Chapter 5: Learn How to Express Yourself

Learn How to Express Yourself


Whether you work wearing your PJ’s or not. You must understand the tone and feel of your blog. How are you going to write your articles, casual or professional? Who is your audience or what type of audience are you wanting to gain? Take into these consideration before you start your blog site. Expressing your thoughts in written words, is not as simple a task as it may seem to be. People read differently and how you write or guide them is how you are going to communicate with them. Use pictures when possible. Going back to color and the style of font or size of your font. Are you capitalizing all your headlines? Grammar is essential part of communication. If you are not grammar savvy, I recommend you keep practicing. 


Perfection may be necessary if you are looking to write for a company or audience of scholars and grammarians. If your goal is to attract and make money with Google Adsense, then grammar is not as important, but still important. 


Check your spelling, buy books on grammars and add vocabulary. But do not use words to impress your readership. Keep in mind, even professional writers who write for hours everyday are seldom completely satisfied. Even they make mistakes. That goes for editors as well. I have read countless of articles to help understand the essence of writing and even popular magazines, books, newspaper sites made their mistakes. It is forgivable, as long as you are trying to get better. People can actually see improvement and see the growth within your writing. 


Do not get frustrated, take a break and go back to it when you are ready to write or correct your mistakes.


One of the challenges of blogging is to come up with good articles that interest readers and keep them coming back. You might started out writing about your passion, but if you want to be successful, you need to please the readers. My advice on originality, is to be yourself. You can read bunch of articles that might interest you. You can either spin it or add more value to an existing article. If you are creative and can come up with original content, that will just hit the ball out of the park. 


Second challenge is the time to blog. You will need to manage your time effectively and efficiently. 


You can use some of the methods on “Be Action Oriented Business”, after all, this is going to be your business. 


As I have mentioned, you can spin off articles or if you are into traffic, you can copy articles from other sites. You must give the credit along with the link to the original author. You would want to contact the author or the blog site if you can post the article and give the credit along with the link they wish to redirect the visitors too. If you establish a relationship, you might have chance of having your own article posted on their site adding your credibility and page authority. If you are writing about one topic, you can start adding on different views or sub-categories and get more ideas to generate articles. 


If you still cannot think of any articles, just browse the web and blog surf your way till you can come up with ideas.