9 Reasons To Start Earning OUTSIDE of your current job

Online Business or Starting a business to earn extra income has been widely accepted and every single day, people are wanting, eager to get started

I am not saying, quit your job. I used to work 9-5, 10-7 jobs and decided I needed to do something without jeopardizing my current job. I also did not want to give up on my new business easily. It needed a balance and you have to prioritize yourself.

Whatever your goal is, whatever your reason is. Just make sure you are giving yourself time and energy. Do not give up. My goal was to quit my job and work from anywhere. Then it changed to, wanting to work from anywhere to anytime. Set your goals straight and plan ahead.

My book, “Be Action Oriented Business: Learn How to be Productive, Result Oriented, Action Oriented“, can help you stay organized and help you make wise business decision. I used those three simple strategies to help balance my job and my new business.

Consider this a motivational article and help you jumpstart you, wanting to be your own boss. That sounds great right?

Just imagine how you would feel to get up at your own time, not running late, living paycheck to paycheck. Not listening to the Boss ordering you around and telling you to get this done on time.

Whether your goal is that far ahead or not. It would be nice to earn extra income outside of your current job. Save it for a rainy day, or retirement. You want to improve the quality of life for yourself and for your family.


1. Being your own boss. Freedom to do anything you want, whenever you want.

2. Setting your own work time. Be your own master. Wake up late or work early and play later. Have a flexible schedule.

3. Not bound by your duty. Whether you like to be routine based or limit yourself of the opportunities you can have. You now have the freedom and the flexibility to do whatever you want. Learn whatever you want and do whatever you want to do.

4. Whether you want to keep your job and work for yourself. Both are great choice. If your business starts to make enough money for you to quit your job, that is the day! You also have two ways to making money instead of one.

5. Job security is real. Hundreds of thousands of people are unemployed. And fear of being unemployed might be on your mind. Help yourself by removing that fear.

6. Own Pride. You can now have a sense of pride. Sense of ownership. You are an entrepreneur who has achieved something. Make something of yourself. That should feel amazing.

7. Confidence level is up the roof! This alone can help you go through obstacles. There is no giving up and no one can stop you.

8. Sky is the limit and your earnings have no limit. You can earn as much as you want, adjust the speed and set goals. You are in charge of how much money you want to make and go at it.

9. So, when do you want to retire? That is up to you and how determined you are to get there.

I see and hear people only talk about wanting to do this or that. But no one tells me that they need to. There is a difference and I hope you take that step towards you needing to become a better and successful entrepreneur. You can do it.