Chapter 1: The Pros on Blogging and How Cons are Pros

The Pros on Blogging and How Cons are Pros


People get into blogging for several reasons. Way back when blogging was considered personal journal, now became a guide to the internet. Without bloggers/writers, we would not have the wealth of knowledge we have today. Personal journals is synonymous to online marketing. Startups uses them to attract visitors, businesses are now seeking out writers to provide their prospect customers the tools they need, whatever that is. 


Whether you want to write for or startups or start your own blogging site for income or hobby. My goal is to provide you everything I know and more. I took the liberty to collect all the sources I had. Learn from experiences and contents from all over the world to write this book. 


I started blogging as a hobby. I was not thinking about writing for a company. But when the opportunity came to the door, I had equipped myself and well, it all worked out. If your goal is to generate income, your success is the time spent in knowing what to do and write as much as possible. 


Before you start to create your own blog. It is necessary to know what blog really is. I’m sure you can Google or Wiki the word “Blog”. For the benefit of the reader (You), the term blog is actually derived from the word Weblog or Web lob. It was utilized by users to track updates and references to other resources online. Served as journals, and as a publishing tool. Readers of these blogs can leave comments, share their thoughts on just about anything or any article that was written. 


Blogs are also known as CMS or Content Management Systems. It allow the writers to easily publish and manage content without dealing with codes. 


Times are little different now. But blogging is still the same. The main question is, why should you start blogging? Just like social media, it is means of communication and online presence. Generally, writers are not praised for their work but for the content. You will not be a famous writer, but your content should speak for itself. I started writing because the topic I wanted to learn was not created. Being an INTJ type personality of the Meyer Briggs Personality, I wanted to learn more about who I was. As I researched online, I was not satisfied of the content provided. So, I was started recording my thoughts and actions a typical INTJ would react to and observe every single detail of who I was and what it meant to be an INTJ. 


This topic did not generate any income for me, but it was a passion. Main reason why you should start blogging, is that it can be both an excellent outlet for your frustration, passion or excitement. Profit should also be included. When I first started writing about the thoughts of INTJ, I started to gain attention and followers. The key to successful blogging is to be passionate. But what if your passion dies out and you are time crunched to get your articles completed for it to be publish? The routines and the time consumptions that will make your life miserable. Your passion “I want to write” becomes “I need to write”. When you want to write, your energy is all into it, when you need to write, you have the option of not writing. 


Maybe you have not generated any income and you are getting tired of writing for no reason. At first, you were excited of potential clients that might be interested in your service. I encourage you to never give up. To devastate you even more. There are chances that your competition might provide better content. 


What a way to start this book! I am not going to dumb it down for you. There is competition and the only way to come out of this, is to continue your passion of writing. I have written hundreds of articles, wrote books, courses. I have done all this to be proud of myself. I laid my foundation, but is this the end? I hope not, and to answer that particular question, you should continue and move forward. 


In some cases, blogging can form customer relationship. People will love your articles. Just like TV pilot series, that we love and does not meet the audience demand. We do not want you to go away. My advice to you, is to write for yourself. You will see one, two people liking your articles. You will start building up a following. Remind yourself that what you write is your own, and people will like you for who you are! Customer relationship can eventually lead to lasting trust to you and your product/services. As I became Content Manager for Sendlane, I did not select anyone who has not provided any work. You can call yourself a writer, but if you do not prove yourself and I do not see your passion, you will not get hired. There were writers who were excellent, but when I contacted them, they did not respond at all. 


As Content Manager, it is hard to find good writers. We spend days, weeks, months looking for the next best thing. It might not come when you expected. The opportunity is there as a writer. Especially, when you provide high quality content. 


Blogs have been popular since the beginning of the World Wide Web. The rate is increasing and mind-blogging. Why is this happening? What is everyone wanting to create a blog? If everyone is busying writing his/her blog. Why and when will they get time to search for other blogs like yours and read them? Is it a fad? Will it pass away?


To many, writing and publishing it makes them feel good. Freedom of expression, knowledge you kept for a long time needs to be unleashed. We have a cry to say something about anything we love. I wrote this book, rather than blogging because I wanted to provide a complete book about my passion. Passion can die out. Not understand S.E.O or Search Engine Optimization or know how to send traffic to your site can be frustrating. It is also difficult to make sure that our blog will get one of the top rankings in a search. S.E.O is a big part of blogging, and we will go into that subject later in this book.


For the past few years, clickbait headlines that brings tons of clicks are not being worthless. Contents are dying because people are so focused on clicks rather than quality of the content. Businesses are realizing that content is what is going to save their business and not just amazing headlines. Readers are crying out for quality content and hate being the victim of clickbait schemes. Are you going to save the world with amazing content?


If writing is your passion, be proud that you can start publishing your own content. It sounds stupid, but take into consideration of how people long ago dealt with publishing their own works. We live in a digital age and while people are taking advantage and provide crappy content, be proud that you will be the few who will revive it.


Blogs are popping up everywhere. Your favorite website has one, everyone has one. It shows you how much people love reading. While bookstores are declining, online, articles, ebooks are in huge demand. You will probably not find one company not using blog to reach out to their prospects. Companies may have several blogs on its website, each one dedicating and catered to specific audience: customers, customer concerns, product updates, inbound and outbound contents. In addition to being helpful to their current customers, these blogs bring in more traffic with prospects looking for help. Depending on the traffic, the more traffic usually means more money. Outbound blogging is growing, this is where the money at. 


Just how exactly do blogs bring in more traffic? Businesses use Google AdWords to reach out to potential clients. If you want to get hired to write for a company and your content brings prospects and increase engagement and sales, you are golden. If you are writing for yourself, Google Adsense ads provide bloggers means of making money with their blogs. The more traffic you have the more choices of advertisement you can select for your blog. Reach hundreds of thousands of people and companies will beg you to have their product displayed on your page. 


While this is everyone’s hope and dreams. Let your main focus be, providing quality content and write what you are passionate about. 


So, what are you going to write about? You can start looking for popular topics, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Health, and etc. 


Writing is both science and art. You need certain formula to provide you guidance and art to be creative. Choosing the words that would best fit your article and your audience. Describing feelings, sentiments, wishes and desires.