Beginners Guide to Email Marketing

Chapter 1: Why Email Marketing


Before I explain Why Email Marketing. I want to explain 

What Email Marketing is:

There are tons of ways to make money online. You either seen or ventured off in doing one or several. What Email Marketing does differently? It’s the ONLY way to make money online ON DEMAND.

You’ve all heard or understand what ON DEMAND means. With a few click of a button, you can ask or demand a response for products, services, and reach potential audience to take actions. 

Doing Business Online is one of the most profitable ways to earn money. Email Marketing as you can see is the only method where your audience are willing to Opt in to your list and open up your emails when you feel like sending it. Creating the most lucrative opportunities out there.

Your Email List consists of email addresses of users who voluntarily signed up for your website or landing page to receive email updates of your newsletter, offer, services.

Whatever product you want to present to your List is where you will make your money. Your List are willing to open their emails. Tell me where or how you can create such demand like Email Marketing. You can’t! 

Look at these statistics and reports:

73% of Marketers agree that Email Marketing is core to their business.

60% of Marketers claim that email is a critical enabler of products and services. Versus 42% of the marketers in 2014

20% of Marketers say their business’ primary revenue source is directly linked to email operations.

43% of businesses have email teams of 2-3 people.

73% of marketers believe email produces or will produce ROI in the future.

For 69.7% of US internet users, email is the preferred method of communication with businesses. (eMarketer)

Email Accounts are being created daily. 3.2 Billion Global Email Accounts and expected 4.3 Billion by 2016.

These are some amazing numbers.

I believe I explained why Email Marketing is the way to go. There is no doubt that this is the industry that people are striving to get in and willing learn more about.

Of course, with any business you venture off to, there are going to be people who seemed interested, then will either forget, lose interest, and other reasons. With Email Marketing, we can look into Open Rates, Click Rates, and Unsubscribes. All these, tell us a story about our List and we can learn from this and make any changes if necessary.

Once you have Subscribers, you will receive a Open Rate Percentage. It will calculate the number of subscribers and how many of those subscribers has opened your email. Once the open rate is calculated, it will take a percentage of those who opened their emails and clicked on the links that you provided for them to take actions. You can also see if any of those subscribers reported your email as spam. Learning these data will help you make good judgement call and see what you do, can make an impact.

Just imagine having 100 subscribers and you are selling a Product that is worth $50. Your commission is 50% and you just received $25 in your pocket. That is 1 out of 100 ratio and 1% percent in return. Imagine 2 or 5 or 10 and so on. 

Possibilities are endless, just imagine building your List to 10,000 and having only 1,000 people purchasing a $50 product. That is $25,000!

Before We Continue:

Is this for you? There are over 3 Billion users. Regardless of that number, you are bound to collect at least 100 if not 10,000 Lists. 

You might feel a bit overwhelmed on taking this system and making it your own. Since we understand your situation, this book is here to guide you every step of the way. 

“I don’t have any experience”

If you have experience or not, there is nothing worse than not knowing if you can. Instead of time wasted thinking about what you can’t do, do. Creating experience is going to be worth your while. Whether you succeed or fail, you have accomplished something here. Success is what you do now, and taking the steps necessary to contribute towards it.

You can read my other book, “How to be an Expert Email Marketer”, as well as, all my other books to start learning bits and pieces of what you can do to become successful.

Chapter 2: Niche Market


Here is your next question or concern.

Where do I start? What product or products do I promote?

Instead of asking those questions. Read this very carefully:

“Successful Marketers Help Solves Problems”

Products are just products, and products can sell themselves. If people want it, they will buy it. What your focus is to help people understand that there is a problem and you are willing to help them solve it.

Whatever niche you want to get into, ask this question, “How can I solve People’s Problem?”

Amazon is the best example. They have thousands and thousands of products, for people to buy. But that is not why they became successful. They wanted to help with people’s problem. It’s not very intriguing that a site has all the products. A place where people can search anything and everything they can think of. You can literally buy anything from Amazon, just go to and search something. I am pretty sure that there will be a product.

It means something to a mother who is very busy with work and have to provide for her kids. She does not have the time to shop for grocery, but she can order and have it sent to her home. That one hour of spending time with her kids after work can mean something and Amazon provided that opportunity for that mother. Or for those who wait in line for the holidays, feeling frustrated because the product they want to purchase is already sold out, Amazon offered convenience with a single click of a button. No waiting, no frustration, and that person can be relieved for the holidays. Whatever it may be, revealing these problems and providing a solution is the most powerful tactic. Amazon is selling conveniences, time, value is the key to success.

Another Golden Rule is to understand the difference between Features and Benefits. 

Features are list of “Things” that collectively tell you what the product is or does. Benefits elaborates Features and tells you a story of why it can be useful. One of the reasons you signed up was because it was free with Kindle Unlimited. You wanted to see benefits from it. You understood the benefits of a system that can help you succeed in Email Marketing or Online Business. Tell your audience a story of why they should get in on your list and you will see results.

A niche is a niche, product is a product. Without Passion there is no level of interest. Passion is a feeling that you can share with others. People can relate to it and understand it. You can pick any niche you want, but be passionate about it. Or, if you are passionate about a niche, make it known. Exploit your passion and let your audience know.

Most Marketers are die hard fans of particular niche. For us, we love to experiment on any niche we can get our hands on. That is not us promoting you to spread yourself thin. But that, the focus is not on the product. You can go a niche where the trend is phenomenal or get into a Pre Launch Product hype. Whatever it may be, it can work. 

Hobbies are great niches to get into. People like to golf, or travel. Audiences are running towards their favorite hobbies and knowing that you can capitalize on those are even better way. They want it and you want to provide their wants and not their needs.

You can also sign up for ClickBank, JVZoo, and other affiliate programs where you can look for a particular niche or hobby and select the product you want to promote.


You can browse through those affiliate programs and see what might interest you. Most importantly, what these products can do for your audience.


Chapter 3: Creating a Website or Landing Page


For your imaginary List to get into your actual List. You will need to create a Website or a Landing Page

Before we get into that. You might be either sighing because you might feel little overwhelmed about creating your own Website or Landing Page. Fear Not! Creating these has never been easier. Simple drag and drops is all it takes to get things ready.

Let me stop you here for a minute.

You have the option to deciding on buying your own domain.

You might as Why? And Why spend more money?

You don’t type or to go to or other “Brand” name companies. Yes it looks confusing and there is no brand awareness of some sort. Having a Domain will help you eliminate any confusion as well as presence. You can start building a brand with your name, create a logo, and all those goodies. People will recognize you and not some numbers. You want to relate to people and domain names provides a better relationship.

Think of this in a logic perspective. You are slowly building your email list, and your subscribers are also subscribing to other list as well. When you send your email out, you have a Brand Name attached to it, with quality email and a link to your landing page or website with your brand name on the .com . org .net, etc. The more you show your brand to your list the better they will recognize your emails and understand who and what it is. You have removed the possibility of being added to the spam list compared to other list that they are receiving.

Eliminate and obstacles by buying a Domain. End the possibility of no recognition to, some awareness. NameCheap provides the cheapest way to purchase a domain. 

GreenGeeks is my favorite one

I would highly recommend purchasing a domain unless you want your url to show like this:

You want this:

If that is not a good reason. Here is another one: If you can come up with a nice name and buy that domain. You have leverage of having a name brand that people can follow. Another reason is, when you send an email with your brand attached, you will more likely have your List be receptive than ignore your messages. Little things do matter. Little things add up to be bigger things.

Now, Website or Landing Pages?

I have used a software called Sendlane that provides you free hosting for your landing pages. No need for hosting and all we did was forward our domain to this page. You can contact Namecheap or GreenGeeks to learn how to put your domain into Sendlane’s Landing Pages.

Website is more time consuming and more work. You will need to build it from scratch, add a plugin so people can add their email address to it and integrate it with an emailing software. Though websites are great way to provide your new List content and resources. Landing pages provides one thing, their emails.

As you can see in the examples provided. You see the main title “Free Download” and Image of a book offering for free and an input field where they can enter their email address. Offering revealing secrets or free service.

Sendlane offers all in one package. A Landing Page for you to display an offer just like the picture above. Build a nice one page website, webinar, free book offer, etc. Collects the email addresses for you and helps you send them emails Automagically!

If you want to create a Website, by all means do so. I am not discouraging anyone who wants to venture out! I am simply providing a simpler step to help you with this course. If you know HTML and CSS, even better. If you want to create a blog site to gain traffic, you can use WordPress and other blogging software.

If you want to capture your subscribers outside of Sendlane, you can Integrate Sendlane with your site. You can build a subscription form, so when people visit your site, they have the ability to add their emails there.

It’s one thing to venture off, but there is a thin line between experimentation and losing focus. What a Landing Page does is, help your audience focus on one thing and one thing only: To add their email address. Whether it is a free book, or a course, or information, or and or. You are bringing them to a page and have them agree to say, “Here is my email address, let me in!”

If you add on more stuff to your page, their eyes will wander off. This might be a bad example but picture a person right in front of you, slapping your face, hey! at the same time a beautiful woman or handsome man that is walking by. You lose your focus because someone is slapping your face.


You will see amazing results by creating Landing Pages and not Websites with bunch of stuff to decorate it. The attention Website brings is most likely, amazing site, where is the information? Landing Pages is just straight to the point, get in and get out type of feel. You can create blog and provide contents and provide your visitors incentives to opt in. You are providing them information and if they want more amazing content, they can opt in. Landing Page triggers your visitors, wanting something by opting in and they are ready for whatever you provide them. You can create sales triggers or free offer and they are going to be willing and attentive to what you are going to do next.

Your Offer

The most effective way to get people on your List is to provide a Free offer. Like the one example above, a Free book is offered, service, etc. If you want to write a small book with 10-20 pages about specific subject you can.

One of the best tool if you do not have Photoshop is. But if you are not a great designer who knows how to use Photoshop.

This software can help you create stunning ebook, dvds, cds, helping you design these awesome and professional feel to your offer. Go check out this product here.

Think of what offers you want to provide your new prospects!

There are ton of PLR “Private Label Rights” provides. We have a specific product and niche categories you can purchase and share it with your new List. Otherwise, you can start being creative and provide them more than free offer. Try, videos, case studies, infographics.


By now, you should be finished in creating your first Landing Page to start collecting emails.

In the next chapter we will focus on the Magic Part!

Chapter 4: AutoResponder and Automated Series


The is where Magic Meets Marketer or Marketer meets Magic.

I love using powerful software, spend time learning the system and create automated system. Sendlane offers two powerful tools.


What this feature does is, help you set up series of emails, emails that you want every audience to receive and do it automatically. You want to focus on evergreen emails. Emails that will last for a very long time, not time specific, but the generals. Emails like Welcome, thank you, did you read the free book? etc. You write the emails, you set the time when they receive it, and they will automatically receive them. 

If you want to congratulate them in signing up right after they enter their emails, YOU CAN!

Want to provide them a free book the first day they sign up? Or Send them a reminder to follow you on facebook and/or twitter? YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN! 

You just create those autoresponder and forget it!

Automated Series:

This is another powerful tool that helps you identify and provide quality within your List. Is some of your List not being active enough? Set up a trigger and send them “What’s up?!” Want to receive notification every time someone subscribes to your List? Automation is being used more frequently and to be successful, you would want to use it as well. Here is my blog on why it is important: Automation for Your Business.   There are several other ways you can identify and provide proven relationship system that will gain their attention. They will love a email saying, “Hello, Californians!” This would require more planning and developing your strategy. Review and learn what this feature can do for you on Sendlanes Support Page

Let’s not forget Campaigns. This feature will help you send out urgent or up to date information you want to provide them. A product launch and you want to send them an email to all your List? Yes you can!

You can read my book “37 Email Hacks, Tips & Tricks: That You Need to know for Email Marketing” and if you want to learn how to write Emails like a Pro. Check those books out on my website

Segment Your List

Segmenting your list to target a specific audience is like, you going to a group of people and understanding where they are coming from. It is easier for you to blend in and get to know each other, build rapport, trust, credibility and so forth. Empathize, have something in common or have them realize what they are missing. Are they in U.S or other parts of the world? Say Hello to a specific group of people in a location. Are they reading their emails from their Mobile device and you want to say hi? Yes you can.

As you can see…

You have several ammunition at your disposal to be creative and pro-active with automagic!

Chapter 5: Optimize Your Time and Money


There is nothing more important than your Time and Money. 


Making Money!

However, Sendlane has a great feature you can use called Optimized Timing. Be smart about our money.

In the previous chapter, you learned how to use Sendlane’s software to automate your system, you can go to their Support Page for instructions. They have pretty good customer support. I used to be one of them. If they do not have an answer for you, ask them and their response time is faster than any other support out there.

Before you take that step, what I want you to focus on is your content and your goals. 

Planning things before you start is going to help you save time and money. The more you plan, the more you can automate your business. If you have the end goal, you can create more content and know that there is a finish line for one product and you can move or add simultaneously the other. If you are not thinking ahead and sell one product while a new product is gaining steam. How are you going to approach it so that your List is going to act and act the way you want them?

Managing your content and automating your business is going to help eliminate obstacles and learn what to do and what not to do.

If you planned on creating 5-10 emails for one product, and know exactly what to say and have them do, you can create specific ads and/or look at what specific group of people might want to click on your Landing Page. Thinking ahead, you can gain more focus and see the overall picture.

You can also think of it this way, you are looking at a specific niche or hobby and looked at what your audience might look like. Age, gender, behaviors, what they like, what keyword trends would be beneficial, then you can start creating your automagic system and roll with it.

What you do not want to do: 

Create a Landing Page, get people interested and signing up to your List and then, you start sending emails to see if they bite.

What would you do if you had those two options?

Learn how to think about how valuable your time and money is. You will give yourself a pad in the back!

Chapter 6: The List AutoMagic



How do I get traffic to my Landing Page?

You did not think that we would leave you empty handed. Traffic is what is going to get you going. There are tons of resources available.

Sure, you can start gaining traffic from your Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, and etc. We have used Social Media to be a great success if you do it the correct way.

You can start learning how to create ads from Google, Facebook and other sources and start buying clicks. You can also purchase several solo ads from professional in certain niches. 

My best sources of traffic is solo ads. There are several reasons as to why you want to use solo ads versus social media and advertise.

Social Media takes too much time. You want to build your credibility so that people would want to click on your links. That can take days, weeks, months and years. You are not in control as to how many people see and click on it. You will need to attract them with every possible solutions.

AdWords and other paid advertisements are great. However, you are not guaranteed that people are going to opt in. You will need to run several test. You would need to pay for your ads to be public and see what you create, brings traffic. I have spent countless hours and ad creation to find the what works. But that involves in paying to get your ads to the public and you might have to test several. You will need to give it some time and the amount of people that see your ads. 

Solo Ads are the best because they are from related interest. Whether you are in business opportunity niche, email marketing and so forth. You can contact those who are providing solo ads and send your traffic to your landing pages. They are already interested and more likely to opt in to your email list as well. 

My best source for solo ads is Udimi. While there are countless others. I’ve experienced that this one has a long lasting reputation and caters to the people who wants to buy solo ads and not those who are selling. Most solo ads are catered to those who are selling their list and will give them more benefits. Udimi is the other way around and the amount of leads generated by these amazing seller is practically unlimited. 

Traffic is more complex and we are in works to provide you a nice course just for you! Your focus is to learn how to be professional marketers who solves problems, know how to work the software, plan ahead and automate your success!

You will start gaining more leads. Start with a few to 100. Start getting the feel for what you can do and what you can provide for your List. You will start getting more and you can see the potential and success in Email Marketing. I have witnessed thousands of people and their approach to Email Marketing. I would highly recommend reading other books I’ve written. The reason why I wrote those book is because of the incredible amount of people failing this business, not seeing it as a business perspective. I have ran into immense amount issues where no other email marketers have witnessed. I have seen thousands of people’s work and their failures and success. provides for those who want to be in Email Marketing, all the things I’ve learned from thousands of people, as well as my own experience. I have learned and developed different techniques that works. 

The several books I’ve written for Email Marketing, are series that you want to pay attention to. Please check them out at