3 Reasons Why Creating a Blog Can Help Anyone Get Their Dream Job


The economy is a mess and job security is nothing like it once was. Even the most “secure” jobs are falling left and right, and thousands of people are looking for a solution that’s both sustainable and financially lucrative. However, in between all the hustle and stress it is possible to find career opportunities that have real long-term potential. How? Blogging.

Here are three reasons why blogging can help anyone get the job of their dreams.

1. Blogging is Personal, and Employers Like Personality

When people send in a resumes and an application forms, they are nothing more than another name in an endless pile. With the economy in such a sad state, hundreds — sometimes even thousands — of people are competing for same jobs, all with the same strategy. Instead of sending in a boring “I want this job” cover letter, individuals can use their blogs to demonstrate what they would be worth to the company.

For example, an individual holding a web design degree can easily make a blog to use as a means to get a job at a prestigious firm that offers website design services. The blog can be used as an online portfolio as well as a means to demonstrate technical know-how, familiarity with industry guidelines and changes, and personal opinions on web design-related matters. By referencing a blog in a job application, potential employees will have more and better opportunities to impress and demonstrate their capabilities to employers.

2. Personal Branding is Everything in the Online World

Whether the job application is for an online or offline job, having a blog can provide great value. Employers nowadays are more tech-savvy than they used to be. Furthermore, they know that they have online resources to find out more about the background of a potential employee. While some employers try to stalk potential employees through social networking websites, other simply perform Google searches and see what comes up. Having a blog can also provide individuals with opportunities for jobs they never even have to apply to.

Keeping this in mind, applicants should try searching Google for their names. If nothing comes up, they should think about how potential employers will find them. If they are applying for a job and no results come out for their names, they should think about the upper-hand their competition has just by having a simple search result with good reviews.

By simply starting a blog, individuals can control the search engine results around their names, allowing them to create their own personal brand. There is nothing worse than being branded by someone else, especially if the brand is inaccurate. That is the reason why it is important for individuals to go out their and make their names their own brand. Maintaining a personal blog is among the best ways to do this.

3. Some Employers Blog Too

Mark Cuban, billionaire software entrepreneur, hired someone who asked for work by using Google Adwords. Instead of the standard job application process, a smart blogger took out advertising space on Cuban’s blog, asking him for work. The unique approach is always more valuable than the standard job application process, and by connecting with bloggers, individuals can craft a creative strategy.

Creativity in the application process doesn’t necessarily have to be unconventional. Sometimes, it just takes a different kind of connection to impress potential employers or at least stand out from the pile of other individuals vying for the same job. If a potential employer is a blogger, it pays to connect as a fellow blogger with the same interests, ideals, and standards.

Blogging is possibly the greatest career tool of the last decade. With a skilled operator behind the keyboard, a personal blog can quickly become a very powerful career asset, a lucrative personal promotional tool, and a completely personal branding resource.