Chapter 4: How to Build Traffic

How to Build Traffic


Your blog platform might provide potential readers to search for your blog site. Using tools like Tags and Categories, phrases in your title can help you acquire traffic. You can also submit your blog to search engines. Some are free and some are paid but this will get your blog out to search engines. The more the merrier. 


SEO either organic or paid is another alternative method to increase visibility as people will search based on the words you use and add keywords to your article. If you are using paid like Google AdWords, you can add multiple keywords and target your audience this way. 


More on this topic later in this book.


Back to the introduction. Can you make six figure income with Blogging? Once you tap into the world of Blogging and Writers, you be amazed to find out that people are out there making their living as bloggers, writers, copywriters. 


The main goal is to bring traffic to your blog site or if you are hired freelancer to promote the article you wrote for them. Although, most companies will pay to advertise their blogs, it shows how proactive you are. 


Since making a living as a blogger boils down to trying to get more traffic to your site so they can click on ads or your partnership with companies who wants to promote their products on your site. The best thing to do in this care is cover a wide variety of topics.


Blogs like or BuzzFeeds are success stories people look up to. Yet, dreams can and do come true. The more keyword rich your content is the better. But you do not want to add bunch of keywords on your article and make it horrible for people to read and enjoy. The idea is to few keyword friendly sentences so that when someone goes to a search engine and types in a keyword, your site will come up. 


You can use tools like: 

Google KeyWord Planners that provides lists of keywords based the on the word of your choosing. It will provide helpful insights and the volume of searches and listings. It would be better playing around and experiment. You can uses keywords with less competition, or more competition, or based on volumes and local searches. 


Obviously, you cannot have articles on everything. You can researched few keywords and create your blog that way. If you are into Health, you can target Fitness, Workout, Diabetes, middle age workouts, bikini workouts, food, recipes, juicing and etc. Each topics have general and sub categories. 


If you want to go on this route and make money with your blog site. You can hire other freelance writers to post more content. More contents per week equals to more visitors. But if you plan on writing all your articles you can do so. It would be wise to provide fresh tone and voices for your visitors. 


Although this may seem simple to do, it can be quite difficult. The layout of your blog, advertising boxes, speed, color can affect the way your visitors feel and they will react accordingly. In truth, there are no best places to put your ad. I would only recommend you put it aside so your visitors can enjoy your articles. If you are writing an article about a product you can provide a call to action at the bottom and promote a product that way. 


For colors, you want to look into the psychology of colors and how they make people feel. You want to learn about this so that the tone of your article matches the color of your theme. Your goal is to continue your research and change if necessary to provide your visitors the best environment. Facebook, although not a blog site had multiple changes. Some of them weren’t liked as much as the other, but it was necessary.