Chapter 7: The Six Figure Blog

The Six Figure Blog


Blogs are sweeping the digital world. There are few bloggers making six figure income with just one blog. Secrets will probably remain that way. But take a look at Crackberry. They also have Android Central, iMore, Connectdly and Windows Central. They gain huge visitors traffic and with different niches. If one person purchases an android and later decides to upgrade to an iPhone, chances are they will visit iMore for their information. 


Creating multiple blog site is probably the safest way to make your six figures with blogging. It also provides backlinks and if one gets a high page ranking, so does the other. Just like any other entrepreneur, having multiple business is like having multiple streams of income. You might outsourcing some works to others and build yourself an empire. Yes, it does require money and if you want to play it safe and create one blog at a time, you can. 


If you are running multiple blog site, you must know how to maintain them. You can either delegate and hire people to help you run your business or do it all yourself. Just know what you are getting yourself into. 


Create a plan. New article posting should be regular and on schedule. Regular visitors will see when you post and expect another one to be at the same day or time. Incentivize them with regular posting. If you change things up, when should they come back? How would they know if they should come back or not? Create anticipation of new postings and use your List to announce new postings. 


The length of the articles can be 500-3000 words. You have social media for 100-300 words. You want to attract those who want information and insights. If you are providing less words, it would be better to just email them your articles. 


I have suggested you make changes to your site. Always evaluate your changes and the effects it will have on your traffic. Too many changes and it can affect your blog, make no changes and it can stop your traffic.


I have pretty much exhausted myself in writing this book and provided all the information necessary to getting you started blogging. I hope you enjoyed it and if you want to learn more on marketing, email marketing, productivity. Please go read my other books at

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