About Us

Currently a one man show, writing about my experience and providing free courses.

I am a high school dropout who didn’t understood the importance of education, or limited education. I wanted to learn what i loved.

I am an SEO specialist who owns SEO RANK SERP agency doing SEO for startups and content marketing services

I also love coffee and created a site called Crazy Coffee Crave

I’ve helped lots of YouTubers and their SEO, and decided to create a free course on YouTube called Influence on YouTube


I have over 100 businesses that helps me make passive to aggressive income. Enough to do whatever I want. This site is here to provide free education for people who wants to learn more and help you create your own business.

I love creating top quality content so that people keep coming back. I am looking to set the expectation of what good quality information should be so that others may follow.