Chapter 6″ How Should Your Market Your Blog?

How Should Your Market Your Blog?


If you have your own domain, this is probably the best way to market your blog. No successful blog has for their url. They have their own and people recognize the url as If you are promoting your site it is easier to promote the domain versus the whole link. You can easily get a domain and WordPress site from GreenGeeks. If you have a website like you can either put your blog in front of the website or create a dedicate blog site like 


Rather than having the same old blog theme like everyone else. Go blog surf and find a theme that separates you from everyone else. Make your blog unique and interesting to look at. Make it easier to identify your blog just by looking at the layout of your blog. 


SEO, keyword planning is another way to market. You need to remind yourself that chances of people finding your blog on its own is not possible or probably. You need to go out there and make it happen. 


Build relationship with other blog site and connect with each other. Backlinking is an effective strategy that works. It will help your page authority and pagerank based on linking your articles from other sites. 


Ping your blog frequently and every time that you update it. This will let all of the blog directories know that you have added something new to your blog. Old but still effective method. 


Add RSS Feeds to your blog site. Platforms like provides readers to gather all their favorite blogs and put them in one platform. Whether you like this or not, it still provides your readers to engage with your article on a different platform. This is no excuse to not get your blog to be the best looking. If your blog attracts the eyes of the reader, they might just go to your website and not add it to their feedly platform.


As you can see, you must be proactive with your blog otherwise you will see mediocre results. Blog marketing is pretty much the same as any marketing. You are promoting your articles and your blog site. Being familiar with other marketing strategy is a great way to get your blog out there. 


Blogging has become the primary traffic generation tool for many businesses. While money is in the List of email, there is a certain element of truth in the concept that people favor the blogs. Both blogging and list building compliment one another. Blogs contain one powerful concept – interaction. With content marketing or blogging, you will find that people are more interested in what you’re saying. People can leave comment on your blog, good or bad. Feedback is vital to any business and you must accept them. By providing your readers the opportunity to say something is true engagement and rewards you with loyal customers. 


Study successful blogs which focus on similar subject. Learn and experiment to best fit your ideas and ways of wanting to use your own blog. Write down all the little details, writing style, blog design, font type, sizes, colors, etc. Track their performances. You can use free tools to track other blog sites visitors count and page rankings. Follow their social media platforms and see how they promote their blogs. 


Most blogs fail because they did not give it a good title or good introduction. This is where decisions are made if the reader wants to read your article or not. But do not skip the body. Content is king and you need to learn how to attract the audience and provide quality content. Although you want to update your blog site with articles every week. Your main focus is to write based on quality. There will be days when you will have writers block and you can’t do anything but wait and push yourself through. But do not back down on your quality and provide them meaningless content. 


Remember be proactive. Not only do you have to write articles, post them, promote them. You will need to go above and beyond. Go to forums that talks about topics from your blog. Follow other writers and bloggers through social media and be the first to share their content and see if they say hi or thanks. Build relationship with other successful writers and join the club.


Here are few amazing ways to promote your blog. If you register with you get to have million viewers in your belt. You need to pick a few tribes to join and start building your relationship with the members. At first, you will need to earn your way and share people’s content, then you can become a member and provide your own. Help them, and they will help you. Quora and Reddit are also amazing platforms to get yourself busy and contribute. Social Media has its power to attract millions of people. 


It is important to have your blog in the high rankings of a search engine. The more you practice what I have mentioned, the better rankings you will start seeing. This is not a one day event but a gradual process. Once you make a habit of following best practices, you will see organic visitors coming to your site. Basically, it is free advertisement for your blog. 


When you add pictures to your blog, you want to tag your pictures and use SEO best practices with them as well. If you go to Google and type in a keyword, you can also select “images” and search relative images that the keyword search generates. This is another way to get your blog noticed. Video is another way. You can provide YouTube channel and add your video to your blog, making it a vblog. Video content is a great way to add amazing content if you are having a writers block or change things up for your readers.