Chapter 2: Creating your own Blog

Creating your own Blog


Whether for business or pleasure, you want to create your own blog. If you want to write for pleasure you need a platform. If you are wanting to get hired as a freelance writer, you will need a platform and previous work or portfolio to show your potential clients. 


You will need to start asking yourself the science part of blogging. Here are few things to get started:


Consider your audience. If you are writing for personal reason, you will have no limit to what you want to write. However, take into consideration who your audience is going to be and provide consistency. If you are going to write a bunch of articles to show your potential clients. Find few topics you might be passionate about and provide a spectrum of works. If you are only going to write about health and fitness, you can also write about how you research them or how to write your passions. So, instead of only focusing on health tips you have a range within your portfolio and help your potential client see what you are capable of. You can even write about a whole new topic on Biotech or Gaming. 


Stretch your limit, you are not passionate about one thing, but many. See how far you can go with a topic of your choosing. Learn to research and go above and beyond. Clients love new and creative articles, something they haven’t seen before. That could be your personality and/or creativity. 


Pictures speaks a thousand words. Blogging is not only about words. Pictures provide meaning and story telling. It helps your audience understand. Written communication has its limit, to help remove those limits, whether it is your tone or words you use. Pictures can say and bring out personas and understanding. Using (Free) or (Not Free) can help you visually guide your readers and make your articles enjoyable. 


If you stick with your passion, chances are, you will not generate any income. Of course there are exceptions. But when writing for yourself, you want to keep this in mind: Would it be beneficial for your readers? I get that you love to write and you want to write what you like. This means, is the topic marketable? Is it too technical? Are you using highfalutin words? Starting your first few blog articles can be a daunting task. How do you write? What do you write about? 


Bear in mind that most people who uses the internet usually scan through headlines and speed read articles. Also, because of the low quality content, many are writing lengthy engaging articles rather than short to the point articles. You want to have both articles on your blog. Typical 500-3000 word articles. 


Make it interactive as much as possible. Content is not only written but visual and audio. If you are afraid of creating video content, try using .Gifs. You might also try audio, Podcast style added to your blogs. Change things up so that people will feel excited. Comment is also interactive.


SumoMe and other plugins are available so that your pictures can be shared with your audiences social media platform. By highlighting text they can send their followers tweets of that specific highlighted text along with the link of your article. People like to share the whole article, and some like specific words, quotes, pictures that love the share. It is critical for your blog to be social media friendly. More important provide visibility of those sharing features. You want to look into several plugins and find the best feel for your site. Social Sharing should be located on the top, side, and bottom if you can provide all three location. If they go to the main page of your blog site, with all your content. You want to provide quick easy shares before they click on one of your article to start reading. 


There are few blog platforms you can use:


A quick primer















Scriptogram R.I.P.



In most cases, WordPress is the dominant one. Most Domains Hosting companies like BlueHost have one click install with WordPress. All you have to do is go sign up for the WordPress hosting, get your domain, sign up, install WordPress, choose a theme and your pretty much done. 


Other platforms provide you the opportunity to transfer your domain to their platform. Whether or not you want to use WordPress or explore other platform, that is up to you. Be you and do not follow others. These platforms are here to help you best fit your needs or feel of the site. 


One thing to consider. If you are wanting to generate income with affiliate marketing and or Google Adsense. You might want to select the platform that offers the options to add Ads and do not restrict you from placing it anywhere you want. Rule of thumb, do not place ads all over the place as the ads will get annoying and reduce the quality and speed of your site. Many popular sites have ads and people understand, provide dedicated section of your page to have those ads in place.