Automation for Your Business

A business without any form of automation is a business that is doom to failure. Your goal is to provide equal and consistency  scalable automation that provides all your prospect, customers, and loyal members the attention they deserve.

Your viewers, prospects, customers are coming to your page and they look around your site. Sometimes, they will get distracted with other things, not convinced enough. Whatever the reasons, you do not want your potential buyers leaving your site on accident before making a purchase. You want to capitalize and make the most of this opportunity with automation.


If you have good enough content and products, you will be able to capture your potential buyers to your email List. The reason why you want automation is that, you can put your focus on creating great content and or products and use the automation to guide all your prospect into buyers, into loyal customers.


Autoresponders are a thing of the past. Automation helps you scale and map out your business. Autoresponders are targeted emails based on days, you can run a little promotion email and see how your potential buyers are reacting to them. Automation on the other hand helps you add strategies and implement different ways to optimize your potential customers.

You can provide different triggers and move them to a different series and offer based on their reaction to their emails. It sounds confusing at the same time a tool to get you pinpoint and create personal and behavioral emails. Using an Email Marketing Software like Sendlane or Aweber will help you maximize your business.

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Not only are you providing emails to your potential buyers, you will automatically send them a different email if they are not opening your emails. Use different strategy to revive and stimulate your prospects. Autoresponders has been an amazing tool. Automation is more work, but produces a better outcome. Not only are you providing your prospects emails, you are building a reputation, trigger based on their needs and understand them.

There are basic triggers you can use today, if you are looking for a specific trigger, you can ask your Email Marketing Software if they have one and possible create one.

You can also move all your current Autoresponders to the amazing Automation and see if you can think few ways to maximize them.

Have your List clicked on your closing sales? Add or end the series and provide a different promotion. Did they purchase the product? Automation can get little tangled up like a spider web. So it is not for the faint hearted. You will need to be organized and make sure your automation passes your test. You will need to have several days, weeks and even months, depending on how long your automation is to test out at issues, errors that you might come across.

I have provided the reasons as to why you want to go Automation vs. Autoresponders. If you are ready, take action and sign up with an Email Marketing Software like Sendlane or Aweber.

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