Chapter 3: How to Blog Approach 

How to Blog Approach 


Blogging is a great way to share knowledge and gain knowledge. I started my blogging with a question, “what is an INTJ?” If you are curious about certain topic, you can start raising questions and awareness. It is also a great way of self-expression and self-promotion. Whether you want to speak your mind, give opinions, or tell stories. You are basically campaigning to get the word out about whatever you want to write about. 


When I was searching for writers for company I worked for. It was tough. People claimed to be writer but did not show any work. Those who rank the highest when searching through Google no longer were in the business. I did not look outside of my own research and this is where you can thrive. Content managers are always looking for writers. Using their social media platform of their choice and search engines. It is a great way to meet new business partnership.


Another great way of using your new blog site is to approach small business and help them create their own blog. Add that to you blog site portfolio page! 


When approaching your blog site, you want to make it simple enough to let your visitors know what you do and the service you offer. If it is all for hobby, then let people know. It is all about broadcasting who you are and what you do. 


If you are using WordPress for your blog site, you can start looking at ways to improve your S.E.O, learn about new plugins and as you start building your own blog site, you can help small business make their own. 


Why does a business need a blog? It not only provides credibility, but be the go-to for the industry. It can be simple as plumbing blog. You want to provide yourself, but if you are the business that helps people solve everyday problems like, “tips on keeping your pipes clean”. You can rest assure that if they have a problem they will turn to the person who helped them before. People are attracted to blogs for information, insights, tips, tricks, etc. If you are going to approach business, let them know what you can do for them and your writing capabilities. It would be better if you have your own domain and a running blog site as well.


You will also want to approach building traffic and list building. All the visitors that you have coming in, you want to capture their emails so that you can send them information or have them click on your recent blog posts to gain more traffic. Not only is this effective but this tool is proven to make sales for businesses. Blog sites are not seen as your basic website or sales page. Most articles are informal and entertaining. They have the potential to be effective with accuracy. Establish you or your business as an Expert who will build trust between you and your readers. 


You will need an Email Marketing Software like Sendlane or Aweber to start collecting your visitors emails. If you are using WordPress, you can search their plugins so that you can easily add an optin form for your visitors to easily add their email addresses. 


Leaving comments and sharing is one thing. It takes effort to build a list and maintain that list. But the value with this is going to help you. If you are a freelance writer and was hired to write an article for a company. Or interviewing for one, you can mention that you have X amount of visitors and X amount of emails that you have. If you have couple hundreds or thousands, you will probably be first in position to get hired. Companies love writers who knows what they are doing and loves those who go above and beyond for their readers.