Before you begin to sell any product, there are a few rules to keep in mind. Read this guide to learn how to sell a product to just about anybody.

Selling is not as difficult as it is made out to be. A clever salesperson will basically take into consideration what you sell, to whom you sell, and how you sell. There are a few rules to keep in mind before you go about selling any product.

1. Get to Know Your Product

Know what you are selling by getting emotionally involved. Find out about its application and the way it will work at is optimum. Learn about your product’s benefits and believe that it is a good product. You have to convey that you have confidence in your product and would recommend it to anybody. You should also sound as though the potential buyer will find this product in your home, should you take him over to your home now. Excellent product information, including retail packaging, is vital. The product information should be true, complete and informative. Ideally, it should give the prospective buyer all the information he needs to buy on the spot.

2. Market and Advertise Your Product

You have to market your product so that people get to see it and want to find out more about it. Ways to advertise could be by word of mouth, person to person, by representatives, dealers, salesmen, distribution at trade shows, radio, TV, mail (in various forms), seminars, telephone, fax, computer networks, product packaging, retail storefronts, space ads, and the Internet. If possible, you could also hand out free samples and offer free demonstrations.

3. Help the Customer in Making a Decision

The prospective customer has received information about your product. Now he has to make a decision about which product to buy. Ask about his needs and requirements, find out where he wishes to use this particular product, and what the circumstances are. Using your knowledge about the product and his needs, make recommendations.

4. Always Go for the Close of the Sale

There are many ways insofar as styles and methods for closing a sale. One of the most effective has the acronym ABC, which means “always be closing.” As you confirm your prospect’s interest in the product, try closing the sale by saying, “This sounds like the product your want.” Or ask the question, “Is this the product you want?” Write up the sale or order and find out if the person would be interested in a related product.

5. Make Sure You Follow-Up

Always follow-up your deal with a courtesy call. Find out if the product has been delivered, and if the customer is happy about it. Make a follow-up date for when you will call again to find out what the reaction to your product was. Once again, show confidence in your product and reiterate its track record and attributes.

By knowing your product, you show confidence in your product. You advertise to make people aware of what your product offers them. Being there in person while making the sale helps the prospective buyer make up his mind. And remember to always close the deal and follow-up.