customers.

You can leverage your presence with your current list. The more support and helpful tips you provide them, the more they will be willing to share about who you are with others. Just like how affiliate program works. You would want others to promote you or your brand and bring recognition. Provide fan page with facebook, twitter and other social media platform. Ask them if they are willing to be testimonials that you can post on your site or landing pages. 


  1. Poll and Surveys

Interacting with your customer is probably the best tip out there. If your list is willing to give you feedback, you will have active subscribers and subscribers who’s willing to tell you their problem. Once you listen to them, you can provide them a solution. Responsive emails are hard to come by. The faster your response from their feedback, the more surprise and happy your List will be. This really involves dedication and willingness to help your list.


  1. Leverage the sales page

If you are not a salesperson, you shouldn’t be. You want to focus all your offer emails to have your List click on those links so that what you are promoting can do the sales for you. Be the broker and offer your opinion or the benefits and let the sales page do all the talking. Be the customer support but not the sales rep. Sell the click and not write a whole essay on why your list should buy this particular product. Your primary focus is to have them click on the links and writing call to action emails.


  1. Video or Infographic

Videos, images, infographic helps people feel at ease. You will see a better conversion by providing these different content and are more likely to receive them. Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterests are examples of how people are willing to watch something, rather than reading something. 


  1. The more you do, the better

You are the provider and your List is the consumer. They feel that they should not need to do anything but get everything. If you’re landing page is not demanding and provide a dumb prove way for people to opt in, you will lose them. If you do not provide them call to actions, they will not respond. If you do not help them, they will not ask for it. If you tell them to do something and do not provide step by step instructions they will not do them. If you tell them to buy something and not convince them and provide actionable steps, they will not. Do not let them try to figure things out, and make sure you have provided all the steps necessary.


That is all folks. I hope that I have provided enough information to help you structure your email marketing business. These are actionable hacks, tips, tricks that you need to start using to be successful. If you want to check out more of my books, please go to my website:

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