Creating Your Marketing Budget Out of Thin Air

When you are first starting out as an Email Marketer or Marketer in general, you need to start promoting and advertising.

I want to discuss on advertising. This is a no brainer. Advertising helps you reach thousands and millions of people by paying companies like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Bind, etc.

But you are probably thinking,

“I just spent money on a program to make me money!”

Yea, well, just how are you going to make money when you do not have anyone on your email list? Where is your customers? Just because you build a nice sales email letter to promote a product, does not mean, people will come out of thin air and subscribe.

You can put your time in promoting it yourself all over the internet or pay companies to help you reach your targeted audience.

In fact, you can start with $5 a day budget and go from there. $5 A DAY, 30 days in a month is $150 times 12 months in a year is $1,800. Whether that is lot of money or not, you need to start realizing the fact that you need to start advertising.

When I was starting out, I did not want to spend a dime on marketing my business. I wanted to find ways I can make this happen. I am an entrepreneur after all.

So, I started digging of possibilities, what ways can I make some money and use that to market my business?

I came to one conclusion and that is Pay to Click a.k.a (PTC)

Getting paid to click on links, surveys and offers is not big money. But it can be. Whether you make $1-$5 a day with it, that will definitely help you with your problem of spending money. In fact, as I started building my list, I promoted these PAY TO CLICK companies and I started generating income from people who signed up with me. I get paid when they click! Now this is not a getting rich strategy, but it is something we all do, we click on links! Just taking few minutes or an hour a day doing this can come a long way.

I want you to sign up for several of them so that you can generate multiple ways to make money with these companies. Do not get discouraged on just how much you make in the beginning, give it time and be steady. The other cool thing about this is that you can start promoting your Landing Pages with them. I know, we are all just clicking on the links to get paid. But do a good job and you might just get peoples interest. In fact, these people are wanting to make money online! So provide them an amazing sales copy and get them to opt in to your List!