Bonus Chapter 8: How to Speed Write

How to Speed Write


  1. Identify your Voice, Tone and Own it


It’s hard to find or write about a certain topic if you do not know how to begin. It took me several months creating different blogs and pages and wrote about interesting topics, just so that I can give up on that particular niche. Once I discovered how I wrote, what words I used frequently, the tone I more likely use. The more I understood how to write better. Your voice and tone of your article will cover more than 20% of the word counts. By eliminating 20%, you have only 80% to complete your whole content.


This is the 80/20 principle


The quality of your content is based on you. People read because of who wrote it and how they react to the content. Unless you are anti-social, which can also be a benefit. You can discover this easily by talking to someone and asking them for feedback. Write content like you are sharing it with your friends. Personal or Formal, you understand this concept and eliminate the dryness. As you write based on your own voice, you will most likely attract readers who like you and it’s not just about content but you will be basically selling yourself.


Write as if you are writing or talking to your friend and remove pressure

Read it out Loud

Simplify your words unless you’re a vocab guru.

Do not focus on adding big words

What can you do better?


  1. Cheat Sheet Directory


There are over 4 Billion pages on the World Wide Web. That means there are tons of articles out there based on what you want to write about. Good or Bad, you can determine that by comparing it with your unique voice and what fits it.


The Bad:

It’s not so bad if you come across an article you thought might be interesting, yet disappointed in the end. Light bulb should be lit up and you should start thinking about what ways you can improve it, add your own unique perspective, voice and tone.


The Good:

If an article you come across is good. You can start collecting these sites that produces them or follow the actual writer. As time goes by, you will collect several cheat sheet directory and brainstorm your way to new ideas and gather intel.


You want to organize your Directory by amazing “Headlines”, “Content”, “Topics”, etc. This way you can browse through these sites quickly and effectively. What makes you want to read Buzzfeed? Their subject headlines are amazing and attracts millions of user, see what you can learn from those headlines and see if you can apply it to your own content.


Ideas are based on what we read, feel, comprehend, curiosity and so on. Your brain is the machine that can help you. By adding more to your cheat sheet and organizing it properly, you start to realize how quickly you can gather information and come up with new ideas.


Your goal is to absorb content and then filter what’s good for you. Organize your directory for easier access.


Start from the beginning.. Write for newbies, intermediate and then advance


  1. Predict the Future – Write down


Whether you are comfortable using a tablet as your note taking instrument, smartphones, laptop, desktop or even actual paper. You would start having amazing ideas.


Mad Scientist Guide to Warp Speed Writing Hack is one idea


Here are few:


5 Ways to Discover Your Own Voice,


10 Steps on Brainstorming for Ideas.


Prevent Writer’s Block With These Few Easy Steps


Got Some Ideas You Want to Share?


How to Data Mine Your Way to Generating Ideas


Follow These Exact Formula for Your Writing Success


All these ideas can be generated by writing, reading, exploring every minute of your daily lives. The more you write down your ideas, the more you can predict the future and how many content you can create. By the end of “Mad Scientist Guide to Warp Speed Writing Hack” I have generated 23 different content ideas that I am going to be writing about. So write down before you forget your next great idea!


You might go through Writer’s Block one day or several days in your life. Predict the future and write down your ideas when you are generating them so future content.


  1. Stick to What You Know and Learn New Thing as You Go


Everyone has a learning curve, so majority of people are stuck with what they know. In the digital age, it is easy to come across something new and learn it. But you do not want to start there. Your brain will generate ideas that you already love and enjoy to write. You basically have that automated. Not to say that you will come across new ideas with new subjects, topics. Write them down for future reference.


By writing about the things you already know, you can add passion, knowledge, insight, quality, motivation, and not get tired of writing. If you love health and fitness, you will quickly learn by adapting these hacks you will start generating countless content, put it into practice and produce case studies, webinars, products and much much more.


Writing can be time consuming, if you enjoy writing about specific niche, subjects and topics. It won’t seem tiresome, as well as, go beyond time and space.


As you go through research, you will be intrigued to venture off into a different niche. As you learn new niche, you will still be able to generate contents you already know.

As you write what you know and love, you can easily generate content within 5 minutes!


  1. Create a Formula and Stick to It


If you plan on going beyond time and space, you will realize that by the time you look at the clock, you have skipped a few hours. New studies shows that a human brain might hold 1 Petabyte of Data. No wonder we can generate ideas and lose track of time.


Having a formula of what to write is going to take you beyond your wildest dreams. For a 500 word article you want to structure the basic formula of what is going to be in that particular content.


Hey wake up paragraph

Sizzle them with this what it can do for you

Here is one or five ways of how you can do something about it

Take action and here’s how


If you want a more professional and structured methods you can come up with these type of formula to give you a start and an end to your contents. You are basically mapping out the ideas in your brain as well as on paper and put pieces of content into one.


Another example:


Paragraph One: Story

Paragraph Two: Ideal Story

Paragraph Three: Climax

Paragraph Four: Moral of the Story


Once you create several formulas, you can pick and choose what formula you want to use for a specific idea. By remembering these formulas and as you write down your ideas, you can quickly add these formulas to your idea phase to come back to it with ease. It will save you time and memory for more ideas. When you are jotting down few notes for new idea you just thought of and have it already there for you. You can quickly add more content to that idea as you have already set the foundation.


  1. Experiment with Time Interval and Manage Space Time


Some people like spending countless hours writing, and some do not. You might have a job and writing is your new business, or you have kids. Whatever the reason is, you want to set aside time to write. You also want to not go over your limit as you have other priorities to take care of. By implementing these hacks, you can easily set aside 30 minutes a day, 1 hour, 2 hours and stop at any moment. You have given structure, you have cheat sheet directory to gather more ideas, you have portable methods to quickly write down your new ideas.


All of these can be harnessed within 30 minutes a day or few hours in a day. Having time to commit is also beneficial as you will dedicate your time in getting things done. Rather than saying you’ll do it later.


  1. Procrastinate as an Editor and Cut Through Time Proofreading


The one that takes more time than any of these methods is editing your content. You will need to proofread and do it over and over again till you conclude that the content you wrote is ideal. In this phase you want to set aside and cram it all in. I am not talking about 5 minute time frame. What I am suggesting is that, you should not proofread your content till you completed it. By proofreading your drafts over and over again, you are spending more time than you should. Dedicate your time within one day of the week or month or so and spend that time focusing on editing your content. You will double your chance of getting things done and adding extreme focus on the editing part. If you write 50 or 100 content a month, set aside few days within the month just reviewing your content and not during other phase.


New perspective on your proofreading is when you set aside your content for a few days and revisit it. You might have generated great content as you were writing it. Most writers will go back to their content and realize there are few or many changes, mistakes that were made. We all go through the zone and we tend to believe our ideas are great at that moment. And we all go through realizing how stupid we looked or that mistakes were made during those moments. Refreshing your brain and seeing it in a different perspective can help you make any changes if any and your rested brain cells can view them differently, and a more fresh way.